TX-10: Top Dem Challenger Drops Out

Well here’s a fresh dose of suck:

Businessman Jack McDonald (D) will drop out of the race against Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) today, robbing Dems of a wealthy recruit in the race against what could be a vulnerable GOPer.

McDonald, the former CEO of information technology firm Perficient Inc., will cite business reasons in a statement. The Nasdaq-listed company reported last month that its profits had plummeted by some 95% during the economic downturn.

McDonald stepped down as CEO in Sept. but remained on board as the company’s chair while he began his run for Congress.

It is a blow to Dems who had hoped to give McCaul a top-notch challenger. McDonald had raised a stunning $932K through the end of Sept., ending the quarter with $805K in the bank. McDonald is wealthy, but he lent his campaign just $26K, indicating he had real fundraising prowess.

This is both a surprise (McDonald only made his campaign official last week after months of “exploring”) and some pretty bad news to boot — it would have been good to keep the pressure up on McCaul, whose district tightened up to a 55-44 McCain district from a 67% Bush fiefdom in 2000.

Perhaps McDonald will hang on to his war chest for another run in 2012, but by then this district might be carved up in six different ways.

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7 thoughts on “TX-10: Top Dem Challenger Drops Out”

  1. Well, I wasn’t expecting anything from this district anyway — McCaul won by a comfortable margin in 2008 despite the best possible climate for his opponent.

  2. we should probably just wait to see what happens after redistricting in TX.  That certainly is a hunk of cheddar and hopefully we can include him in a district where that raised money can come to some real use, but I dont really want to bother trying to capture seats in TX.  We are stretched enough as it defending our incumbents so why bother sending in our own hunk of cheddar on a race that will almost certainly just disappoint us in the end.

    I guess this goes with the theme I’ve given in plenty of other threads.  I think we need to stop expanding the map into areas where we are severely outnumbered and they have very little in common with the overall Democratic agenda and focus.  There are plenty of seats that we should aiming for that are much more favorable than an R+10.

  3. The redistricting in Texas will be interesting.  Especially if the Dems can retake the House, which is unfortunately unlikely given the national mood.

    However with so much population growth in the Rio Grande Valley and the rest of the state I just don’t know if the GOP can redistrict it so they win 3 of the 4 seats Texas is estimated to gain.  If another packed Dem seat isn’t made in the Dallas-Tarrant County area then TX-32 is going to keep moving away from Sessions rapidly.  Protecting TX-32, TX-10 and TX-07 are going to be GOP priorities during the redistricting.

  4. Is a Democratic, Hispanic-majority district being created…but at the same time helping Sessions, Merchant and maybe some others as alot of latinos will have to be moved from their districts to the new one. And thus theirs will be made more GOP…for the time being anyway. As is often stated younger voters there dont seem thrilled about the GOP. Younger voters in TX overall seem to be Republican but DFW is different.  

  5. The new district will be on the west side of Dallas; American Airlines Center, Irving, Arlington, etc will all be contributing to this district. Marchant’s district will move out of Dallas and further into North Tarrant and Sessions will move further east reaching towards Plano for more rich white mansions. Problems is, there’s not many left. Hensarling’s district is mainly minorities in his Dallas county portion, so he’s not of much help. Sessions district can be improved upon, but not much.

    Sooner or later a democratic district will need to be created in downtown Fort Worth as well, maybe 2020 on that one.

  6. But I wonder if the mapmakers, if Republican, will just try to be really creative with regards to Sessions. If he were in an incresingly bluing district maybe it wouldnt matter in a few years due to seniority…but problem is Session’s a whackjob. Yeah he has massive fundraising connections but that isnt the end all, be all of elections. If its a purple district and he keeps saying nutty thing hes gonna end up losing.

  7. I meant to say ‘entrenched incumbent’ or something similar rather than ‘seniority’ as he really hasnt been in the House all that long i dont think.

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