SSP Daily Digest: 6/14 (Morning Edition)

  • FL-Sen: Not unexpectedly, Charlie Crist vetoed a bill (passed by Flordia’s Republican state lege and supported by anti-choice groups) which would have required women seeking an abortion to first get an ultrasound. Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek both fired off press releases attacking Crist – the former for abandoning conservative principles, and the latter for trying to “run away” from his “anti-choice past.”
  • KY-Sen: We’ve mentioned this before, but now the Louisville Courier-Journal has a lengthy piece looking at Rand Paul’s renegade ophthalmology certification organization, called the National Board of Opthalmology. It turns out that the American Board of Medical Specialties – the meta-group which certifies this country’s certifying organizations – doesn’t recognize Paul’s concoction. Rather, they recognize the American Board of Ophthalmology, from whom Paul used to have a certification, but which he let lapse some years ago.
  • SC-Sen: So now even the White House is weighing in on the mysterious primary victory of Alvin Greene, with senior advisor David Axelrod saying he thinks Green’s win “doesn’t appear” legitimate. This widespread establishment skepticism may enoucrage loser Vic Rawl to file a formal protest with the state Democratic Party, something he has until noon today to do. The party could void the result if it found serious flaws, but state chair Carol Fowler says something like that is “pretty rare.” And Nathan Gonzales also makes a good point: Greene may have spent $0 on this race, but Rawl didn’t spent a whole lot more – just $45K.
  • UT-Sen (pdf): Wilson Research Strategies for Mike Lee (6/10, likely voters):

    Mike Lee (R): 39

    Tim Bridgewater (R): 30

    Undecided: 31

    (MoE: ±5.7%)

