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  • Social Media & Emergency Contingencies: If you haven’t been following us on Twitter and Facebook, my God, now is the right time to start. We’ll be tweeting all night in addition to our regular stream of front page content here. In the event of a server crash here at SSP World HQ, our Twitter feed will still be active. We’ve also set up a back-up site on Blogspot, which we’ll use if white smoke starts pouring out of our servers. SSP fans may want to bookmark this, just in case.
  • Maps: We’ve lovingly created a super-sexy poll closing times map and chart, complete with a list of key races. Bookmark it for later!
  • County Benchmarks: Advanced election watchers take note! The skinny tie crowd down at SSP Labs & Research has created some useful county benchmark charts for 10 key states.
  • Babka: Want to put your pride on the line for a chance to win a loaf of the most delicious chocolate babka known to man? Enter our predictions contest before 6pm Eastern. (Providing that you have a valid SSP account that was registered before 12:00am today.)
  • Race Ratings: Earlier today and yesterday, we posted our final House, Senate, and Gubernatorial race ratings.

Feel free to use this thread for any general pre-game chatter and tailgating.

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  1. Voted for him earlier, but the conventional wisdom is that he’s doomed. This district has a constant base for him in Tallahassee and Gadsden county, I’m just curious why it seems he can only muster around 40% in all polls.

    I see him finishing with no less than 44%.

  2. that I actually dreamt that the polls had already started to close.

    Apparently Periello, Nye, and Childers lost their seats while Gene Taylor and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin went on to hold their seats narrowly.

    Here’s hoping that the actual elections turns out better for us

  3. Due to the extreme traffic you guys will get, the SSP Emergency Contingencies go into effect no later than 8:30pm Eastern and the SSP mothership crashes, unable to fully recover until about 1am Eastern.

    Also, from your SiteMeter stats, you break 75,000 visits for a single day. (On that– you should add the SiteMeter counter to SSP-in-exile to keep counting. It should be a fun number by the end of the night.)

    If I’m right with either of those, any chance at babka? I’ve got very little confidence in my picks for the actual predictions contest.

  4. going to the neighborhood liquour store to buy rum and coke.  I will be kicking it old school tonight but I will not watch any election returns at all (either online or on the TV)

  5.    As of 1:45pm, 64% of Republicans, 59% of Democrats, and 41% of those Not Affiliated with any party have returned their ballots.

    That gap can be expected to close (Multnomah County voters) but even if maintain it we should be fine with a 10% reg. edge.

  6. To have a midterm the next day on. I’m in Italy studying so it’s going to be a late one for me. Luckily my class isn’t until 1 pm. Luckily, though, it’s only a five hour difference instead of six right now because day lights savings time ended here before it does in the U.S.

  7. Voters about equally divided on stimulus and repeal of health care.  Obama at -9.  Which must mean 45%.  Not great, but not terrible either.

  8. Just voted in Republican Suffolk County.

    Turnout was insane.  I have never waited on a line like that in 10 years of voting.  Not sure if thats a plus or minus, on the plus side the age and race of the people was very mixed.

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