Sustainable agriculture

 Sometimes, we fight to win state and local elections for the Big Issues, sometimes, its to get people running our government who just “get it.”

For example:

The State of Ohio is going to be selling special vehicle license plates promoting SUSTAINABLE agriculture. I realize that this is not any sort of major policy initiative. But, it is still a GREAT idea.

And the funds raised will be used to support innovative programs in agriculture. Farming is still a HUGE economic force in our state (and the nation) (and the WORLD) and besides, we all gotta eat!

When my plates are ready to expire, I’m going order them for our (small, fuel efficient) cars. I hope that lots of people will join me.

More info here.

Check out the windmill on the image. I WANT ONE ON MY CAR!

12 thoughts on “Sustainable agriculture”

  1. What a great idea — if Indiana had that, I’d seriously think about getting one.  Instead, we have “In God We Trust” as a free option (I’m still questioning the constitutionality of that, but that’s another issue).

    One important part of sustainable agriculture is to eat locally.  The average piece of food we all will put in our mouths will have travelled 1500 miles to get to us.  Air travel (whether it be people or stuff) is one of, if not THE most environmentally damaging things we do to support our consumeristic lifestyle.  If we all made a committment to eat more sustainable, locally produced foods, not only would it be a fight back against corporate farming, there would be a huge environmental benefit.

  2. I live in the Arkansas Delta and it kills me to see how the small towns around here are dying.  One thing that would really revive these rural communities is a sustainable agriculture policy that supports small, local, organic farms.  I wish more Democrats would run with this.

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