  • AL-Gov: This seems a little odd: lame duck AG Troy King (who just lost the GOP primary) issued an advisory opinion saying that the July 13th Republican gubernatorial runoff ballot should feature the names of Bradley Byrne and Robert Bentley – even if third-place finisher Tim James displaces Bentley in a planned recount. King advises that another runoff take place if James’s recount is successful.
  • MI-Gov: Fifth CD Rep. Dale Kildee endorsed Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero in the Democratic primary, the first member of the House from Michigan to weigh in in the gubernatorial race. His nephew Dan Kildee, who considered running himself, also got behind Bernero.
  • NH-Gov: Democratic Gov. John Lynch formally filed for re-election last Friday. He’s seeking a fourth consecutive two-year term, something no one has won before in New Hampshire history. A piece in the Laconia Citizen looks at the challenges Lynch faces in achieving this goal.
  • OH-Gov: Gov. Ted Strickland reported raising $1.3 million between April 23rd and June 10th, giving him $7.7 million cash-on-hand and $11.5 million raised for the entire campaign (which his camp says is a record). Politico also says that Strickland has raised more than any other Dem governor seeking re-election, but note that only seven fall into this category. Meanwhile, Republican John Kasich raised the same amount but has $5.7 million on hand.
  • UT-Gov: Ah, timing is everything in politics. Just four days after Gov. Gary Hebert called for more oil drilling in Utah, a Chevron pipeline burst a leak, spilling 500 barrels oil into Salt Lake City’s Red Butte Creek, forcing the closure of the city’s biggest park. (Click the link for a pic. More here.)
  • AR-01: The link is behind a paywall, so we don’t have much to go on, but apparently Tim Wooldridge is “hedging” on an endorsement of Chad Causey, the man who beat him in the runoff last week. Let’s hope this changes soon.
  • AR-02: Also behind a paywall (at the Hotline) is this tidbit that state Sen. Joyce Elliott (D) said she “doesn’t know” whether she’d support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Elliott, who has a liberal reputation, probably has some re-positioning to do to remain competitive in this race, but is acting Pelosi-agnostic really plausible? Even Mike Oliverio eventually backed down from this perch – and he’s infinitely more conservative than Elliott.
  • CT-04: A supporter of Dan Debicella says her name fraudulently appeared on a nominating petition for rival Tom Herrmann, who is also seeking the GOP nod to take on Rep. Jim Himes in the fall. Stories like this don’t tend to have much legs, though, unless there turns out to be widespread fraud.
  • GA-09: Representative-elect Tom Graves (R) will be sworn in to the House later today. Note that the two other remaining vacancies in the House – NY-29 and IN-03, both the product of resignations due to scandal – will not be filled until November. Also, Graves is not out of the woods yet, as he still faces a regular July 20th primary for the fall general election.
  • MD-01: Looks like Andy Harris has gone, at least, birther-curious. During a recent radio appearance, Harris refused to dismiss a caller’s accusation that Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship is “false”, saying that he doesn’t know why all the details on Obama’s birth certificate are “being hidden”. (J)
  • MS-01: Kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya. There seem to be no hurt feelings in this GOP primary, after all. After initially refusing to endorse primary winner Alan Nunnelee, former Fox News commentator Angela McGlowan has endorsed his campaign in an email to her supporters. Second-place finisher Henry Ross also threw his endorsement to Nunnelee, making the circle complete and activating the powers of Captain Planet. (J)
  • NC-08: Mountain of Crazy Tim D’Annunzio has upped his personal investment in his bid for the GOP nomination against Larry Kissell to $1.3 million. Harold Johnson, the guy whom the NRCC desperately wants to see win the primary, is getting out-gunned; he only raised $49K in the pre-runoff period, and is getting outspent by a greater than 2-1 margin. (J)
  • NY-24: The Oneida County District Attorney’s office is investigating quid pro quo allegations surrounging a 2008 donation that Republican candidate Richard Hanna made to the Oneida County Independence Party. (J)
  • SC-01: Politico’s Alex Isenstadt tweets that House GOP leaders are “launching [a] full scale effort for Tim Scott”, the African-American state Rep. who’s locked in a runoff with legacy candidate Paul Thurmond. Karl Rove himself is even cutting a check for Scott. (J)
  • UT-02: Dem Rep. Jim Matheson certainly doesn’t appear to be taking any chances in his first-ever primary against retired teacher/activist Claudia Wright. Matheson’s pre-primary FEC filing shows that his campaign has brought in $142K and spent nearly $467K since Wright shocked Matheson by forcing a primary at the May Democratic convention, leaving the incumbent with just over a million in the bank. Wright, for her part, only raised $15K during that time, and spent $17K. (J)
  • WA-02: Moose alert! Sarah Palin gave her latest Twitter endorsement to Snohomish County councilman John Koster, who’s seeking a rematch against Democratic Rep. Rick Larsen. Koster faces absolute nutball John Carmack in the Republican primary. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of Carmack’s website. (J)
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    1. It seems pretty interesting that national GOP leaders are pitching in to help Scott. I assume is primary because he would be first Black Republican since Watts, and SC-03 ( Cook PVI R+10) is conservative enough that he could keep it for a while.

      But I wonder is Scott really that much better than Thurmond? Establishment support could backfire on Scott…

    2. How stupid is that?  People who hate Pelosi are not going to vote for her anyway, and Democrats will be ticked off by this.

    3. Can we just attribute this to Rawl campaign incompetence?  Seriously, having money doesn’t win primaries.  Spending it does.

    4. I don’t even know what to say. That scrolldown was probably one of the most disturbing experiences of my life.  

    5. Has anyone else seen this video clip that has been making the rounds:

      Pretty shocking stuff. He basically attacks that kid. I think since the “Macaca” incident using video ambushes on pols have become a new political tactict. Looks like Rep Etheridge was stupid enough to fall into this trap by physically assulting that college kid.

      What’s the deal with the race in NC-2? Was he in any danger before this video? It looks like pretty awful stuff to me.

    6. How much of the “Obama agenda” did Bob Etheridge actually support.  We know he’s a good Dem, but he isn’t a flaming liberal.  They tried this shit on Travis Childers when it came to health care, strange how they seem to be doing a lot of these “projects” with Dems who represent swing districts at best.  

    7. Defense:

      Ben Leming (TN-06)

      Ravi Sangisetty (LA-03)

      Matt Zeller (NY-29)


      Bill Hedrick (CA-44)

      Jon Hulburd (AZ-03)

      Steve Raby (AL-05)

      Competitive Primaries:

      LA-02 – Richmond v. LaFonta

      MA-10 – Keating v. O’Leary

      NH-02 – Swett v. Kuster

      RI-01 – Cicilline v. Lynch

    8. I’d assume that part of it is also they don’t want any association with the Thurmond name?

    9. The GOP wants to avoid the obvious MSM theme that a black man cannot win in the South/GOP.  

      This will be THE race to watch on 6/22.

