TX-Sen: Noriega gets Houston Chronicle endorsement


The Houston Chronicle endroses Noriega:

It will be especially important for Texans to have a strong, respected voice inside the expected Democratic majority in the Senate. Rick Noriega offers such a voice, with a distinctive Lone Star tone and perspective. The Chronicle endorses Noriega for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican John Cornyn.


Noriega is showing himself to be the model of an effective Democrat – a centrist, moderate Texas Democrat – in a time when most voters are sick of political extremes. As such, he may one day set the standard for what a strong Texas senator can be.

Noriega also gets the endorsement of the Waco Tribune-Herald:


If symbolism is your bag, consider this. U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s advertisements seek to imprint the message that he’s comfortable in cowboy boots.

Challenger Rick Noriega has modeled boots of his own: combat boots.

It’s just one of several reasons why the Tribune-Herald editorial board finds Noriega impressive and recommends him in the U.S. Senate race. A lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army National Guard, Noriega spent a year in Afghanistan in a command position in the wake of 9/11.

Later he would get an up-close look at border security issues with the Guard along the Mexican border. Combine this with experience in the Texas Legislature – elected to four terms in the House – and Noriega has a superlative resume in public service.

And the South Texas Police:


It’s doubtful that these endorsements will make the difference, but it’s good to see that someone finally see what a great candidate Rick Noriega is.

Too bad he is not a great fundraiser. Still, I think the DSCC should give this one another look.  

GA-Sen: DSCC buys $500,000 worth of ad time on five stations

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the DSCC has bought $514,950 worth of TV-ads in on five Atlanta TV stations.


From AJC.com:

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Atlanta’s five network affiliates: WSB, WXIA, WAGA and WGCL and WATL had not received copies of the ad, which is slated to run Wednesday morning. The ad will run largely during news broadcasts and in prime time, during such popular programs as “Dancing with the Stars,” “House” and NFL Sunday pre-game show.

The size of DSCC order is substantial. At $514,950, it is much larger than any weekly TV ad buy made by Martin since of the start of his campaign. The ad is scheduled to run 369 times by next week.

$500,000 is not much, but at least they are finally in. There should be more where that came from.  

TX-Sen: John Cornyn to donors: Be very afraid


I found this and just thought it was so cute. Cornyn isn’t getting much money form donors so he is trying to scare them with:

It would be bad enough if Barack and Biden get elected, but imagine if they had ‘rubber-stamp Rick’ there too.

The answer from the Noriega campaign:

“Rubber stamp Rick? That’s like getting called unethical by Ted Stevens.”

I’m still hoping this one can come from under the radar. Guess we’ll know more when the 3rd quarter filings come.