AR-Sen: Baker Will Stay In, Teabag Boozman to Death (Hopefully)

In a piece on GOP Rep. John Boozman’s plan to challenge Blanche Lincoln, the Politico has a tasty cat fud alert:

His candidacy hurts the prospects of state senator Gilbert Baker, who looked like the GOP frontrunner after he announced his campaign last September. Baker got off to a fast fundraising start – aided by his connections in the state legislature – but struggled to raise additional money in the fourth quarter, announcing today that he added just $293,000 to his campaign coffers.

Sources close to Baker’s campaign said the state senator will remain in the race, and draw a stark contrast between Boozman’s Washington background with his legislative work in Arkansas. Baker campaign officials believe that the congressman’s support of the Troubled Assets Relief Program to aid banks could hurt him with conservative primary voters.

At the very least, the primary should be fun!

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15 thoughts on “AR-Sen: Baker Will Stay In, Teabag Boozman to Death (Hopefully)”

  1. David Whitaker is running as a Democrat. He seems like a pretty good candidate. AR-03 is definitely an uphill battle, but without an incumbent, it could be interesting.

  2. Blanche Lincoln is most likely going down in November. But does anyone in Arkansas know why every single Republican in the state is running against her?  

  3. Before now, Arkansas Republicans had been relegated to 1/4 of the state legislature, AR-03, and maybe the governorship. This year it seems like the sky’s the limit for them, so it’s not surprising that they’re flooding the Senate race.

  4. against an entrinched incumbent.  Due to demographics changes (lots of people moving into the area from out of the region and out of state; not to mentin HUGE growth in the latino population) this district will become more competitive in the future.  That’s why it’s important to lay the groundwork now, even if we do lose-the strategy of just half heartedly contesting the seat every three or four cycles that Ark. Dems have been following isn’t going to cut it when the opportunity does become available to us.

    The good thing about Whitaker is he seems to be building a strong campaign apparatus in all twelve counties, which will work as base infrastructure later on.

  5. of that, how the hell did he win in 1996. Bill Clinton won Arkansas easily that year. There was a ton of Clinton-Hutchison ticket splitting, does anyone know why that happened?

  6. Probably just a happy (for him, anyways) coincidence. That, or perhaps it’s angling for Reagan’s divine favor.  

  7. Super Bowl Sunday. I suspect there are a lot of Saints’ fans in Arkansas who’ll tune out anything else this weekend.

    If Boozman wanted a polling boost from his campaign annoucement, I’d think he’d announce after the Super Bowl.

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