    10. She’s got a real longshot race here, and you don’t start it by potentially pissing off your base.  Distancing yourself from Speaker Pelosi is not going to convince anyone that you’re really a conservative.

    11. Gun control is dead.  Even on liberal blogs you very rarely see anyone advocating for gun control, and that’s telling because on liberal blogs people advocate for all kinds of things that aren’t popular.

      So the NRA won, in spite of its extremism.  And their endorsement is worth something to a Democrat.

      But our consolation is that the NRA mostly endorses Republicans and we still beat them anyway.  As long as gun control isn’t an organic voting issue to most voters, the NRA doesn’t hold any cards, and Team Blue brushes them off and wins.

      But gun control as an issue has become a loser.  It will be generations before it has another opportunity to become a winner again.

    12. …what support does “Red to Blue” status bring with it?  Is there a commitment the DCCC will spend money on them?  If not, they really should just add the people you list, or else it’s a minor public relations risk to leave them off.  I know you have to draw a line somewhere, but if there’s no real financial commitment, it’s nothing to add them to the list and promise, say, unlimited DCCC meetings, campaign advice, and e-mail help.

    13. …they want him to win.  The Obama era has ushered in frantic panic on the Republican side to get people of color into power under the Republican Party banner.

    14.    This is the special election to fill the vacant Senate seat caused by Ahhnold appointing Abel Maldonado to Lieutenant Governor. (That vacancy was caused by Lt Gov John Garamendi winning election to the House of Representatives in CA-10).

         The Democratic candidate is John Laird, a former Assemblymember from the northern part of the district (Santa Cruz County) running against Sam Blakeslee, the GOP Assemblymember from the southern edge of the district. Laird has been a leader on many issues; he was formerly chair of the Assembly Budget committee, has worked on various environmental issues including water policy, and is a strong supporter of education and equality for all. If he wins the Senate seat the Dems will be only one seat short of two-thirds in the Senate (with a neighboring winnable open seat contested in November.)

          These seats could have a great effect on policy in CA government, so SD-15 is the one I will be watching. Actually I will do more than watching; I am going to visit friends in Santa Cruz later this week and will help out the Laird for Senate campaign on the weekend and election day. John’s website is

    15. 185k is hardly anything. even for a congressional race that’d be chump change, let alone a statewide race.

    16. And something like 125K of it was self-financed by Rawl, making it especially pathetic.

      So why was anyone high on him?

    17. …to brush off the Pelosi question.  You just say yes  very quickly and then emphasize it doesn’t matter what individual occupies the Speakership, and then emphasize this election is not about Pelosi or anyone else in Washington, it’s about Arkansas, and you’ll take Pelosi and other Washington Democrats to task anytime they want to do anything that doesn’t consider Arkansas’ needs.

      I’m sure there’s a more artful and effective way to make the point than I just did, but the fact I came up with the skeleton of the response off the top of my head, and I’m just a campaign enthusiast on a blog, tells you what a competent federal campaign should be able to do.  It’s about answering every question with your own campaign message, whatever that happens to be.

    18. They had lots of candidates on the list last cycle who didn’t get a dime in direct DCCC support.  What it clearly entails is inclusion on the DCCC web-page with a point-and-click to encourage people to contribute money to that candidate.  Don’t know how well-used it is, though.

    19. You’re right — you just say that this election is about (insert conservative state or congressional district here), and emphasize the issues that are in your favor.

      I’m not sure that all the Pelosi bashing the GOP does really works all that well.  Conservatives are already on their side, and most middle-of-the-road or disengaged voters really don’t care all that much about the Speaker of the House.  If you listen to Dan Coates’s acceptance speech after his underwhelming primary win here, all it did was try to tie Brad Ellsworth to Nancy Pelosi — and this was for a Senate race!

      Elliott has a big problem, in that she seems to have a pretty liberal record, and now wants to present herself as some sort of Conservadem.  Of course, politicians adjust how they posture themselves all the time, but for her this stretch seems to be worthy of a Chinese women’s gymnastic team floor exercise!

