Canadian Election Results Thread #2

12:00am: SSP is gonna wrap it up for tonight.  The implosion of the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois were quite remarkable…as was the vote splitting that allowed Harper to grab his majority.

11:51pm: The NDP may have done well in Quebec, but it didn’t do so hot in the Prairies.  Aside from Edmonton-Strathcona, the NDP was shut-out in the Saskatchewan and Alberta; the NDP lost two in Manitoba, one each to the Grits/Tories.

RESULTS: Elections Canada | CBC | Globe & Mail

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  1. Libs 32, NDP 18, Greens 15

    It’s like they are trying to let the Conservative win… with just over 1/3 of the vote.

    Top two or instant runoff needs to happen, someday.

  2. Wonder how different some of the results would be in the various provinces if the national election and the provincial elections were held at the same time. For example, in Quebec, would the Parti Quebecois have collapsed like the Bloc? Would the Parti have helped the Bloc?

    And the CBC person made the comment that the NDP may have too many new people that it falls flat as the official opposition. Like the Republicans here, they performed too well and managed to elect their Allen Wests.

  3. Elizabeth May’s election is confirmed. The CBC says that means she gets to be in the next set of debates.

  4. that the NDP keeps getting shut out of Saskatchewan, which is the birthplace of the NDP (albeit, Jack Layton’s NDP is very different from Tommy Douglas’).

  5. Wrzesnewskyj is now up 14 votes over Opitz with 13 of 238 precincts to go. His name would be worth 41 points in Scrabble.  

  6. The NDP needs to get to 100 seats to keep some of the talk about the collapse of the Libs and Bloc, rather than “Conservatives kick ass and form majority”.

  7. What was the most surprising result of the night? I’m guessing it’s Ignatieff losing his own riding, which I don’t think anyone really predicted.  

  8. Montmorency-etc called for NDP.

    Of the two uncalled but competitive ridings, Bas-Richelieu is likely to go for the BQ, while Ahuntsic is still a toss-up.

  9. Via Matt Yglesias:

    Matthew Dubé

    Chambly–Borduas – Quebec

    Matthew was born in Montreal.

    He has been president of the Quebec Young New Democrats since November 2010, and co-president of NDP McGill since September 2010.

    Matthew coached junior-league soccer and hockey for many years.

    He is finishing a BA in Political Science with a minor in History.


  10. The Tories romped there, 62-26. (amusingly the Tory is named Bob Zimmer, which is also the name of the president of the University of Chicago)  

  11. We may have our Allen West!

    I guess she doesn’t speak much French and is a bartender at a restaurant, yet now represents a formerly staunch Bloc seat in Quebec.

    She also wins my award as hottest MP.

  12. Nate Silver: “Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff lost his own riding. Maybe Democrats can recruit him to run against Scott Brown?”

    Can you imagine?

  13. Hate to distract from the Canadian election, but it’s hard to believe this is the last thread of the last night at the old green URL. Lots of fond memories here, if you can consider commenting on a blog as a “fond memory.” I thank the FP’ers for all the hard work and wish y’all the best of luck at the new digs!

  14. the splits tonight went to the Tories according to the CBC… if the NDP get into government in the near future they should push for mandatory AV.

  15. Rather than a merger, maybe the Libs propose a truce or cease-fire, with the agreement to enact an AV or IRV system like in Australia.

    Ahead of the next election look and see which ridings each party finished a strong 2nd to the Tories in this election. The third place finishers agree not to run a candidate and let the other party have a good shot at the seat and hopefully allowing a centre-left government.

    Elect a coalition of convenience to implement a new voting system.

    I know a radical suggestion of strategically not running candidates, but still. If the parties on the left are not going to merge, they’ve got to do something.

  16. You guys are great and I really hope that being at DKE is no different than being here and that little changes aside from the website and format.

  17. Yukon: Tory leading Lib incumbent by 178 votes with only one poll outstanding. probably a Tory pickup

    British Columbia

    Vancouver Centre: Lib leads with 30%, followed by NDP and Tory with 26% each. NDP is 28 votes ahead of Tory. 81% reporting

    Newton-North Delta: NDP leads with 34%, then Lib with 32% and Tory with 31%. 96% reporting. probably an NDP win

    Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca: NDP leads with 41 to Tory’s 40. 96% reporting


    Etobicoke Centre: ridiculously-named Lib leads Tory by 102 votes with 3 polls left

    Scarborough Southwest: NDP leads with 35, then Tory with 32 and Lib with 29. 90% reporting

    Scarborough Centre: Tory leads with 36, followed by Lib with 32 and NDP with 30. 94% reporting

  18. umm…I guess this is it guys. Thank you SSP for the years of enjoyment you have given me. Ever since I stumbled upon you when I was googling the 2010 senate races back in the 2008 election, I have always called you home.

  19. Dion has been reelected in his riding of Saint-Laurent-Cartierville! Maybe the Liberals will trot him out for a second try as leader if they are truly desperate.

  20. in Etibicoke Centre, the guy whose last name makes Giannoulias look like Davis was leading by 9 votes, then the last poll came in and they called it for the Tories. 🙁

  21. let’s see how unfair the Canadian electoral system is…

    Tories: 40% of vote, 54% of ridings

    NDP: 31% of vote, 33% of ridings

    Liberals: 19% of vote, 16% of ridings

    BQ: 6% of vote, 1% of ridings

    Green: 4% of vote, about 0.3% of ridings

    yeah, this is kinda BS.

  22. So long, and thanks for the fun Swing State Project. Hopefully the next obscure state-level election night is as fun on DKE.

    And may Nancy Johnson shudder in her dreams at the thought of SSP.

  23. In 1972 george McGovern got 40% of the vote and the rest of the candidates combined for 60%.

    In 2011, the Tories get 40% of the vote, and the other candidates get the rest, and the Tories run the majority government in Canada.

    Go figure.

  24. More importantly, it’s been fun here at the soon-to-be-ex-SSP. I, for one, welcome out new orange overlords. After a long, meditative ganja break.

  25. Thanks for making the last five years of my time spent here as an editor such a blast. I hope to see each and every one of you over at Daily Kos Elections tomorrow!

  26. But want even more to keep talking about Canadian ridings I didn’t even know existed 3 weeks ago.

    This site cemented my love for elections, Congressional politics, and thoughtful political discourse. I can’t believe I’ve read it since the Hackett race, back when I wasn’t even able to buy beer.

    I hope everyone (or almost everyone) makes the transition to DK4. Creating an internal community with particularly thoughtful and disparate views would be neat.

    For those who don’t make the jump, godspeed. For those who do, see you in the morning 🙂

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