WV-Gov: Ireland Will Run

One of the few high-profile names in West Virginia GOP circles is throwing her hat in the ring for the governor’s race — whenever that may happen:

Former Secretary of State Betty Ireland announced Thursday that she will file Pre-Candidacy papers to run for the office, which will allow her to raise money for her campaign.

Ireland says she will file two forms: one for a 2011 special election year, and another for the 2012 regularly scheduled governor’s race. This will allow her to begin raising monies for a special governor’s race in 2011 if there is one, or for a 2012 race. Ireland is a Republican.

Ireland joins state Sen. Clarke Barnes, the only other Republican who has committed to this race so far. It remains to be seen if the biggest fish in the GOP wading pool — Rep. Shelley Moore Capito — will take the plunge, as well.

58 thoughts on “WV-Gov: Ireland Will Run”

  1. I think she returns to the house, and stays there until there is an open election for governor, or an incumbent Democrat with a cleared primary field (2012?). Although running in a special election wouldn’t cost her her house seat.

  2. Capito has signaled she is not running. If the only other two names on the WV GOP bench are running for Gov, Capito is either staying in the house or moving to the senate. A columnist in WV said he thinks Capito has already decided against a Gov bid since she is in the majority now, is moving up in leadership, and would rather legislate.  

  3. I really hope we hold on to this.   I really get the feeling that West Virginia is going to be one of those states that when they win one or two Statewide races, the ball will start rolling and Republicans will quickly take over the state.

  4. As mentioned upthread, I do have to wonder if this doesn’t mean Manchin is in for a tough race in 2012. With his fairly narrow election in spite of his popularity and Appalachia’s strong dislike of Obama, a Presidential year would actually probably be the right time for Capito to run. She’s also been eying that seat for years, since Byrd made it into his nineties.

    Either that or, as someone else said, she stays in the House and gets increased seniority for as long as she’s in the majority, but who knows how long that will be. That majority is tenuously padded by ultraconservative driftwood representing D or swing districts. At least a third of the GOP class of 2010 won’t win re-election in a Presidential year even if Obama tanks hard, and I give Capito credit for being smart enough to know this. To me, a run for Senate is at least as likely.

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