MN-Sen: State Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms Franken Win

Hotline on Call:

Decision was 5-0 in favor of Dem Al Franken over GOPer Norm Coleman in the MN Senate race, according to sources.

More as we get it.

UPDATE (David): From Rick Hasen:

The bottom line is that the Court says that Franken is entitled to an election certificate, but there is no direct order to the state’s governor to sign one. We’ll see what the governor does, if Coleman does not concede, as he well may at this point. If not, the opinion is not final until the period for rehearing ends (see the final footnote of the opinion). That’s a ten day period, enough time to file an emergency stay application in the U.S. Supreme Court. It would go to Justice Alito, now circuit justice for the Eighth Circuit.

The full opinion is here.

ANOTHER UPDATE (David): According to this, Coleman will be giving a press conference at 4pm Eastern, and Franken will be doing one at 5:15.

14 thoughts on “MN-Sen: State Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms Franken Win”

  1. Now, let’s get him seated, get Kennedy and Byrd back, and have a field day.  Schedule votes on Dawn Johnsen, EFCA, health care reform, etc.

  2. The only silver lining to be spun out of the whole MN-Sen debacle is that Normie has probably managed to end his political future.

    If he had just conceded in Nov, or even after the recount trial, he’d likely still be politically viable.

    But now he’s just a huge joke.

    (IIRC he’s got two trials looming, but get good news that he can use his campaign funds on his defense in those trials).

  3. I want my other Senator!  Even if it’s Al Franken 😉  (Meant that last part as a joke since most people here always saw me tearing the man down before he got the endorsement.)  

  4. You have 60 democratic senators Reid! Now time to shape up and get things done instead of making excuses and letting 40 obstructionists shape the agenda of this country. (Gees where’s a Lyndon Johnson when you need one?)

  5. with no access to a computer, television, or newspaper. By the time I return (physically Sunday, mentally around Monday to Wednesday), I expect to hear that Senator Franken has taken his seat in the United States Senate.

    I have spoken, Norm. Smarten up.

  6. My only question: Why did it take so long? I think the process in Minnesota was pretty exemplary, but Coleman’s legal strategy didn’t seem credible. He tried to suppress votes, then increase votes, then suppress some votes and increase others, purely on the basis of what was likely to be to his advantage. I respect him for fighting the election out in the courts, but it’s hard for me not to see him as unprincipled. I’m so glad Al Franken will be in the Senate now!

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