Maine approves gay marriage bill

The Portland Press Herald reports:

“Democratic Governor John Baldacci today signed into law a bill allowing gay marriage making Maine the fifth state to allow same sex marriage.

The Governor’s signature came barely an hour after the measure won final approval in the legislature, with a final 31-8 vote in favor in the Maine Senate.”

Baldacci, formerly an opponent of similar bills, noted that churches will not have to perform marriages for same sex couples under the legislation.  Maine becomes the fifth state to currently allow same sex marriage.  Four of the states are in the six state New England region (CT,MA,VT,ME) with the fifth being Iowa.

Opponents of the legislation appear to be aiming for a referendum on the issue.  Hope they lose big time.

Can New Hampshire be far behind?

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  1. D.C. also approved a bill recognizing any marriage performed in a state that legalizes same sex marriage.  Of course this sets up a battle in Congress.  Republicans are going to want to meddle in D.C. affairs just like they did with the gun ban.

  2. These are the states we should target post-2010 for gay marriage, which means we need to make sure the appropriate gubernatorial positions are picked up or state legislative majorities increased or maintained.





    MD (what is happening out in MD anyway, I’ve heard they’ve started the process)

    NJ may pass it next year with Corzine getting re-elected (hopefully)

    And if the DFL win’s the gubernatorial spot in MN, we could probably pass civil unions come 2011.  IL I’m not quire sure what they could get passed, maybe gay marriage but civil unions if not.

    All other states that could possibly do something (namely WI and MI) passed constitutional amendments that banned both marriage and civil unions so they cant do anything and have to wait for the national scene to catch up, or overturn the amendments which I wouldnt even bother trying yet there.

    Other than those listed, we kind of dont have much else to go except for maybe New Mexico and even a domestic partnership bill went down in flames this year.  The above list is pretty much our target list, plus NH if they dont pass it later today or this week.  That only makes 14 states where gay marriage could be possible and one state where civil unions could happen.

  3. Reading the exchange between Andrew and Venslor makes me long for the emergence of the next Harvey Milk. Even though his only elected office was SF Supervisor, he helped form alliances with labor and minority groups to beat back Anita Bryant’s hate campaign. He struck one of the first major blows for gay rights, and we could certainly use someone with his gifts in the current struggle.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Venslor that, if we are to defeat future Proposition H8s, there needs to be better outreach between gays and minority groups, with special focus on older (30+) voters. Younger voters (black, white, Asian, Latino, etc) are not the problem. They voted overwhelmingly against H8. It’s the older voters that are the main stumbling block, and that’s true of all races.  

  4. Could be Jared Polis. I’ve been extremely impressed by him since reading about him wining the primary in CO. Very sharp guy…

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