KS-03: Moore’s Wife May Run

At the very least, she’s considering it:

Prominent Kansas Democrats talked up retiring U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore’s wife Saturday as a potential successor for him in the state’s 3rd Congressional District.

Stephene Moore was among a handful of candidates or potential congressional candidates to emerge during the Kansas Democratic Party’s annual Washington Days convention. […]

[Dennis Moore] strongly hinted during a luncheon speech that his wife is considering a run, telling about 400 fellow Democrats, “Stay tuned.”

And state party Chairman Larry Gates said, “I think she’s possibly on the list.”

But Stephene Moore, 56, a registered nurse, declined to comment about her plans after Saturday’s party luncheon.

“I’ve not made any decisions on anything,” she said.

I don’t think anyone expected this turn of events, but it seems that Moore may be attempting to recruit his own wife to run for his seat after several prominent local Democrats took a pass on the race. If nothing else, she should be able to salvage Moore’s yard sign supply with the use of a few strategically-placed stickers…

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12 thoughts on “KS-03: Moore’s Wife May Run”

  1.  Ive always thought of retiring as being done with the travel, done with the stress, done with the campaigning and just wanting to go home instead of being in DC.  Why on earth would he be retiring, and want his wife to run for his seat only to put himself through all of the same drama and stress and only to be in a different position of the receiving end AND with much much less likelihood of his side winning.  (sorry, that’s a really wordy sentence.)

    It makes no sense, if you want your wife to run for your seat so your side can win, why not just run yourself and be done with it?

  2. I like Dennis Moore a lot, we may disagree with a passion on some trade agreements, but he’s been a good Congressman.  I guess he must really be jealous of some of the money other people are making as they go into the private sector.  

  3. This is the one that pissed me off the most.  Moore would have won reelection easily.  He was popular enough in Johnson county to either hold down Republican margins there or even win it, giving himself a nearly unbreakable lock on the district.  If he had simply waited until 2012 or had retired in 2008, Democrats probably would have held the seat.  

  4. Does anyone know anything about Stephene Moore?

    I spent some time with the Google, but it was fairly unhelpful. All I got is that she seems a bit younger than him, had minor-sounding skin cancer once… http://blog.epa.gov/blog/2009/

    This just does not sit well with me, nor strike me as a particularly good idea. However, when it comes to Kansas Dems and KS-03, I prayed for a warm body and if God sends me a warm body with relatively high name recognition, I should just say thank you, I suppose.  

  5. By the way, did anyone else notice in that story that we found not one, but two possible candidates for KS-02, as well? They both sound non-embarrassing, too! Hooray!

    But Cheryl Hudspeth, of Girard, said Saturday she is seeking the Democratic nomination. Hudspeth, 56, had worked in banking and economic development but has been taking care of her husband for several years following an auto accident.


    Also, Kyle Kessler, a vice president for KVC Behavioral Healthcare, said he is strongly considering the 2nd District race. Kessler, a 39-year-old Topeka resident, also is a former deputy secretary for the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

    I think I like the profile of Kessler better, since, per their website, KVC Behavioral HealthCare, Inc. (KVC) is “a private, not-for-profit organization providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education to children and families.” So…not an evil Aetna executive or whatever. And hey, it’s probably better if there is a primary anyway, since both have zero name recognition.  

  6. But I think it is on the up-and-up.  I went back and watched some video of Moore’s retirement announcement, and he didn’t say anything about wanting to be with his family or pursue other opportunities — it just sounded as if he was tired of people hounding him about the health care bill.  If that’s the case, he might be perfectly fine with his wife filling the seat — he has no problem with DC, he just doesn’t want to be a target any more.  Plus he wants Dems to retain the seat, which is why he announced his retirement so early in the first place — so Dems would have a chance to step up and run for it.  But no Dems did, so now he’s happy to encourage his wife to take over.

    I really don’t think he planned this as a handover, or that he’s getting sucked back into the race or something.  It seems really legit to me.

  7. and there’s no “Stephene Moore”.

    However, there is Google cache of apparently a fb page for her, so her fb account must have been very recently closed (nothing especially interesting on it).

    But I wonder if closing it is a sign someone is getting ready to launch a political campaign?

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