SSP Daily Digest: 3/25

NY-20: You’ll never believe who Barack Obama endorsed in the NY-20 special election, happening in just a week: Scott Murphy! He sent out an e-mail to more than 50,000 supporters in the district making the case for Murphy. Still no sign of an Obama appearance, though – and this late move comes as House Dems were supposedly “infuriated” at a lack of White House support for Murphy. Meanwhile, Taegan Goddard claims to have been leaked an RNC internal poll showing Jim Tedisco up over Murphy by only 3.

CT-Sen: Chris Dodd just dodged a loud, annoying bullet: CNBC host Larry Kudlow has said that he won’t run against Dodd in 2010. Kudlow said, as many believed, that “it was never a serious proposition” in the first place. Dodd still faces less-known but more credible opposition in the form of ex-Rep. Rob Simmons and probably state senator Sam Caligiuri.

FL-Sen/Gov: Charlie Crist tells reporters that he’s considering forming a Senate exploratory committee even before the state legislature ends its session on May 1. Crist has previously maintained that he would not announce his future plans until after the current session comes to a close. (J) Meanwhile, former state house speaker Marco Rubio is seeming committed to staying in the Senate race even if Crist gets in; he’s been publicly going after Crist on the stimulus and on gambling.

NYC-Mayor: Quinnipiac’s newest poll is largely unchanged from its last, with Bloombo a shade under 50 and Dems in the mid-30s. But the Dem numbers have improved a little bit, and The Mayor is at his worst approval ratings of his second term (still, 64-28). Will Anthony Weiner’s apparent decision to back off the race allow Dems to rally around Comptroller Bill Thompson? (D)

NRCC: The NRCC scored a big fundraising haul for its March dinner, with Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal as the keynote speaker. They raised more than $6 million, with 95% of the House Republicans contributing.

TN-03: The Chattanooga Times Free Press takes a preliminary look at the contenders lining up to replace Zach Wamp (running for TN-Gov) in the solidly Republican 3rd. Right now, Bradley County sheriff Tim Gobble is the only formal candidate. (I’m hoping he wins just because of his hilarious name. I’m especially looking forward to the Gobble-Fudge Act. I can also think of a much more obscene-sounding bill involving a certain minority leader.) Tennessee GOP chair Robin Smith, who may be the strongest candidate, is still in the exploring stage. Other possible GOPers include state senator Bo Watson and state rep. Gerald McCormick. The district’s strongest Dem, state senator Andy Berke, seems more interested in a gubernatorial run. One other possibility is that Wamp may jump back into his seat if he doesn’t get traction in the GOP gubernatorial primary.

MI-11: Could we finally have a legit challenger in our sights to take on GOP weirdo Thaddeus McCotter? A group of local activists have banded together to draft state Sen. Glenn Anderson for the race (no relation to the six-time Stanley Cup winner). (J)

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  1. But I kinda half hope he gets in now. I’m thinking whoever the Dems nominate is gonna be an underdog in the senate race whatever so why not trade Crist, who may vote for some of the Obama agenda (certainly more than Rubio or Mack) and get Alex Sink to run for governor earlier than expected? More useful to win that race when there are so many other winnable senate races elsewhere (NH, MO, OH, KY, NC, PA).

  2. That House Democrats, who haven’t even done as much as the freaking House Republicans are complaining.

    Also, I think this means Crist is going to run. But the stimulus and gambling stuff pissed off a bunch of Republicans as does his general kind of conservativeness. Marco Rubio will get the Club for Growth and probably a good amount of the rest of the right-wing movement, RedState’s behind him, I’d expect Grover Norquist to get behind him, Newtie is a big fan. We’ll see what that means against the popular Crist but there is a real chance he won’t win.

    If Crist runs Sink can take over the gubernatorial mansion. Then I’m not sure Crist even wins the Senate primary and if he does he’s weakened enough that it’s a tight race. So, win win for me.  

  3. Check out coverage at The Albany Pjoject for more info.  I watched most of it on the net and Murphy absolutely destroyed Tedisco.  

    Maybe Tedisco was smart in passing on the prior debate to host his “Tedisco in 3-D” event.

  4. James,

    There also was 12-term Member of the House named Glenn Anderson.  He represented the Long Beach area of California until the early 1990s.

  5. I imagine Crist has alot of support amongst moderate Cubans, though. Wouldnt Rubio, being Cuban himself, eat at that support?  

  6. Ya, it would make the Senate race far harder to win, but it also gives us at least a 50/50 shot, if not better at taking the Governorship in 2010 with Alex Sink, who I have no doubt would run.

  7. I can see Mack being backed from people like the Club for Growth if he runs.

    Heck, Crist might fare better switching parties and running for Senate as a Democrat than a republican.

  8. The NRCC poll shows Murphy up 2, which is even better news. (I know it may just be statistical noise, but at least the momentum is with us)

  9. by the wingnuts in the state?  Would there be any shot at least at having a right-wing challenger rough him up in a Senate primary?

  10. Ive heard he has alot of support in the business community there. Wonder how thatd play out in a primary between him, Crist and Rubio. Perhaps even Mack. Crist would be best served to have 2 or more conservatives splitting the conservative vote, thats for sure.

  11. Awesome. That’ll teach me to actually read rather than assume.

    So that makes it:


    Tedisco +3

    Dem internal

    Tedisco +2

    Tedisco internal

    Tedisco +1


    Murphy +2

    If any Repub polling firm has Murphy up I’d say with their record there is more than a good chance of the good guys pulling this off.

  12. If they unite around one conservative candidate in the primary against Crist they could give him a run for his money, if not possibly beat him.  But if Rubio and Mack and maybe even one or two more conservatives joined and made it a crowded field Crist would cruise with the moderate vote.

    Weird thing about Florida is that some of the most conservative voters are those in the rural Panhandle and rural Central FL counties who are still heavily registered Democrats, yet for for republicans in every race.  So that does water down the GOP primaries a bit since those people can’t vote in their primaries.

  13. Crist would be like Specter in 2004, very vulnerable in the primary but an overshelming favorite in the general.  Against someone like Meek or Gelber I’d guess Crist would win by a 56-44 margin at worst, probably getting closer to 60%.

  14. There’s also a Glenn (with the alternate 2-n spelling) Anderson in the Washington House of Representatives. They’re everywhere!

  15. I’ve avoided middle English like the plague and my knowledge of Germanic philology is weak and secondhand, but I think Anderson is of Borders origin. And whilst I can’t say with any certainty, I’ve always figured Glenn to be a Scots-Irish name too.

    So I’d relate this all to a) the general Appalachian spread and b) the popularity of St Andrew and more specifically his cults such as that at St Andrew’s when surnames were emerging in Britain.

  16. That segment of the republican party may have loved Jeb, but their support for Crist has always been shaky at best.  

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