House 2Q 2009 Fundraising Roundup

The second quarter reporting deadline for congressional candidates has now come and gone, so it’s time for SSP to gather up all the noteworthy fundraising numbers for 2010’s hot (and not-so-hot) House races.

Here’s the full chart, but if you see anything we missed, let us know in the comments:

A few quick notes:

  • The average amount raised by a Frontline participant was $278K, an improvement over the first quarter, when the average amount raised was $259K.
  • The Frontline member with the phattest second quarter haul was Jim Himes’ impressive $518K. The weakest? For the second quarter in a row, it’s Carol Shea-Porter and her $120K raised. Jeez Louise.
  • You may vaguely recall that the NRCC started their own copycat version of the DCCC’s Frontline program, titled the “Patriot Program“. Let’s take a look at their first ten participants, a batch that they finally rolled out in May (Lungren, Calvert, Bilbray, Biggert, Cao, McCotter, Paulsen, Lance, Lee and Reichert). Their average haul was $301K each — a big jump from that group’s average 1Q take of $167K. It’s a small group so far, but it appears that the Patriot project is having some effect.
  • Democratic challengers who out-raised Republican incumbents: Ami Bera (CA-03), Stephen Pougnet (CA-45), John Carney (DE-AL), and Charlie Justice (FL-10). (However, it must be noted that Justice’s haul was far from impressive.)
  • Republican challengers who out-raised Democratic incumbents: Van Tran (CA-47), Greg Ball (NY-19), and Bill Russell (PA-12). (Caveat: Bill Russell is a BMW Direct client, which explains where most of his money is laundered coming from — and going to.)
  • Overall, I’m struck by the lackluster sums from many highly-touted candidates on both sides of the aisle. For the Dems, Michael Bond (IL-10), Charlie Justice (FL-10), Paula Flowers (TN-03), and Bill Hedrick (CA-44) in particular will need to step up their game. But many GOP candidates had pretty underwhelming quarters, too: Charles Djou (HI-01), Sid Leiken (OR-04), Jon Barela (NM-01) and Frank Guinta (NH-01) were all well south of $100K this quarter. (If you can’t out-raise Carol Shea-Porter, something is wrong with you.) No doubt the crappy economy is tightening the cash flow for many candidates right now, but these candidates will have to start finding the money sooner rather than later.

49 thoughts on “House 2Q 2009 Fundraising Roundup”

  1. I wonder if that could turn into a real race.  Paul Welday running in MI-9 “raised” 105k, but 101k was from a personal donation.

  2. I love end of quarter fundraising days!  They’re def a favorite day.

    Drier’s numbers are pretty weak for an incumbent who should know he’s going to get targetted.  He only by 13% in his last race, although we may need the Obama turnout to make it happen in Cali.  But all those Republican Reps in SoCal should be given notice now, you better work.

    Jim Himes had a great quarter, Id love to see him go for Senate above any of the other Reps.

    The most disappointing of all is Charlie Justice, what the hell?  He’s been our guy for how long, how has he not built up the fundraising base to make this happen.

  3. I’m looking forward to the AL-7 Primary.  Anyone announced for FL-17 yet?  Also, what’s going on in NY-23?  Did we get a candidate yet?  The filing deadline has passed/is about to pass, right?

  4. CA04: Tom McClintock is not going to be a congressman for long, he’s got his eyes set higher with numbers like that.

    CA45: Bono-Mack got outraised, and while she has a larger cash reserve, it’s not by a whole lot. This is going to be a close one, unless Bono-Mack choses to retire to spend more time on the other side of the country with her not nearly as endangered (electorally) husband.

    CA47: Eep! Van Tran Outraised Sanchez and Sanchez does not have a huge cash supply.

    CT4: Does Himes really need to raise cash at that fast of a clip?

    FL22: Seems Klein must have been considering Senate this year with how much cash he had in the bank, left over from 2008.

    FL24: Nice job Kosmos, poor job highly touted R opposition.

    ID01: Great job Minnick, lol Republicans

    IL13: Retirement rumors seem to be overblown.

    LA03: That looks like the beginning of Senate numbers.

    NE02: Not a great start for Terry.

    NY19: You’re not safe enough to slack off yet Rep. Hall. Pick it up.

