Mississippi Party Switchers

It looks like we have a few more party defections to report.  A state senator and state representative have jumped to the Repuglicans.  My guess is that Senator Hyde-Smith is going to throw her hat into the open Ag Commissioner seat in the 2011 races.  The Democrats now have a razor thin majority in the state senate; however, the Senate is controlled by Republican Lt. Governor (and 2011 Gov. candidate) Phil Bryant.  The House still has a Democratic majority for the time being.  Check out the article below.


21 thoughts on “Mississippi Party Switchers”

  1. Is Shows related to former Congressman Ronnie Shows? If so, how?

    Wikipedia says that Ronnie Shows was born in Moselle MS, which is in Jones County.

    In the Clarion-Ledger, it says that State Rep. Shows is from Ellsville MS, which is also in Jones County.

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