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  1. FL-08: Grayson is a machine! is any of that self-funding?

    FL-10: Charlie Justice, you have a cool name and an opponent who can’t raise money or is ready to bust a surprise retirement announcement, but that’s not an excuse for this.

    FL-22: Allen West is starting to frighten me…

    IL-10: Ugh, BOB DOLD’s fundraising numbers are also bothering me. If we can’t pick up this seat against a conservative Republican opponent, the Democratic Party is really not doing well at all.

    RI-01: John Loughlin is…not really that great. Which is good because the last thing I need is my own district going red.

  2. Encouraging – Bright, Giffords, Bera, Hulburd, McNerney, Pougnet, Himes, Chris Murphy, Kosmas, Hanabusa, Minnick, Goyle, Skelton, Schauer, Kissell, Shuler, CSP, Massa, Driehaus, Brooks, Boccieri, Space, Dahlkemper, Kanjorsji/O’Brien, Callahan, Davis, Herron, Chet, Ciro, DelBene, Kind, Kagen.

    Disappointing – Justice, Lori Edwards, Craft.

    Delahunt may be retiring. Maybe Rahall?


  3. I didn’t know the GOP was targeting his district. His opponent raised $176k and is listed as a ‘Young Gun’, so I guess that’s worth noticing.

  4. According to this list:

    Ami Bera (CA-03), who continues to kick ass.

    John Carney (DE-AL), in an easy pickup.

    Tom Hayhurst (IN-03), who had a decent outing, but the real story here is the continued patheticness of Mark Souder.  An entrenched incumbent who’s so bad at fundraising that his opponent can beat his total haul in a single decent quarter of fundraising?  I continue to believe that this is the sleeper race of 2010.  Voters here love them some Tom Hayhurst, and Souder looks to be asleep at the job again.

    Raj Goyle (KS-04), who’s an excellent candidate and has totally lived up to the hype, but whom I continue to believe is too liberal and too ethnic to win a dark-red district like this one.

    Doug Pike and Manan Trivedi (PA-06), but these numbers are deceptive: Pike has lots of money but no support, Trivedi has lots of support but no money, neither one is fundraising very well right now, and Gerlach is going to rev up the machine again.

    John Callahan (PA-15), in a very impressive performance.

    Susan DelBene (WA-08), in a similarly impressive performance.

    Honorable mention goes to Roy Herron (TN-08), who’s leading his Republican opponent in an R-leaning Dem open seat.

    Additional note: there’s a surprising race going on in the fairly-red MD-06, where newscaster Casey Clark outraised incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett.  Bartlett still has a lot more money on hand, though.

    And finally, a question: where did all of Alan Mollohan’s money go?

  5. was looking through other filings and came across Berman’s in CA — he pulled in $892k this quarter.  Quite the hall for a safe incumbent…  

  6. PA-11 needs too some help

    I would include in the Frontline:

    ND-AL: Pomeroy

    SD-AL: Herseth-Sandlin

    TX-17: Edwards

    MO-04: Skelton

    SC-05: Spratt

    KY-06: Chandler

    NY-19: Hall

    TN-04: Davis

    PA-08: Murphy

    MA-10: Delahunt

    NY-01: Bishop

    OH-13: Sutton

    And I would include in the RTW:

    PA-12: Singel and Hafer

    AZ-03: Gordon

    WA-03: Pridemore and/or Heck

    AR-01: Bryles

    AR-02: Elliot

    LA-03: Sanginetty

    FL-25: Garcia

    PA-06: Pike

  7. What’s the story with WA-3? It’s an open seat toss-up in an district with a PVI of 0 and there is no democratic numbers posted. What’s the bench like in this district?

  8. Which is why his numbers are better than the usual obscure State Rep in the wrong district, but also why he’s burned over half the money he’s raised.

  9. The base loves us some Grayson.

    In all seriousness, I would love to see how much of that was from out of state.

    $523,883 from Act Blue alone.

  10. The filing deadline in West Virginia has already passed. He’s got enough money on hand that he doesn’t need to fundraise constantly, and his biggest challenger is a former state Supreme Court Justice who was voted out of office after having voted to overturn a judgment against Don Blankenship’s energy company. In a complete coincidence, he took a trip to the French Riviera with Blankenship before the decision.

  11. …giving red meat to the partisans is never bad for fundraising no matter which party and usually no matter how offensive it is to the other side.

  12. And actually pretty funny. Everyone knows this is a progressive site, and we’ll tolerate shit from liberals that we simply won’t from conservatives. But somehow GOPVoter hasn’t been driven crazy by us, and at the same time has resisted the urge to trash Dems on this site – that’s pretty admirable. S/he’s no troll.

