MA Senate: Oppo Research Much?

As if we didnt have enough reasons to tar and feather Martha Coakley’s poorassed campaign… now we have this gem from the epic fail oppo research…

The Scandalous Scott Brown Lawsuit that No One Told You About

7 thoughts on “MA Senate: Oppo Research Much?”

  1. wish the site would start deleting all of these. There’s been a steady stream of these worthless one line diaries giving links and pushing actual work off the viewing list.

  2. Also the reason it wasn’t used was b/c the lady is f***ing nuts! She has had other run ins with the law and the suit was rejected with prejudice, meaning it can never be filed again. If they would have brought it up, the whole thing would have been shot down in less than 24 hours and probably ended up strengthening Scott Brown by making his opponents look like a bunch of dirt bags. Had they brought it up the Coakley campaign and the Democrats would have been dirt bags b/c the suit was dismissed out of hand.  

  3. Other people on this site worked really hard on their diaries, and it’s not fair to them to just write two sentences and post a link without any substantive analysis or real detail. This is something that could easily be discussed in the daily digest or an open thread as well. Thanks.

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