NY-St. Sen: Shocker! Espada to Return to Fold

Whoa whoa whoa:

The Senate deadlock may be over.

Rogue Democrat Pedro Espada Jr., who collaborated with Republicans in a June 8 coup that toppled Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, is returning to the fold, sources said.

That will give Democrats a 32-30 majority and, ostensibly, allow the Senate to convene and vote on crucial legislation, like mayoral control of city schools and a city sales tax hike.

Under the deal, Malcolm Smith will be the Senate president, several senators said.

Espada (D-Bronx) and Democratic conference leader John Sampson will serve as co-majority leaders, they said.

Jesus wow.

UPDATE: Espada is scum, the Senate leaders suck, this has been a huge mess & massive waste of money… but the one silver lining here is that Tom Golisano can seriously, seriously suck it.

25 thoughts on “NY-St. Sen: Shocker! Espada to Return to Fold”

  1. This guy is a grade A opportunist, even more than Arlen Specter. He obviously saw once the gravy train with the Republicans ran out, he switches back. This guy even tricked senior citizens under the guise of getting free vegetables  to sign petitions to get his name on the ballot. Democrats like him tarnish our party’s name.  

  2. Is a rather powerless position? ‘Cause it’d be awfully ironic if Espada’s little tantrum ended up doing nothing about Smith’s power.

  3. to vote against your own party for leadership of your political body is treason.  i’m fine with giving him a title if it gets the dems back incontrol of the state senate and gets the senate working again.

    but i hope the local demcorats hate him as much as i do and they demolish him in a primary.  are there any good candidates?  

  4. Does Paterson still push for appointing a new LG? Or does this make the whole thing moot?

    Also, I can only expect that the “co-majority leaders” arrangement will end in chaos.

  5. Are there any likely retirements on the Republican side for the next election? In other words, is there a chance for a real Democratic majority on this map, or do the Dems have to humor Espada through redistricting?  

  6. I couldnt stop laughing when they showed the live shots of the senate floor and they were arguing and Contessa Brewer said, “Yes these are actually adults.”

  7. It’s as if this whole thing is a dream and didn’t really happen. What the fuck did these idiots waste all this time for? I just don’t understand this. I’ll read more on The Albany Project later.

  8. these clowns should be easy to primary out.  I hope the deal didn’t involve monetary support in their re-elections.

  9. Is he the one under investigation because his health care company defrauded the state or is he the one who beat up his girlfriend?

    Either way, he deserves to be primaried, found guilty of whatever charge, and given lifetime membership in the Worst Persons in the World.

  10. Scumbag Democrat in the nation… and that was even before he kicked off this insane nonsense. Now his reputation is all but sealed. I can’t wait to see him behind bars soon.

  11. I can’t even understand how all 29 Democrats (other than Monserrate and Espada and Diaz) can possibly agree to vote for Espada as Majority Leader.

  12. Someone better primary his criminal ass. I’m also hoping that Skelos has been convincing folks in his caucus not to retire or resign by saying they’d be back in the majority soon… just trust him… there’s something in the works. Now that this whole mess has crashed on the shoals of embarrassment, hopefully GOP spirits will be seriously deflated and some oldsters who have been putting off retirement will now jump.

  13. Owen Johnson, from Long Island, is 80. Hugh Farley, from Schenectady, is 76. Frank Padavan, from Queens, is 74. Kenneth LaValle, from Long Island, is 70. They may be encouraged to retire now that the Republicans have lost their majority.

  14. …with him back in the fold AND with a new powerful title to show for it will this whole stunt actually boost his popularity in his district?  Especially since without the stunt he pulled he’d just be known as the guy stealing from his non-profits and skirting campaign finance law.

    While the rest of the state sees him as a corrupt selfish idiot.  Might the voters in his district see him as someone who stood his ground and got himself (and by proxy his district) rewarded for it.

  15. I hope some of those idiotic Democrats are thrown out in primaries, too, and not just the couple of senators who started this whole idiocy. The Senate was terribly corrupt and dysfunctional before the coup, too. Time to clear out as much dead wood as possible, on both sides of the aisle.

  16. I doubt any of our legislators, no matter how juvenile/crazy, could top the antics I’ve seen in Asian and European parliaments. I still recall that incident in the Ukranian parliament where everyone was mobbing the speaker’s chair, and this woman was using her shoe as a weapon.

    I don’t remember if it was Taiwan, South Korea, or some other country, but some irate citizens had stormed the parliament, and the legislators barricaded themselves in the chamber. Somehow, someone in the crows got a hold of some tear gas cannisters (or other smoke-causing device) and was trying to smoke out the legislators.

    I also remember all those wrestling matches that would break out in Taiwan and South Korea. Heck, I remember reading one time that an irate legislator drove his car straight into the parliament.

  17. Alabama state senate

    Russian parliament

    Ukrainian parliament

    Taiwanese parliament

    Indian congress (the state legislature for some province)

    South Korean parliament (I think this is where people were trying to smoke out legislators)

    some African country I’ve forgotten (maybe Kenya?)

    and maybe Germany or Italy I think.

    Just search around YouTube for legislature/parliament/congress fight/brawl/fistfight.

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