35 thoughts on “Tom Cole Deathwatch Thread, No. 6”

  1. I said after LA-06 I was looking forward to seeing this map

    oh, it looks so freakin’ sweet. Like loosing my virginity at 18 after all my friends…it was worth the wait. If I still smoked, I’d have a cigarette right now.  

  2. referred to LA-06 and this as a 1-2 punch, if we could properly pull it off. I’ve changed my mind… Foster and Cazayoux were the 1-2 punch, and this was the uppercut that follows the 1-2 punch and leaves your opponent unconscious on the mat.

  3. In 2005 and 2006, we narrowly lost two heartbreakers (CA-50 and OH-02) but still gained 30 seats when it was over.

    This year, we’ve won three seats.  Imagine what November will look like…

    Also, these three wins goes to show you what happens with the establishment, the grassroots, and the netroots are all on the same page.

  4. Party abels were ot put next to candidate names on the ballot for this election.  Is that standard practice for all MS elections or was it only done for this special election?  Because I imagine leaving off party labels helps dems a bit.

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