    20. It does look really bad, as he does seem to go after this kid for no real reason, and psycially grabbing him was really not right.  I can understand the pressure a lot of Congressman are under,  having cameras thrust in their face all the time, ambush questions, townhall meetings disrupted by lunatics, etc. — but you just can’t lose your cool like this.  For both political reasons, and because it would be the right thing to do, I think an apology is in order.

    21. The guy asked “Do you support the Obama agenda”, and Etheridge flips. At one point it gets really creepy, when he pulls the college student closer to him and does like, the side hug thing.  

    22. but I really doubt these are college kids who are working on an independent project. It’s just terrible journalism: “do ypou support the Obama agenda…” awful. Etheridgd played it terribly and should know better, but just as he fell for the trap, I’m not falling for this edited video from people who I’m sure are lying about heat they’re doing.

    23. Obviously Etheridge overreacted.  At the same time, the “college student” didn’t state his own name.  I don’t believe Etheridge will have anything to worry about from this video.  Bob is highly respected by his constituents, and most who see this video that know him will likely chalk this up as Bob having a bad day.

      I was surprised by this video, but I doubt it will cause him too much in November.

    24. … any major gaffe by DeMint and it could turn into a real race.  Even without one, he at least had an outside shot to make things interesting.  Internal polls showed a 7 point race and PPP showed it in the teens.

      He was an elected official, with a decent resume, from THE  swing county/region. He also got a late start, and some money no doubt was waiting on the primary to complete. He already had a fundraiser schedule for shortly after the primary.    

      At a minimum he would prevent DeMint from spending time and money on getting people like Rubio, Rand Paul, Sharon Angle , etc. elected.  With Greene as the nominee, DeMint is assured of spending zero effort, with no risk of being embarrassed.  Hard-core Democrats don’t even have a protest vote now.

      Also, having TWO Charlestonians on the ticket in November (Lt. Gov. candidate Ashley Cooper being the other) could be a big boost in the Governor’s race, which is definitely winnable.  

      Rawl was saving his powder for November, which if it had worked, would look very smart.  Monday morning quarterbacks never lose.

      Personally, I think Rawl would have won, if no irregularities occurred.  Something smells in Denmark with this race.


    25. Yes, the Republicans try attacking Pelosi/Reid and nowadays in some places Obama every time, and it always fails.  The only way it can succeed is if a particular Democratic candidate takes the bait and gets wrapped up defending or explaining Pelosi et al.  But they never do, they easily brush it off and focus on their own message.

      Elliott is sorta kinda taking the bait here, by letting it be an issue that now will linger.  Oliverio was doing something a little different, and in fact I think he probably sincerely dislikes Pelosi and wasn’t just posturing.  He’s making nice now that he realizes he’s the Democratic nominee!  But Elliott is foolishly playing rhetorical games and struggling with the question.

      Meanwhile, Elliott herself is a truly awful candidate if she never planned for this at the outset.  She should have had a general election plan in place way back when.  It’s an uphill climb, but there is plenty in the Democratic agenda that can be tailored to sell it to the local electorate.  It might not work, but that’s life, you put your best foot forward and try to succeed.  But instead it’s as if she’s let herself get caught flat-footed post-nomination.  That’s a really bad sign.  Our only consolation here is that we might have lost this seat no matter what, and the broader reality that with over 400 House campaigns every year we’re bound to have a few bad candidates in otherwise winnable districts.

    26. He raised 105K in a statewide race from people not named Vic Rawl. That’s embarrassing.  Why would money “wait for the primary to complete,” rather than seeking as many double-maxes as possible?  

      He had “a” fundraiser scheduled?  Shiver my timbers.

    27. Would anyone say 18 points would equate to a realistic chance to beat someone like Schumer?  

      Barring some Mark Sanford + David Paterson style meltdown, DeMint is going to cruise to reelection.

    28. You can see it here:

      I expect to see a reaction like Etheridge’s on TMZ from some druged out celebrity leaving a club, not from a member of the United States Congress.

      From what I understand it is an R-2 district that Bush won in 2000 & 2004 and Obama won in 2008. I cant see how this is not made into an issue in the general election.  

