VA-Gov Predictions Contest: A Winner Is You!

First off, as always, thanks to everyone who participated in the Swing State Project’s VA-Gov Dem primary predictions contest. Fifty-seven folks submitted guesses, and what’s particularly awesome is that the skunkworks down at SSP Labs shows we have a flat-out tie for first place! Congratulations to RedefiningForm and stevenaxelrod, who both had winning scores of just four points – you each get half a loaf! Just kidding… send me an email and a super-mega-delicious Green’s babka will be on its way to each of you shortly.

The actual final results were Deeds 50, McAuliffe 26, Moran 24. For the record, here were the winning guesses, along with the average for all of SSP:


Deeds: 48

McAuliffe: 26

Moran: 26


Deeds: 48

McAuliffe: 27

Moran: 25

SSP Median

Deeds: 41.1

McAuliffe: 31.7

Moran: 26.7

If you want to see exactly how you did, please click here. If you aren’t going to be the recipient of tasty babka, please try again next time (or treat yourself!). Thanks again to all, and congrats once more to the winners!

14 thoughts on “VA-Gov Predictions Contest: A Winner Is You!”

  1. closer than my guess. I didn’t really believe that all of the undecideds would break to him, but it came pretty close to that.

    Congrats to the winners.  

  2. it’s my quasi-Jewish perpetual “knock on wood” superstition about life. In the past it served my batting average well (I knew Schwarzenegger would win in 2003, Bush in 2004, etc.), but since good candidates started occasionally winning again circa 2005, I’ve had trouble adjusting my pessimisometer. Of course, I knew in my heart that Obama would be the next President as soon as he made it past the Iowa caucus, but I was working on that campaign.

    Congrats to RF and SA for winning the babka. What’ll the prize be next time? (And when is the next time? Will we be predicting margins for the Chu-Chu race in CA-32?)

  3. Not there yet you just wait campaign 2010 when I call some obscure house race I know nothing about. And damn thats not a bad prize for a primary I would have been excited for a 10% discount at bed bath and beyond (and i’ve never been there).  

  4. Don’t be taken in by the certainty of my initial post, I’m overjoyed and pleasantly surprised at Deeds’ strength regardless of geography. Seriously, winning VA-8? Wow.

    I can’t accept the babka, as much as I’d like to taste the hype – I don’t think it’d stand up very well on a cross-ocean plane ride all the way here to Singapore. It’s a good opportunity to thank James, DavidNYC, Cristiunity and the ocean of brilliant contributors for allowing me to keep track of the goings-on back home, SSP’s now my first port of call every morning without fail, and reading through the comments has become a welcome ritual.

    Go Deeds! We’ve come too far to let VA’s rapid blueing stop at a moment like this.

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