I Hope This Doesn’t Get Blocked at Work

Then again, maybe I ought to hope it does… this is gonna kill my ability to get any work done! I got a little more productive at work when DKos got banned by the company filters. On that front, maybe we could keep the profanity to a voluntary minimum? Profanity seems to be one of the factors that attract the attention of the filters.

More thoughts below the proverbial flip.

Man, how many times have I seen some new poll and wanted to get somebody’s reaction on it. Seeing no post about it on SSP, I’ll post about it in the comments of the latest post (even if its totally on a different subject). Yep, that was just today with the latest batch of Majority Watch polls! Now I will soon be able to announce stuff myself in a (potentially recommended) diary. That’s totally excellent, as SSP fits my niche better than the massive DKos or the agenda-heavy MyDD. I can talk about Scott Rasmussen, Charlie Cook, CQ, Scott Eliott, and Larry Sabato, and people will just know what I’m talking about. Yay. OK, time for bed. Sweet dreams of Nancy Johnson, Sue Kelly, Steve Chabot, and Chris “Count” Chocola leaving congress forever.

By what margin will Bob Shamansky win?

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2 thoughts on “I Hope This Doesn’t Get Blocked at Work”

  1. Glad to see you approve, Stryker!  I don’t want to jump the gun here, but I think I can safely say that if we get a lot of good community diaries, you’ll see a lot of them front-paged on the new SSP.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s excited!

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