Daves Redistricting: 2010 data for all but 5 states

All but 5 states now have 2010 data.

Four of the five require Block Groups and will be done in a week-ish: KY, MT, OR, RI.

The last is Alaska, which I’m not planning to do. It presents a unique technical problem, which I don’t want to spend the time on unless there is a huge groundswell of interest.

So, the new states are ME, MA, MI, NH, NY, SC and WV.

Note on CA: some of the voting districts are indeed huge. Example: City of Fremont (pop. 84000+) is a single voting district. I went back and checked the raw files from the Census Bureau and this is indeed the case. When I get the other Block Group states done, I will add block groups for CA, too. I will also add block groups for some New England states. NH really seems to need it, but MA does not seem bad.

Daves Redistricting

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11 thoughts on “Daves Redistricting: 2010 data for all but 5 states”

  1. Thanks for all of your hard work, once again.

    I’ve already started playing around with Michigan. Detroit’s huge population loss in the Census makes the districts look a whole lot different from what the estimates looked like.  

  2. sorry if being impatient, but may I ask approx. when IL partisan data may be incorporated into Application ?  I have (like others here I think) a draft plan for IL and the data would be a God-send … IL is one state where the way Dems draw the lines may really make a difference, and possibly may even be the factor affecting House control next year … thanks !

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