California Redistricting Pick Six

Starting today at 9:30AM Pacific, the eight current members of the California Redistricting Commission will choose the six additional members (two of each party group) who will complete the panel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to correctly guess who those six members will be.

The current eight are as follows:

Rose Report (


Cynthia Dai – Female, Asian-American, San Francisco, SF County

Elaine Kuo – Female, Asian-American, Mountain View, Santa Clara County

Jeanne Raya – Female, Latina, San Gabriel, LA County


Vincent Barabba – Male, Anglo, Capitola, Santa Cruz County (former director of U.S. Census Bureau)

Jodie Filkins Webber – Female, Asian-American, Norco, Riverside County

Peter Yao – Male, Asian-American, Claremont, LA County (city councilmember)


Stanley Forbes – Male, Anglo, Esparto, Yolo County

Connie Galambos Malloy – Female, African-American, Oakland, Alameda County

The lists of remaining members can be found at

Here are my picks:

Gil Ontai, Rep, San Diego (only applicant left from San Diego)

Byrd Lochtie Other, Humboldt (only person from North of Sacramento)

Maria Blanco, Dem, Los Angeles (only applicant from LA City)

Teresa Espana, Other, Fresno (Central Valley)

James Vidal, Rep, Riverside

Gabino Aguirre, Dem, Ventura

And having gone through them, I doubt I’ll get more than two of them right. The combination of the leadership strikes and the lottery produced some disproportionalities that I couldn’t figure out how to overcome.

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  1. Could be random?

    Just strange to me.

    I might add that Asians not only over acheive in admissions to the top schools but to redistricting commissions in CA.

    That being said I expect a fair redistricting out of CA next year.

  2. The Board needs more Hispanics and More SoCals.


    Kathleen Beasley- Female, Anglo, Sacramento, Sacramento County

    Lilbert Ontai- Male, Pacific Islander, San Diego, San Diego County



    Gabino Aguirre- Male, Latino, Santa Paula, Ventura County

    Maria Harris- Female, Latina, Signal Hill, Los Angeles County



    Michelle DiGuilo-Matz- Female, Anglo, Stockton, San Joaquin County

    Andre Parvenu- Male, African-American, Culver City, Los Angeles County


    That Makes My Board

    29% Anglo (CA is 42%)

    36% Asian-American (CA is 13%)

    21% Latino (CA is 37%)

    7% Pacific Islander (CA is 0.5%)

    14% African-American (CA is 7%)


    43% Male

    57% Female


    50% North of the 35° 47′ 28'' Line (40% In Real Pop)

    50% South of the 35° 47′ 28'' Line (60% in Real Pop)

  3. delegation in way too white or Anglo–by%. There are several reasons for this and the hispanic numbers are quite low in CA.

    1. The hispanic community is spread out through out the state and communities not as packed in communities as the AA population.

    2. The current map frankly slices and divides the hispanic community.  In San Diego the community is split–in Silicon valley no effort was made to create a hispanic seat and I see the same pattern in the Central valley.  There are democratic seats just not hispanic seats.  I hear people say that even in none VRA states majority/minority seats need to be created but I don’t see that in CA among the hispanic voters.

    3. There is sometime in the political genes of CA pols.  They seem to be to be hyper aggressive in politics in DC and in campaigns in the state.  Judy Chu-last year in the vacant 32nd district-a hispanic majority district-run a hard aggressive campaign and she won.  She looks like a lifer now unless she goes statewide.  

    I see the prime question in this whole California redistricting the question of majority/minority seats.  Right now its clearly not a priority in CA except for AA seats.  There should be 10 or more hispanic majority seats in CA and one wonders what the line makers will do?  History shows us that 50% hispanic does not a majority/minority seat make.

  4. some of whom have been mentioned above:

    Gabino Aguirre: Democrat, Latino, Male, Ventura County, Consultant, Former Teacher/Principal. PhD in Education.

    Lilian Judd: Democrat, White, Female, San Luis Obispo County, Community Agency Director.

    Wesley Hussey: Republican, White, Male, Sacramento County, Political Science Professor. Mentioned the goal of creating competitive districts in his application.

    Gil Ontai: Republican, American Indian, Male, San Diego County, Planning Commissioner, Architect, Lecturer (math, statistics).

    Teresa Espana: Green Party, Latina, Female, Fresno County, Art Instructor. She is the only one from this region which gives her an edge.

    Andre Parvenu: Independent, African American, Male, Los Angeles County, Zoning Analyst for LA City Planning Department.


    One potential commissioner, Paul McKaskie, Independent from Berkeley, retired law professor, was a chief consultant during both the 1970 and 1990 redistricting.  The map he helped draw with the CA Supreme Court in 1990 created many competitive districts that remained competitive throughout the decade.  It would be extremely helpful if McKaskie is selected, but because of the demographic disparities that need to be addressed, that may not happen.  On the other hand, the 8 commissioners have also been encouraged to select people who have unique skills or prior experience.


    The commission has briefly discussed the selection process.  They will vote on slates of six in order to make the process easier.  The first slate to obtain a majority from the current eight commissioners will be seated on the commission.


    Here is a link to the applicants:


    here is a link to the live feed of the hearing:

    (click on the link under Upcoming Events on the right side)

    Today, the commission is receiving training on how to comply with the Voting Rights Act and how to use the software to draw maps.  Not sure why they are doing this before all 14 commissioners are in place.  

  5. The commissioners as currently proposed (final vote 12/15) are:

    Gabino Aguirre

    Maria Blanco

    Gil Ontai

    Michael Ward

    Michelle DiGiulio-Matz

    Andre Parvenu

    DCal and I both got three, our winner is MerrimackMan with 4. Cograts, you get a pat on the back.

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