SSP Daily Digest: 12/31

Redistricting: Just a reminder to anyone who wants to reach for the golden babka — the last day to submit entries in SSP’s redistricting contest is January 10th.

MA-Sen: Sean Trende at RCP has an interesting “what-if” analysis, trying to game out what the Massachusetts senate election results would look like if turnout and voting patterns shifted there in the same way they did in the 2009 VA and NJ gubernatorial races. A lot of caveats, of course, but the bottom line number is interesting – if ultimately implausible. (D) Republican Scott Brown, meanwhile, has raised $600K in December for his bid. (Update: Martha Coakley raised $1 million between November 20th and December 31st, according to a press release from her campaign.)

MD-Gov: In a fundraising letter, Dem Gov. Martin O’Malley raises the specter of a comeback attempt by the man he defeat in 2006, ex-Gov. Robert Ehrlich. Of course, we don’t know if O’Malley actually thinks Ehrlich will run, or if he’s just using the possibility as a way to scare up some scrilla. (D)

AL-07: Former Selma Mayor James Perkins has dropped out of the Democratic primary for Artur Davis’ seat, citing health reasons for his decision. That leaves the primary as a three-way contest between state Rep. Earl Hilliard Jr., attorney and ArturD2 protege Terri Sewell and Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot.

TX-10: Attorney and one-time TV judge Larry Joe Doherty, the 2008 Dem nominee for this seat, declined to run a second time. In an email to supporters, he said he felt it would be wrong to ask his friends to donate to him, since a victory here could be “snatched away in redistricting,” depending upon the outcome of the governor’s race. (D)

MN-State Sen: SSPer MinnesotaMike gives us a rundown on the candidates who are lining up for the special election to replace retiring GOP Sen. Dick Day (of “Dick Day Afternoon” fame).

NY-State Sen: The New York Daily News says that a Senate report is likely to recommend expulsion for Democratic state Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Maps: This cool site has maps showing the presidential vote by county for every election dating back to 1836. Go get your Van Buren on.

Fundraising: Today’s the last day of the quarter to donate to your favorite House or Senate candidates. If you’re thinking about donating to someone, now would be a good time to do it.

23 thoughts on “SSP Daily Digest: 12/31”

  1. The last time a republican won statewide in Massachusetts was Mitt Romney in 2002 and he won with 49.77% of the vote. Bill Weld wasn’t even able to crack 45% against John Kerry in 1996. Thus RCP is crazy in its analysis especially. First Coakley has extremely high favorables and has already won a statewide election with 73% of the vote. Second, Brown’s ad about JFK is likely to turn more and more people off. This is my prediction.

    62% Coakley

    35% Brown

    3% Kennedy

  2. I actually share Doherty’s viewpoint; maybe it’s a good thing that TX-10 is ceded this time around.  I don’t know if this has been said before, but there is no telling what will happen to that district come redistricting.  In its current form it contains East and North Austin, the Western suburbs of Houston, and a whole lot of rural land in between. Delay’s hijinx aside, is there ANY sort of community it’s drawn for?

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