KS – Governor: Parkinson Picks Chief of Staff to be New Lt. Governor

Mark Parkinson picked his chief of staff Troy Findley to be his Lt. Governor today. Findley promptly announced he won't be running in 2010, effectively preventing the Democrats from having a frontrunner for 2010. The Sebelius/Parkinson/Findley trifecta have essentially ensured that the state party will have no inroads come 2010. The previous thinking was that Parkinson's Lt. Governor pick would be the standard bearer for the future, but no more. Combined with the resignation of AG Paul Morrison, the most Kansas Democrats have are two vulnerable appointed statwide incumbents who will be fighting to win terms in their own right in 2010. This is not what Kansans had in mind with Sebelius' election in 2002 – she was supposed to usher in an era where Democrats could compete on the statewide level. Coupled with Boyda's loss last cycle, Kansas Dems are essentially starting back at square one. Thoughts? Anyone else disappointed with Sebelius' lack of impact on state politics? Who will represent the future of the Kansas Dems?


21 thoughts on “KS – Governor: Parkinson Picks Chief of Staff to be New Lt. Governor”

  1. If we’re going to win in places like Kansas and other redstates continually we’re going to have to avoid relying on cults of personality.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sebelius (I was hoping she’d be VP in all honesty), but we have to build our party around values and ideas, not individuals, however stellar they may be.

  2. Definitely dont seem like the NE or west coast types who will be much more willing to vote Democrat. As it seems fiscal issues trump everything else and as long as a Republican is solidly fiscally conservative theyll support them in the GE. The primary is a different beast altogether.

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