CO R – Jane Norton is now Drilling Jane

Even in Colorado this is not going to work….

http://www.janenortonforcolora… has a new front page with a new video and this language

Drilling Toward Independence

“I always scratch my head when liberals say you can’t drill your way to greater energy independence. More drilling means more homegrown energy, and more homegrown energy means we’re less reliant on thugs like Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Putin to power our homes, our cars, and our industry.”

As your US Senator, I will fight for a robust energy program in the Rocky Mountain West as part of a broader national energy program. We must:

Drill the Roan Plateau

Drill in ANWR

Expand oil, natural gas, and coal production on federal lands

Continue offshore drilling programs

Fight Cap and Trade  

Potosnak within 4 in NJ – 7

Some GREAT news to share with the list about Openly LGBT Congressional candidate Ed Potosnak.

Here is a poll they just got back a poll last night that shows that his message is working and his opponent is in major trouble. A whopping 46% of people in NJ- 7 want Leonard Lance out of office, and it’s not just Democrats, but also Republicans and Independents who are dissatisfied with Leonard Lance’s “Washington insider” approach to representing his constituents.

The team they have put in place has put the campaign within striking distance for this November.  When voters learn more about Ed, and how he wants to get the job done is Washington, he already is coming within 4% of defeating Leonard Lance!  (Lance 47-Potosnak 43).

The most stunning news to me is that only 31% of respondents think that Leonard Lance should keep his job.  This tells me, that after already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and barely winning his Republican Primary, Lance is ripe to be taken out.  This race is quickly shaping up to be one of the best chances to pick up a Democratic seat as well as add another LGBT candidate to Congress.  

You can learn more at


Below is the poll memo


1724 Connecticut Aven ue, N.W.

Was hingto n, DC 20009

Tel : (202 ) 234- 5570

Fax : (202 ) 232- 8134


TO: Ed Potosnak for Congress

FROM: Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group

DATE: June 28, 2010

RE: Recent NJ-7th CD Survey Results

Between June 23 and 24, 2010, the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group conducted a

survey among 400 likely voters in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district. This

survey, which has a margin of error of +5%, is fully representative of the 7th CD’s

demographics, including partisanship. For example, there are slightly MORE

registered Republicans in our sample, and in terms of party self-identification, there

is a net GOP advantage of 38% Republican and 35% Democrat.

Even with the Republican-leaning nature of this district, the survey data yields two

encouraging findings: (A) Congressman Lance, as evidenced by his unimpressive

55% showing in the June 8th GOP primary, is not immune to the national antiincumbent

trend, and (B) Ed Potosnak has the potential to run an extremely

competitive campaign against the incumbent.

We asked a broad survey question to measure the electorate’s temperature on this

year’s congressional elections without naming the actual candidates. We found that

7th CD voters prefer electing “new people” over reelecting “current members of

Congress” by nearly three to one (55% to 19%). What’s ironic is that it is Lance

voters who are the MOST pre-disposed to electing new people, by a nearly six to

one margin.

On EVERY single measurement of an incumbent’s standing, Congressman Lance is

well-below the critical 50% threshold. For example, just 31% of 7th CD voters

would like to see Leonard Lance reelected to Congress, while a 46% plurality think

it is time to make a change and elect someone else.

The overall 31% “reelect” is a low number for Lance, but what is notable is his poor

showing among Independents (24% reelect, 47% make a change) and even among

Republicans (43% reelect, 39% make a change).

Thus, it is not surprising that the initial trial heat standings show Lance with an

unimpressive lead despite the fact that Ed Potosnak is virtually unknown to 7th CD

voters (12% name recognition). Currently, Leonard Lance holds 43% of the vote,

Ed Potosnak garners 30%, and 27% are undecided.

Congressman Lance’s current advantage, albeit with the incumbent’s support below

the 50% threshold with considerable softness (just 43% of Lance voters are firmly

committed to their candidate), is almost purely a result of his commanding name

recognition advantage.

In fact, when we present equal and positive descriptions of BOTH candidates, the

challenger makes up significant ground. For LEONARD LANCE, he was described as

having been assistant counsel to former Governor Tom Kean, and in his first term

in Congress as having fought for fiscal responsibility and a strong advocate for

environmental protection. For ED POTOSNAK, he was described as a Rutgers

graduate who became a scientist and teacher and started his own small business,

and who has the real-world experience.

After these descriptions, the INFORMED trial heat standings show the challenger

pulling into a competitive position: 47% Lance, 43% Potosnak, 10% undecided.

The strong appeal of Ed Potosnak’s non-politician profile in an anti-incumbent year

is borne out by Potosnak’s 49% to 40% lead among Independents, and by his

three-to-one lead among undecided voters.

Finally, the fluid nature of this electorate AND Congressman Lance’s vulnerability is

evidenced by the final trial heat, which we asked after we presented criticisms of

BOTH candidates. In this trial heat, Lance drops to 38% support, while Ed

Potosnak climbs to 48%. While we do not purport this is “real-life,” it is

nonetheless notable that 7th CD voter preferences change from a 13-point Lance

lead at the beginning to a 10-point Potosnak advantage at the end, which is a

significant amount of movement in a relatively short amount of time.

