NM-Gov: Wilson Won’t Run

There was one Republican question mark left concerning the New Mexico gubernatorial race, and it was a fairly big one: former Rep. Heather Wilson, who gave up her seat for an unsuccessful Senate run. Yesterday, she announced that she won’t run, saying that she enjoys her private sector work, and:

“The Governor of New Mexico has no significant national security role – an issue area that continues to be an important part of my life. Running for office and being Governor means setting these things aside.”

That leaves well-regarded Democratic Lt. Gov. Diane Denish a pretty clear path to the victory. The only Republicans in the race are pretty second-string: state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones and Dona Ana County DA Susana Martinez.

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  1. will be delayed or even nonexistent today, so feel free to talk amongst yourselves on non-New Mexico topics here too if you wish.

  2. former Republican Party chairman and aviation business owner Allen Weh. He’s the favorite to win the GOP primary right now even though tier best chances are either Janice Arnold-Jones or Susana Martinez.

    Also, PR firm owner Doug Turner is running. He managed the successful campaigns of libertarian Republican Gary Johnson when Johnson won consecutive gubernatorial races.

  3. I read this a few days ago and still don’t know what to think.  

    It’s an article about Democrats trying to hold on as well as retake the Oklahoma State Senate.  State Sen. Andrew Rice (who challeneged Inhofe in 2008) is apparently in charge of recruiting or something (the article never says but from the prominent way he’s in the article, he must be in charge of something).  The part that I had the most trouble digesting was this, from The Oklahoman:

    In an effort to improve decorum and restore a collegial atmosphere in the Senate chamber, Rice said, Senate Democrats will not campaign for Democratic challengers in the districts of Republican incumbents in 2010.

    “That doesn’t mean they won’t help support challengers,” said Rice, an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe last year.

    I guess my first question is, are Senate Republicans also going to try and improve the decorum by not campaigning for Republican challengers against Democratic incumbents?

  4. I’d imagine the NM Governor has a big security role due to the southern border, and with the Homeland Security director being a former governor of a Southwestern state, I’m sure she’d understand that role and the input.

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