    PA8: Pat Murphy knows cash. Someday, he’ll go statewide. Hopefully soon, he was my favorite candidate of 2006.

    PA12: Murtha? Why so low? Retiring? Please?

    VA10: Wolf may be thinking retirement with those kind of numbers. Just maybe. I’ll trade Glenn Nye for whatever Dem comes up here.

  5. These numbers are impressive. I’d love to see what Mary Jo Kilroy’s numbers are. If I were her I’d try to be raising money like there was no tommorrow in order to hold on in such a gerrymanderd district.

  6. With the amount of money Giffords has on hand, she should consider running against McCain for the senate

  7. I don’t guess ID-01 is big fundraising territory, and his opponents aren’t doing too well on the $$$.  I love Sali having raised $0!

  8. Raised $162k with $170k on hand. He needs a challenger.

    And some comments:

    CA-03: Who’s this guy that’s outraising Dan Lundgren?

    FL-02: Allen Boyd looks to be pretty safe from his primary challenger.

    FL-21/25: Looks like the economy has hurt the Diaz-Balarts’ fundraising. Shame Ileana Ros-Lehtinen can’t spare them some cash.

    IN-05: What’s with all the challengers to Burton?

    UT-02: Jim Matheson is sitting on a lot of cash. Wonder if he’s looking to run for Senate when Hatch retires. Or if he’s just expecting a fight after redistricting.

  9. CA-11–Jon Del Arroz (Republican Challenger)–308K raised, 276K on hand, but nearly a quarter-mil of it was self-funded.

    Also, there was a GOPer in the 10th that raised decent cash. His name was David Harmer–raised $175K (no loans), has $144K on hand.

  10. $390,000, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.  I wonder if this is an indication that he does have his sights set on a primary challenge to Isakson, as has been rumored.

  11. The dem. candidate’s name is DOUG PIKE it’s not Dan Pike.

    I would fix that.

    Also, his COH is nice.  

  12. CA-03: Anyone heard from Bill Durston?

    CA-44: How much did Bill Hedrick run on last time?

    CA-46: Anyone know what Debbie Cook is up to?  (And do we want her to run again?  She had a rather lackluster result last year, IIRC.)

    NH-01: Yeah, I got several e-mails at the end of last quarter from CSP begging for money.  She loves to use the tagline that she doesn’t take money from PACs or something like that, and I’m guessing it’s gotta be true.

    Overall: I’m gonna guess the numbers are rather lackluster due to the stinking economy.

  13. VA-05: You’re missing what was probably very Goode.

    OH-15: Okay, I take back what I said about Stivers necessarily being competitive, what with the fat “$0[k]” figure.

  14. WV-02 Shelley Moore Capito R-inc $131K raised $215K COH

    The DCCC is sniffing around W.Va. for a challenger. I think we missed our best chance in ’08, it hurt when Obama decided not to campaign in the district or contest the state.

    2010 looks like a status quo year unless some major scandal erupts or one of the W.Va. Sen. seats suddenly opens up. Still, this is one of those seats we’ve had success in forcing the GOP to invest resources in.

    2012 looks really interesting. Both the Gov. (Manchin/definitely) and Sen. (Byrd/near certainty) seats will be open. It will be post-redistricting. If Capito is ever going to leave the House on her own volition, it’ll be by then.

  15. CA-11: Jon del Arroz, not John… lol I’ve known him forever, and as an Erik, I know how it can be. lol

  16. He has lots of money (though I think he lost half of it recently to a ponzi scheme). He self-financed to the tune of 2.6 million dollars in 2008 and raised about 400k. He should be okay again this time to do the same if needed.  

  17. that’s the population anchor of the district and normally slightly conservative leaning? right?

    She’s finally really getting challenged. Good.

    One thing you left out, I bet Elwyn Tinklenburg really regrets that 300k gift now. His opponent passed him up on CoH in one cycle.

  18. would probably not be very much to the left of Nye, if at all. I would not be surprised to see State Sen. Mark Herring or Del. David Poisson be the frontrunners, as they’re about the only prominent Democrats elected in the district (Loudoun County Supervisor Stevens Miller is another possibility, but is running for Delegate this year). They’re both pretty moderate Democrats, as you have to be to win in exurby Loudoun County.