  13. After Grayson’s comments got publicized someone called my congressman’s office and said something like “You liberals are all going to hell”.  Now, while I agree with Grayson, his comments pissed off a bunch of people and brought a lot of money his way.  Same playbook as Bachmann and Wilson.  

  14. agree with GOPVOTER, and if all republicans were more like GOPVOTER then the country would be a lot better. Although sadly none of them would make it through a primary.

  15. So it’s entirely possible that Dold, Seals, or both have been drained of cash from last-minute expenditures.

  16. after Joe Wilson screamed “You Lie!” everyone zoomed onto ActBlue and donated to Rob Miller. Just hope Rob Miller is still raising money after that night.

  17. He lives in RI-01…but he is certainly a LOL candidate. After Scott Brown I don’t take anything for granted but Loughlin really doesn’t make me lose sleep at night.

  18. Carnahan had the safest district of all the Missouri House members. After all, it is Dick Gephardt’s old seat.

  19. It’s fairly moderate, at D+7, so it’s not completely out of reach. Carnahan actually had a somewhat close race in the 2004 election.

  20. by PVI anyway, he’s tied with Sam Graves for the swingiest district. (Which at D/R +7 isn’t saying much)

  21. His name is enough to get elected in any climate. Plus, his sister is on the top of the ticket, which is sure to get the base out regardless. Plus, his district (which is partly St. Louis and mostly suburbs) has the college town of Clayton which should help the GOTV.

    BTW, Emanuel Cleaver and Lacy Clay both have more Democratic seats (Clay, by far, has the safest).

  22. Bera, Carney, Callahan, and DelBene win their seats.  Goyle and Hayhurst are performing admirably, but those seats may be out of heir reach.  The opposite is true in PA-06: we may have a shot even though both our candidates are pretty pathetic.

  23. Segall overperformed Obama by about 4% last year, which was almost enough to beat Mike Rogers, who underperformed even in his home base, Calhoun County (by 4%, natch) . One needs about a 6.5 to 7.5% Obama overperformance to win here, which is certainly not impossible in the district adjacent to Bobby Bright’s, who did about twice that.

  24. But we just don’t have the money to spend on long-shot challenger’s races in red districts this cycle.  Segall will be left with no help just like he was last cycle, only in a more Republican year.  I don’t think he makes it this time.

    Reason would dictate that Hayhurst is in a similar situation, but the difference is that Hayhurst’s opponent is pathetically inept and can’t raise money, which is what gives Hayhurst a shot in the first place.

  25. You’re right though. I would never survive a primary. I share the same views as them, but I am too understanding of other sides of an issue to win a primary today.

  26. Honestly, the people here are some of the nicest Democrats I’ve ever met on the internet. Red State will drive me crazy before ya’ll do.  

  27. The United States would be a nice place.  I admire my friends like GOPVoter and InRepublican who can share dialogue in an unoffensive way.  I think both GOPVoter and InRepublican have set a high standard for opposition with the mainstream Democrats on this site.  I really appreciate it.

  28. on common concerns. Heaven forfend we have any of that! And the sad thing is that rabid partisans on both the right and left feel the same way about bipartisanship.

    It’s just that right now, it seems clear that rabid partisanship has a much stronger constituency in the GOP than the Democratic Party. From where I stand, I sometimes wonder what ideology the Democratic Party really stands for, and I think the lack of a clear ideology can damage the party’s candidates in the minds of voters who may prefer Republicans who strongly advocate even points of view they disagree with. I wonder what your take on this is, from your standpoint. But in any case, I think that bipartisanship can be a great thing when it’s based on common interests and a belief that people of different parties can share more as Americans than divides them as members of competing parties.

    But lest I get off on too much of a tangent, part of how I’m thinking about the 2010 elections is that it may be a choice between a party whose ideology many voters don’t like (the Republicans), a party that voters are unsure what it stands for, given somewhat of a disconnect between statements and actions (the Democrats), actions by rabid right-wing purists that damage Republicans’ chances, and questions in the voters’ minds on which party is more ineffective in improving their lives. I hope some positive action by Congress changes the equation a little by November, but either way, it’ll be fun(?) and interesting to watch the effects of the Tea Party folks and see to what extent they mitigate any frustration over the infighting and lack of greater effectiveness among the Democrats.  

  29. when she considered running for the Senate, raised a bunch of money, then deferred to Jeanne Shaheen.

  30. Then moved to Kos, MyDD and OpenLeft. I always gravitate back here for the same reason as you. I wouldn’t care, I’m quite left of center myself but I just get frustrated with the lack of understanding of politcal realities at those places.

  31. I almost always liked interacting with him — but like we’ve said, something about the Kennedys still makes some conservatives go ’round the bend.

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