    29. I watched both videos, and it looks very bad, but I just get bad vibes from the source. If I were doing this project, I’d say what college I’m from at the minimum. The edits and the two videos just seem weird to me as well. I don’t know…

    30. I live just next door to his district.  I bet you ten bucks these guys were setup by Breitbart, etc. and have been going after Bobby until he flipped.  I could be wrong.  But, the kid blurred out his face and refused to identify himself.  

      I think most eastern NC folks will agree – Bobby, who’s never been known to have a hot temper in his 30+ years of elected servce, should have pushed his weasly ass into the traffic.

      Hell, I think I might donate to him right now.

    31. I actually think this is a bad move. An apology is an admission of guilt. Better to claim that the video was selectively edited or a set-up, that way low info voters might only remember your side of the story. This way practically authorizes the MSM to report it as real news, which is ultimately more damaging with low info voters.

    32. and ask ourselves whether we would react the same way if it were a Republican Congressman in the video. I say that not to accuse you of anything, but because there are certain actions that are wrong, regardless of who does them. I think we would all agree with that general proposition.

    33. Most of Etheridge’s constituents respect him, regardless of political affiliation.  The guy didn’t properly introduce himself to Etheridge.  Instead, he kept saying “college student”.  

      Did Etheridge overreact?  Yes.  Have we all?  Probably.  

    34. Etheridge had a bad day for sure, but I am sure enough swing voters will look at this guy and say he is a creep.

    35. by physically attacking anyone. The most I’ve done is yell, for example when a driver had turned overly aggressively and I felt they had threatened my safety while I was lawfully crossing the street.

    36. Etheridge has been around for many years in his district and is deeply respected.  I think you also have to look at this video in a cultural context.  In the South, where I am native, it is considered “rude” to not introduce yourself when asking such a direct question.  I know many people in his district (my father being one of them) who probably would have been more tense than Bob with this line of questioning when the person doesn’t introduce himself properly.

      It will most likely cost him some votes from people who don’t know Bob, but the vast majority of the communities within NC-2 knows that Etheridge is a fighter, and they most likely won’t be offended.

    37. Give me a break. Not that long ago DeMint was ranked one of the least effective senators.  Needless to say, he will be more effective once Rubio, Buck, Angle, and Paul join the ranks of the senate.

      Ask Charlie Crist how well an 18 point lead holds up.  Or a 30 point lead for that matter.    

      Against Greene, DeMint will cruise to re-election even with a Mark Sanford style meltdown.  With Rawl, there was a chance to pull close, with a spot of luck.  

      As for fundraising Lee Fisher and Paul Hodes ain’t setting the world on fire either, but noone discounts their chances.  The DSCC could always fund Rawl if it got close, and let’s face it, any decent D starts with about 42% anyway. You really are only talking about swaying 8-9% of the electorate.    

    38. all three of her opponents spent at least double what she did, and were all much better known going in.  She gained about 30 points in 3 weeks.

      Rawl has significantly more political experience than Haley too, for what that’s worth.  


    39. And when they do, they get DCCC money and introduced to big donors and such.  The DCCC may still do some political advising to everyone on their list, though.

    40. the broader reality that with over 400 House campaigns every year we’re bound to have a few bad candidates in otherwise winnable districts.

      This happens on both sides and we are even more fortunate this is a House seat and not a Senate seat, those are the ones that really hurt.  And incumbency advantage can kick-in so quickly these days, losing this seat now means it’s gone for a very long time.

    41. Meanwhile, Elliott herself is a truly awful candidate if she never planned for this at the outset.

      Remember the Not Ready For Prime Time Players? That’s what this smacks of.

    42. If I remember correctly, she had some issue groups running ads on her behalf as well, with spending in the hundreds of thousands. She might’ve been personally outgunned, but she wasn’t hurting for help.

    43. Maybe it’s because I’m a city slicker New Yorker and am used to random people on the street occasionally trying to talk to me that I dont get the whole it’s rude to talk to stangers defense so it’s OK the grab and attack them.

      There is no doubt in my mind that the “college kids” were GOP operatives trying to get a gotcha moment from Etheridge. But so what. He’s a politcian and a public official. He’s suppose to answer questions. If he cant outsmart a couple of college kids on the streets of DC without resorting to violence than he’s a schmuck.

