PA-12: NRCC Drops $200K

Despite the fact that Democrats are perceived to have something of a turnout advantage in the special election to replace the late Jack Murtha (remember: the only truly competitive big-event statewide primaries in Pennsylvania are on the Democratic ticket, and those primaries happen to fall on the same day as the PA-12 special), the NRCC must be smelling an opportunity here. They just dropped some serious dollars on the race:

  1. Opposes Candidate: MARK CRITZ (H0PA12132)

       Office Sought: House of Representatives, Pennsylvania District 12


       Date Expended = 04/09/2010      Amount Expended = $10500.00

       Purpose: MEDIA

  2. Opposes Candidate: MARK CRITZ (H0PA12132)

       Office Sought: House of Representatives, Pennsylvania District 12


       Date Expended = 04/09/2010      Amount Expended = $168290.65

       Purpose: MEDIA

  3. Opposes Candidate: MARK CRITZ (H0PA12132)

       Office Sought: House of Representatives, Pennsylvania District 12


       Date Expended = 04/09/2010      Amount Expended = $15000.00

       Purpose: SURVEY/RESEARCH

15 thoughts on “PA-12: NRCC Drops $200K”

  1. This is the kind of district they’ll need to win if they’re going to take back the House. I hope the DCCC isn’t napping.

  2. I haven’t seen any polling on this race, so maybe Burns has a real shot to beat Critz here, but I thought it was assumed that this will be the district that gets carved up in redistricting when PA loses a seat in 2012. I guess it would help drive their narrative that Democrats are doomed in November (even though this is the one district in the country that went from Gore to Kerry to McCain).

  3. Even in a very favorable climate, I could understand why Murtha’s seat would be competitive. The situation in Hawaii is just maddening to me. I can’t believe we’re talking about the possibility of losing this seat, but I guarantee this has way more to do with Ed Case splitting Democratic voters than any kind of antipathy to the Democratic party in HI-01.

    I don’t understand why he felt the need to go for this seat when he’s young enough that he could probably bide his time until Inouye or Akaka retired. Although I’m sure if he ends up in the House, he’d probably run for the Senate if a seat became open. He seems like the worst kind of opportunistic politician.

  4. Reminds me alot of the Albuquerque Mayoral race. Case is Marty Chavez. Sadly the only thing people will take from it is “GOP win safe seat on Obama’s home turf”. Nobody takes any notice of the process.

    Now, Dems will/would certainly win it back in November but the damage has been done by then. I still think the Don Cazayoux example is uncanny. The special there helped Dem momentum but his defeat later was lost in the crowd.

    The DCCC also dropped the ball leaving Djou free to advertize for weeks. I really don’t know what they do now. If Obama won’t get involved maybe an ad that presents Djou as an impediment to his agenda? Hawaiians history of supporting incumbents might even make that easier.

  5. The way Albuquerque mayoral races are set up really screw over liberal Democrats (stupid non-partisan, run-offs only at 40% Albuquerque…)

  6. …by them for a poll on this race? Because if not, then this is probably just desperate Steele really hoping for an upset, rather than a particularly calculated move.

    And he’s possibly throwing some money away..although $200k isn’t that much, in the context of national committees.

    I would think this would be a fairly tough district in which to advertise, thanks to its gerrymandered nature….

  7. but it is definitely winnable for them.

    Sleepwalking has already been banned since we lost MA-Sen.

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