SC 6 to 1

This is map ensures a Republican 6 to 1 delegation for the entire decade. It strenghtens Wilson’s district while creating a new Republican seat. I currently live in District 4 and am active in the redistricting process.

District 1 – Tim Scott


68% White
21% AA
7.2% Hispanic

This uses some Republican low country areas from Clyburn’s old district along with Republican Charleston and Hilton Head to create a Safe Republican district for Scott.

District 2 – Joe Wilson


73.5% White
18.1% AA
5% Hispanic

A Lexington County based district that adds some of the conservative upstate while dropping some southern counties. Adds Calhoun County from Clyburn’s old district (SC-6) and loses some Democrat areas of Columbia in Richland County. The new SC-2 then extends north to pick up parts of heavily republican Anderson and Pickens Counties from SC-3. A Safe Republican district for Wilson.

District 3 – Jeff Duncan


69.5% White
23.7% AA
4.3% Hispanic

This new SC-3 district picks up parts of Wilson’s old districts opposite Augusta (from Wilson)and western Orangeburg Country (from Clyburn), while giving up parts of upstate counties to SC-2 (Joe Wilson’s district). In addition, it maintains Duncan’s residence in the district. Safe Republican.

District 4 – Trey Gowdy


67.5% White
22.4% AA
6.6% Hispanic

Greenville County based upstate district that includes Gowdy’s Spartanburg residence and the most democratic areas of downtown Spartanburg. The new 4th also adds two counties of Spratt’s old district. The new configuration keeps SC-4 from being a Republican vote sink while still being a solid republican district. Safe Republican.

District 5 – Mick Mulvaney


69.1% White
22.8% AA
4.7% Hispanic

By adding heavily republican northern Spartanburg County, York based SC-5 is able to keep Kershaw County (stopping Vincent Shaheen from running in SC-7) and the Democratic regions of Dilon and Marlboro Counties. Divides the rest of the counties that kept reelecting Spratt to SC-4, SC-6, and the new SC-7. A Safe Republican district for Mulvaney.

District 6 – Jim Clyburn


30.9% White
62.5% AA
3.8 % Hispanic

This District gives up some low country republican areas, Calhoun and western Orangeburg counties, while picking up more of Columbia, and parts of Lee and Darlington Counties from SC-5. Also picks up parts of low country counties from SC-2, and gives up more republican areas closer to Horry County.

A genuine, quite fair Majority-Minority district now. Safe Democrat.

District 7 – New Open Seat


69.9% White
23.1% AA
4.1% Hispanic

With Horry County and the northeastern exurbs of Charleston to anchor this district, this should be safely Republican for the foreseeable future. Republicans should be very competitive even in the parts of the district outside of Horry and Ex-urban Charleston. Likely to Safe Republican.

Distribution of Columbia/Richland County:






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