How Much Will Carl Paladino Lose By?

I have been thinking about this for weeks now, how much do you think that Carl Paladino will lose by, I am guessing at least 20 points. But I really do not know. And when do you think that the election will be called for Cuomo. I will be working as a poll worker and polls in NY do not close until 9pm. Do you think that by the time I get home around 10 pm or 10:30 or Paladino will be giving his concession speech?

15 thoughts on “How Much Will Carl Paladino Lose By?”

  1. Schumer will reach 70% and Gillibrand will reach 60%.  The Dems will win the AG and Comptroller as well somewhere in the mid 50% range of vote.  Will this create some needed coattails for the US House and State Legislative races?

  2. Here’s my question: how pronounced will regional effects be? Is it possible, that is, that Cuomo will win almost every county easy of Rochester, and none west (even Buffalo)?

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