Chicago Mayor: Emanuel Back on the Ballot

That was a quick about-face, putting a stop to a crazy half-week: the Illinois Supreme Court just reversed the intermediate appellate court decision that had removed Rahm Emanuel from the Chicago mayoral ballot. All seven of the seven justices agreed (including Anne Burke, the wife of Alderman and Rahm archrival Edward Burke, who had refused to recuse herself from the case… although she participated in a separate concurrence).

“This is a situation in which, not only did the candidate testify that his intent was not to abandon his Chicago residence, his acts fully support and confirm that intent.”

I won’t bore you with further long excerpts from the opinion, but the majority basically smacks the lower court down pretty hard over their contorted reasoning to reach the result they did. With that, we’re pretty much back where we were on Monday morning: with Emanuel substantially in the lead in terms of polling and money, with the election just weeks away.

21 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor: Emanuel Back on the Ballot”

  1. with the stridency of the majority, but I think they are quite right on the law. This is also the most equitable result.  

  2. On Tuesday, the election workers printed 300,000 ballots without Mr. Emanuel’s name (as the Appellate Court had ordered), then printed hundreds of thousands more with his name (as the Supreme Court ordered when it agreed to consider the case).

    What are the odds that a few of those non-Emanuel ballots accidentally get mailed out…   Remember Gov candidate “Whitey” happened in Chicago…     (just kidding)

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