August Party Committee Fundraising Roundup

If I were a rich man…. Here are the August fundraising numbers for the six major party committees (July numbers are here):

Committee August Receipts August Spent Cash-on-Hand CoH Change Debt
DCCC $8,321,828 $5,084,485 $39,045,330 $3,237,343 $0
NRCC $6,644,522 $3,159,371 $25,577,533 $3,485,152 $0
DSCC $7,420,000 $6,970,000 $22,920,000 $420,000 $0
NRSC $6,050,000 $2,600,000 $24,500,000 $3,300,000 $0
DNC $16,172,739 $13,586,859 $13,441,564 $2,585,880 $8,368,002
RNC $7,952,299 $8,555,102 $4,694,245 ($602,802) $1,194,231
Total Dem $31,914,566 $25,641,344 $75,406,895 $6,243,224 $8,368,002
Total GOP $20,646,821 $14,314,473 $54,771,777 $6,182,349 $1,194,231

25 thoughts on “August Party Committee Fundraising Roundup”

  1. I’m glad the “Big D” org’s are pumping up their war chests. I just hope they have no intention of sitting on any of it. 🙂

  2. Rove’s American Crossroads hauled in $14M in August – 2/3rds of the haul of the total GOP haul. Then you have the TPX throwing around millions, the Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth all throwing around tens of millions.  

    On the Dem side you have the Unions – but if I was to wager, I’d say the GOP third party expenditures are 5x that of the Dems up to this point.  

  3. …the RNC is deadweight this cycle and will have been responsible for what’s shaping up to be non-existent GOTV by the bad guys.

    The biggest disparity is in field campaigns, and the NRC usually cuts fat checks to state parties to pay for it but can’t and isn’t this time.  So we’re going to have a field program advantage to offset some of the organic voter interest gap we’re suffering.

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