DRA: Election data for IL, MN, NV, AZ

Thanks to rougemapper, we have election data for Illinois (presidential). He’s sent me data for a couple more states, so I’ll be looking at those in the next couple of days. And now, also from rougemapper, AZ, MN, NV!!

Also, DE,ME and NH have block groups.

A couple of people have had trouble with the app not launching, even though they have the correct version of Silverlight. If you run into this, try deleting the Silverlight application storage. If you load any Silverlight app, right click to get to a Silverlight dialog box. Go to the Application Storage tab and delete storage for gardow.com.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed. And thank you so much, DavidNYC!!!

43 thoughts on “DRA: Election data for IL, MN, NV, AZ”

  1. I’ve only lived in two states, and one of them is RI which is of no consequence. So getting to redistrict the one state I’ve lived in that people actually care about will be awesome.

    I’m thinking I’ll go with 63% Obama as my Safe D threshold, at least in Chicagoland.

  2. Something’s wrong. When I open the App, the precincts are all scrambled. The election data matches the precinct names on the ones I checked, but the precincts are not in the correct geographic location. Also, I’m fairly sure there should be no zero precincts in the Illinois map. So far as I can tell, I accounted for every visible precinct.

    Please let me know if I can help fix it. If this is a problem with my reordering of the csv file (i.e., if the geographic identifiers somehow got scrambled) then I can swiftly redo it now that I’ve already matched up the election data with voting districts.  

  3. in the western burbs (in five minutes):

    Must R in the Burbs

    46.7% Obama

    51.2% McCain.

    I think this is how we approach 13-5.

    Glad to get that out of my system!  

  4. It gave Obama 99% of the vote (as I guessed it would). He got 375,000 votes. McCain got 3,500. D+49 right there.

    Chicago truly is Obama’s city. I’ve always thought that his strongest performance would be there.

    Now looking for 100% Obama precincts.

  5. I’ve got to give it a go straight away. Thanks for all the work you do, Dave.

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