    44. As I said up-thread, I can understand members of Congress being tense and tired of these teabaggers (and I have no doubt these “college kids” were of their ilk) being in their face every time they turn the corner.  They are rude, nasty, don’t play fair, etc.  That said, he did overreact.  I’m just saying I understand it.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays in his district, whether the narrative will be: 1) Congressman assaults clean cut college boys trying to interview him, or 2) Congressman smacks down obnixious jerk who gets in his face.

    45. If you look at the video, the “college student” makes some sort of arm motion towards Etheridge.  If someone walks up to me in the street (New York or Raleigh) in the same fashion, I might do the same thing.

      Sure, Etheridge overreacted.  Etheridge is a pretty large fellow who is more than able to defend himself.  He should have let go of the guy’s arm as soon as he knew that he was in no danger.  And he sure as heck shouldn’t have grabbed him again.  But let’s don’t overplay what happened.  Trust me, this won’t cost Etheridge his seat, and he sure as heck isn’t a shmuck.  He’s done a lot of good in this state for many years.  

    46. This reminds me of the late Thurman Munson of the Yankees.  Munson was being berated by some hecklers at Yankee Stadium, and Munson shot the group of hecklers the bird.  

      The next day, the fans at Yankee Stadium gave Munson a standing ovation.  Like Etheridge, people knew Munson for who he was, and they appreciated him for his accomplishments.  Mind you, Munson wasn’t an elected official, but he was deeply loved by the people.  Etheridge has a lot of the same support within NC-02.

    47. I heard several years ago from a fromer State Rep. in southern Indiana named Jerry Bales.  He was a moderate-to-liberal Republican (if he were running today, he’d probably be a Democrat).  Now Jerry was very intelligent, saavy, and a wonderful advocate for Indiana University for many years — but he also could play the plain-talking redneck as well as anyone.

      He tells a story of back in the 1980s, he was in a 4th of July parade in Bloomington, when some guy starts really rudely and inappropriately harassing him.  So Jerry gets right in his face and says “Listen, fat ass!  If you want to run against me, the Court House is over there, just get up off of your fat ass and file.”  I guess (at least the way Jerry tells the story) even the guy’s wife started laughing and applauding!

      Unfortunately, he was basically tea-bagged out of office in a Republican primary in the late 1990s, but a Democrat has held that seat ever since.

    48. … and Haley was still outspent even with the outside assistance.  BTW, a judge had her ‘outsider’ ads pulled off the air a few days prior to the primary.  She ddidn’t get the full ad buy.  

    49. I am going to make some phone calls for Laird since going down to Monterey is a bit too far for me. I like Laird since he is strong on the environment and has always opposed offshore drilling. Blakesee, the Republican supports even more offshore drilling. This district voted for Obama by 20 points so it needs a Democrat. It does not need a conservative Republican like Blakesee. Even if 2010 does not look bright for us, we need to pickup seats when we have great opportunities! This is a great opportunity. This is why I urge everyone reading this to sign up to help phoneback for Laird!

    50. You want to donate to a guy because he grabbed a kid for asking a question? Thats as fucked up as someone wanting to donate to Jerry Brown for calling Meg Whitman a nazi.  

    51. … but not this time.  I’m not saying I’m going to rush out and write him a check, and as I’ve said a couple of times here, he was wrong.  That said, do you really think this was just “a kid who wanted to ask him a question?”

      He was set up and he fell into the trap.  This is the new style of gotcha politics (and both sides are doing it — more your side than ours right now) — provoke, get it on film, disrupt a town hall meeting, etc.  Senator Landrieu had her office more-or-less broken into, and the little punks who did it said they have no regrets.

      So no, I’m not saying what he did was right, but my more frustrated side wouldn’t have minded if he would have thrown the snot-nosed bastard into traffic (no, I don’t literally mean that).

    52. While I agree the kid probably had another motive, I don’t see how you could set someone up to attack you like that.  

    53. Crosstarget/Pajamas Media is the outfit that found Brown up 11 or 15 or some ridiculous number like that a few days after the Boston Globe “Coakley +15” poll. Unless some other firm corroborates, I can’t take this one too seriously.

    54. Just like the Republican now leads in SD by double digits. And Brown didn’t win by double digits either so I don’t get your reinforcement point at all.

    55. Am I the only one who find the undecideds amazingly small in the Sen race?  6.5% is all?

      I can’t think of a time I’ve seen smaller undecideds, even in days leading up to an election.  I know people will say “oh they’re all over TV” and blah blah blah, but I can ttake it seriously at only 6.5%.

