6 thoughts on “Welcome to the SSP Diaries!”

  1. Long time SSP reader, David, thanks to my 2004 obsession with poll watching. I think SSP introduced me to most of the rest of the blogosphere, including DKos, MyDD, Crooks & Liars, and Firedoglake. Now I too am a 50-state strategy believer… it’s not about swing states anymore!

  2. Quick thought while I’m here — to make things easier to read, it might be helpful to include vertical lines (a la mydd) or some such divider to separate the sidebars from the main content area.

  3. Congrads guys on the new format for SSP. Easy & painless sign-up even though I haven’t had my espresso yet. No scary pictures yet of Jean “Cafeteria Lady” Schmidt?? LOL.

  4. Excellent upgrade of platform.

    I confess I lurked here at SSP most of the time because I found it a real pain to comment on the other system.

    Soapblox is da man.

    So to speak.

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