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  1. First course of appetizers during Lions/Packers game: crabmeat cheese muffins, artichoke dip, shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, dill week veggie spread, barbecue sausages, and assorted cheese.

    Second (main) course during Cowboys/Raiders: turkey, stuffing, rice, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn souffle, cranberry sauce, raspberry mold, and buttermilk biscuits (chilled bottle of wine).

    Third course of desserts during Giants/Broncos: Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, lemon tart, vanilla ice cream, pumpkin ice cream, coffee, and apple cider.

    By far and away my favorite day of the year with football and food – tradition can’t be beat!

  2. We go to one side of the family for dinner at 2:30, and the other has dinner at 5ish.  I usually am just insanely uncomfortable by the end of the day from over eating.  Luckily, I now have it down; the first family you get the stuffing because the other side’s sucks.  (And my aunt thinks she’s making my dead grandpa’s recipe when he made it A LOT better so we’re doomed for eternity with shitty dry stuffing.)  I save up on turkey for the second family because my grandma from the first family made the turkey yesterday…  

    The mashed potatos are where it gets tricky.  The first family makes simple, traditional potatos and normal gravy, simple and delicious.  The second family sometimes gets all fancy with it and may serve just a potato dish, which could go either way sometimes.

    All I know is that my cousins still better play Call of Duty because last year I had never played it while this year, Ive played it every day for the past 4 months.

  3. I’m in the process of getting my grad school applications done.  Many programs ask for a resume.  Any tips on writing one?  Anyone know how a rsume for grad school admissions differs from a typical resume for a job?

  4. Because redistricting never sleeps, what do folks think of this gold district as a compromise 14th? Not including the DeKalb precincts it looks to go McCain by a couple of points, but the DeKalb precincts are quite black.

    Georgia Compromise?

  5. http://www.politico.com/news/s

    “I would assume he’s going independent, since he’s made a very strong case that that’s where he is,” said Bay Buchanan, who ran Pat Buchanan’s 2000 campaign for president as the Reform Party’s candidate. “There’s enormous movement out there, I think more so than when Pat ran. I think they’ve really given up on Republicans, they’ve given up on Democrats; so he would be stepping into something where a path had been laid.”

    who sounds like a perfect “know-nothing” candidate.

    And “know-nothings” would believe that he’s “Latinos’ greatest friend”


    “Whatever you have thought of me in the past,” he said, “I can tell you right now that I am one of your greatest friends, and I mean for us to work together.”

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