26 thoughts on “KY-Sen: SUSA Gives Rand a 6-Point Lead”

  1. Ummm.. sure.

    By ideology:

    Conway: 75%

    Paul: 21%

    21% of self-described liberals voting for Paul? What?

    Also, 15% of blacks voting for Paul? again… what? I can’t see that happening.

    It also says that Conway is only getting 49% to Paul’s 48% in Louisville. Haven’t more recent polls shown Conway with 60% in that region?

    SurveyUSA is a good pollster but this one has some whacky internals.

  2. Even a poll with some questionable items like this is more or less in line with other polls, while Ras is wildly out of step with even Paul’s wildest wet dream.

    Re the specific crosstabs, if true, great.  Once those 15% of blacks see two months of commercials it will go down to 1.5%.

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