23 thoughts on “NY-29: Big Lead for Reed”

  1. expecting to see the new PPP WV-Sen poll.

    You know it’s 2010 when you see a poll showing the Republicans leading by 14 in a Dem-held district and it’s less depressing than what you were expecting to see.

  2. all the more impressive. NY-20 should be more competitive than this district, but Murphy has a wider lead and 54% of the vote. Reed only has 44%.

    Credit due to Congressman Murphy.

  3. Zeller will probably end up with like 42% at the end. Bad circumstances, tough seat, bad year, equals automatic lose. If the GOP only won 10 seats this year, this would be one of them.

    For the WV poll. What is alarming is 54% of people want the Republicans to control congress next year. Thus why being popular as governer doesn’t transfer over to being Senator.

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