  19. so it is not really an “anchor” for the district. Moreno Valley in the Inland Empire is larger, with 180,000 people. And Palm Springs is actually surprisingly Democratic for a small city (for California standards) in the middle of the desert. Obama won there 68-31 and Kerry won 62-37. Moreno Valley is also Democratic though much less than Palm Springs, and it is very Latino. Kerry won Moreno Valley 53-46 and Obama 66-33.

  20. To over-hype being mayor of Palm Springs. True, it is the anchor of Coachella Valley area, a major portion of the area, but there are other urban areas in the district. Additionally, while Palm Springs is by far the most famous city in the Coachella Valley, it’s not even the largest. In fact, by my count, Palm Springs is only 7th largest city in CA-45.

    Using 2008 California Department of Finance estimates:

    1. Moreno Valley 184K

    2. Murrieta 100K

    3. Indio 82K

    4. Hemet 74K

    5. Cathedral City 52K

    6. Palm Desert 51K

    7. Palm Springs 47K

    Indio, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert are in the Coachella Valley, the others are in other parts of the district.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about Pougnet’s candidacy; he probably enjoys decent name recognition throughout the Coachella Valley. I used to have family in Hemet, though, and I can’t imagine neither them nor their neighbors having any reason to know or care about Coachella politics; the San Jacinto Valley is a very different place. Presumably Moreno Valley is much more drawn towards Riverside/LA politics and culture if anything.

  21. Matheson turned down this cycle’s race, and its Utah, but if there’s an open seat in 2012, Matheson can probably use that as a bargaining chip in redistricting.  Give me a more favorable district or I’m bolting and running for Senate.  Can you imagine it, the Dems pulling a Senate seat out of UTAH?!  Matheson’s got great name recognition throughout most of the state and he’s well liked within his district and in the SLC area.  He might not win, but he’d make the Repubs sweat it out quite a bit.

  22. FL-12.  I know it’s “only” $100,000 but early spending can pay big rewards in open seats where neither candidate is known throughout the whole district.

  23. I don’t know how to gauge House campaign funds in specific states; all I know is that <$100k is bad and >$200k is superb, based on the comments here.  Though of course the numbers are inflated as we go later in the cycle.

    By these rules of thumb, though, it seems that Minnick’s made a darn impressive haul.  I really hope he can hold his seat.  I’m gonna say luck might be with him since he won his first term in a presidential year, rather than on off-year like LaRocco did.

  24. Dr. Bera is a UC Davis Medical School clinical professor of medicine. He’s a really bright guy, and I had the chance to meet him at a Young Democrats fundraiser in Roseville (CA-04 but literally minutes away from the 3rd). The interesting thing to note about his fundraising, however, is that it consists primarily of family members maxing out. How long can that be sustained?

    Bill Slaton, who served on the SMUD board in Sacramento, is claiming to have raised $227k in the 3 weeks he’s been in the race, so I’m eagerly awaiting his FEC report to scour over as well. If he has raised that much in less than a month, the name Bill Slaton is going to be talked about quite a bit this month!

  25. He lost a bunch of scrilla to a Ponzi scheme. (Although it seems his net loss was “only” $3m, not including the expected earnings of his stocks.)

  26. but I would bet that there is more money raised in richer districts, esp. ones that are swing districts near big cities.

  27. I wasn’t very impressed with El’s campaign last time around. Would be great to see Terri Bonoff challenge in MN-03 as well.  

  28. I’ve heard that Durston isn’t running this year

    Hedrick raised 212,394 for his last race according to opensecrets

    I’d like to see Cook run again….she didn’t enter the race until mid January 2008.  If she gets an earlier start, she should do better.  

  29. We’ll see, but I think Tom Perriello would not have a problem beating Virgil again. Particularly with a money advantage this time.

  30. Chabot is back this year because he is banking on lower African-American turnout in OH-01. I think the VA-05 is similar in that higher AA turnout helped Perriello upset Goode which may not happen next year. Perriello is a very impressive guy so I hope he can survive against whoever they throw at him.  

  31. We need to find candidates in the following states:








    South Carolina

    South Dakota


    I realize most of these are longshots but still. It would be nice to have 1st tier candidates in Iowa and North Carolina too.

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