GA-04: Vernon Jones (D?) to Challenge Johnson

Here’s a nice new piece of ridiculousness for you to add to the pile:

Former DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones (D) is set to kick off his primary challenge to sophomore Rep. Hank Johnson (D) in Georgia’s 4th district.

According to a release from Jones camp, the official campaign announcement will take place at 2 p.m. Friday afternoon in Decatur, Ga.

Jones, as you may recall, is a two-time Bush voter with some bad baggage who was most recently seen losing the 2008 Democratic Senatorial primary to Jim Martin. Jones may not be the only candidate in the race; DeKalb County Commissioners Lee May and Connie Stokes have also made noises about running, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll defer to Jones, their former colleague.

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9 thoughts on “GA-04: Vernon Jones (D?) to Challenge Johnson”

  1. For a brief moment I thought you said it was Van Jones, Obama’s former green jobs czar.

  2. “but it remains to be seen whether they’ll defer to Jones, their former colleague”

    I doubt it considering Johnson was on the Commission as well.

  3. Vernon Jones is as bad as it gets and he’s exactly who Republicans would want because not only is he a questionable Democrat voting for Bush twice but he’s also a walking scandal machine.  

  4. I know there is the hepatitis thing, but May was considering well prior to that announcement.  Now, you have Stokes and Jones in the race, too.

  5. Didn’t Jones perform worse there than among Black voters elsewhere in the State, despite it theoretically being his “base”?

  6. Although I should point out not all of DeKalb is in the 4th (including parts of North DeKalb which is an anti-Jones area, IIRC) and the 4th isn’t exclusively DeKalb County.

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