      Or am I reading something wrong?

    56. But was looking for some kind of reaction to portray the Congressman in a bad light, maybe even “slipping up” and saying he supports the “Whole Obama Agenda”.  In other words, Ethridge played into his hands more than anyone could have ever expected.

    57. Its no more of a set up than the kid who was following George Allen around with a video camera.

      Following candidates with cameras is part of the campaign process now. But only a moron responds by calling the kid with the video camera a racial slur or physically assaulting them.

      As for who put the kid up to it I say so what. If some right wing GOP congressman did this to a kid filming stuff for Michael Moore we would all be outraged about it and rightfully so.

    58. Boy this country has gotten lame.  Grabbing someone by the hand and pushing their camera away from him is an attack?  

      People have become too weak in every sense of the word.  

    59. Still, even Rasmussen had Boxer up five in his post primary poll. If she couldn’t find a bounce there it just doesn’t exist. And the fact these guys found a 3% GOP party affiliation advantage makes me even more skeptical.

    60. And if I would have bothered reading instead of just going to the numbers, they referenced their MA poll showing Brown up 9.6 points.  

    61. a bunch of trash. Scott Rasmussen is about as much of a pollster as zogby was. I don’t doubt HS will face a competitive race but Scotty is way over the line right now. This is about as accurate as that poll showing Paul up by like 20. Nothing from Rasmussen can be trusted.

    62. I wish! She is one of my favorite candidates this cycle, but I don’t see her leading by that much! Maybe by one or two, but not 12.  

    63. He finds them all the time. It is more of a sign when they don’t show up like for Fiorina.

    64. If I remember correctly, he didn’t call out questions or do anything like that.  Allen wasn’t provoked.  The guy just was there filming.  Not really a set up at all.  

      This is completely different.

    65. And that is reflected in the result. But the fact they found what they found leads me to throw it out when even Rasmussen has Boxer ahead.

    66. was more hyperbole than anything.  I am very surprised at how Bobby reacted and I certainly wish he had had more patience.  But this is no kid and no simple question and I bet, and I hope, that voters in the 2nd who have voted for him dozens of times for various offices will see that.  I’m hoping he’s got some Blumenthal-style credibility here and can bounce back.  

      But why donate?  Because I bet that Breitbart, etc. are going to pour money to Ellmers’ campaign now which could turn this into more of a race than we need it to be.  Bobby made a mistake, he apologized.  We should support him (but I know you came as GOPVOTER).

    67. You think the GOP is happy to have Sharron Angle?  Or Rand Paul?  Even if they win those, they’ll have to spend more money and give other help in those races than otherwise would have been required.  And NV-Sen in particular is one that a lot of Beltway Republicans now think they’ll lose, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

      House races include much the same, a bunch of Democrats in tough districts appearing to get lesser challenges than anyone expected.

      That doesn’t mean we won’t lose a lot of seats, and indeed, our House majority still is very much in jeopardy.  But it’s clear the Republicans haven’t been able to take full advantage of the national environment.  And that’s without considering the NRCC’s big money disadvantage and the RNC’s problems.

    68. and they were agog about Paul and Angle…. Not that they’re a leading indicator of the most electable candidates 😉

    69. I would have looked that college student in the eyes and told him I was preparing to “gather my armies.”  In other words, I would have gone Rick “The Barber” Barber on his ass.

    70. You really think it’s so unusual for adults to never physically attack other adults? What’s so damn hard about that?

    71. If Howard Coble, Republican, NC-06, did the same thing, I wouldn’t have changed my mind at all.  What Etheridge did was wrong, and he should (and did) take responsibility for his actions.  Our politicians are human and as such will make mistakes.  

      I chose Howard Coble as an example because I have great respect for the man (although I don’t like his politics at all.  )I have a deep respect for Etheridge too.  Since I’ve lost my temper at times in the past (maybe not to the same degree as Etheridge, but fairly close), I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to take responsibility for my actions.  Etheridge did, and hopefully it will make him a better man as a result.  

    72. Ever heard of the term “forgive and forget”?  Etheridge screwed up, and he said he was sorry.  Let’s not damn him for life over it.

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