While the 7th CD electorate has a strong bias against incumbents, we do not

underestimate Congressman Lance’s campaign skills that he has picked up in his

nearly two decades in politics. However, we believe the overall political dynamics

of 2010 make Ed Potosnak a credible and attractive challenger who has the

potential to run a competitive and winnable campaign.

Stonewall Democrats have their final ElectEquality candidates!

Passing along this great program from the National Stonewall Democrats. It is great to see NSD come out with such a strong program supporting so many races.

After a month of voting and 50,000 votes cast, Stonewall Democrats have their final ElectEquality candidates! They are Tim Bishop, David Cicililne, Scott Galvin, Alexi Giannoulias, Paul Hodes, Rush Holt, Kendrick Meek, Patrick Murphy, Ed Potosnak, Steve Pougnet, Carol Shea-Porter and Dina Titus.

You may have noticed that instead of the ten candidates they are throwing our weight behind twelve ElectEquality candidates. The board of directors of National Stonewall Democrats PAC was blown away by the overwhelming support each of these candidates received — and by how tight the race was — and simply couldn’t cull the list down to ten.

Now that selecting the candidates is done, it’s time to take out all the stops and throw our unequivocal support behind each and every one of them  at…

The fate of pro-equality legislation in the Congress depends entirely on who we elect this fall. Don’t miss this opportunity to do what you can to support the ElectEquality candidates.

Colorado Congressional Fundraising Numbers

Republican Congressional $ Numbers

CD 1 – No Repub Filed

CD 2 – No Reports Filed Yet

CD 3
– No Reports Filed yet

CD 4

1 – Gardner for Congress

Raised 197,553.40 – Spent 86,386.37 – COH – 383,338.56

2 – Dean Madere – No Report Filed yet

3 – Diggs Brown – No Report Filed yet

4 – Tom Lucero – No Report Filed yet

CD 5 – Lamborn for Congress

Raised 49,079.60 – Spent 28,863.85 – COH – 110,531.82

CD 6 – Coffman for Congress

Raised 105,770.00 – Spent 40,731.31 – COH – 360,917.27

CD 7 –

1. Ryan Frazier for Colorado

Raised 218,824.00 – Spent 60,345.98 – COH – 280,355.38

2. Lang Sias – No report filed yet

Democratic Congressional $ Numbers

I am tossing them up

CD 1 – Diana Degette for Congress

Raised 98,421.38 – Spent 94,687.97 – COH 84,553.27

CD 2 – Friends of Jared Polis

Raised 72,771.88 – Spent 29,516.12 – COH 120,250.31

CD 3 – John Salazar for Congress

Raised 187,160.00 – Spent 61,000.41 – COH 847,099.45

CD 4 – Not Filed yet

CD 5 – No Dem running yet

CD 6 – Flerlage for Congress

Raised 19,329.00 – Spent 13,490.62 – COH 23,556.44

CD 7 – Perlmutter for Congress

Raised 215,201.30 – Spent 82,473.39 – COH 1,045,319.11

Maine Freedom to Marry site launch

On May 6, 2009, the Governor of Maine signed the law ending discrimination in marriage for same-sex couples, but it is already being threatened. Our fight to protect civil rights through marriage equality is just beginning out here in Maine. Almost immediately, national opponents of equality declared they wanted to turn back the clock and are working tirelessly to place a measure on this November’s ballot – modeled after California’s Prop 8 – to take away the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry in Maine.  

The national movement for civil rights is at a critical juncture on the issue of marriage equality.  The phrase as Maine goes, so goes the nation has been used to describe Maine’s bell weather potential and we expect it to ring true on national battleground for marriage equality. When this referendum goes to the ballot in November, Maine could become the first state to successfully defend marriage equality by a popular vote.  

We are very proud to show off our new website to at

Senate Story – Dole vs Hagen

Passing this along from the Senate race in NC – Go Hagen Team!

Well, I may have had the oddest GOTV job of the election season.  Dressed as Dorothy, along with my friend Tin Man, we followed Senator Elizabeth Dole around for a week on her ‘Elizabus’ tour across North Carolina.  We were there to remind folks that Dole was registered to vote in Kansas for 25 years before switching her registration to run in NC, and TinMan reminded folks that she has accepted more than $300K in contributions from Big Oil.  We got a little bit of press and were a constant annoyance, and then the unthinkable happened.  Please see attached picture

We have entered into high level negotiations to bring Elizabeth Dole back to Kansas. We are close to realizing our dream. Photo from Union County Summit attached. Negotions could be described as ‘business like’. Tin ManSent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


Mark Udall comes under attack from new 527

Today I was handed this flyer and it makes me wonder… should I vote Udall now that I know that he is working with Bigfoot! Enjoy everyone knowing Bigfoot is the reason Mark Udall will win his senate election! Mark Udall is facing Republican Bob Schaffer in one of the toughest senate battles in the country. Seeing smear attacks such as this one you can see why it is so close. Linking Mark Udall with Big Foot can sway a crucial vote in Colorado known as the Bigfoot for President Change Party.


Mark Udall faces attacks daily from shady republican groups and now he faces attacks on a new front.  The mythical creature front, Bigfoot clearly does exist but also is working hard to elect Mark Udall. Mark Udall has shown no clear indication that Bigfoot is on payroll via any FEC report or on the endorsement page of his website.

As shown in the flyer shows, Bigfoot has become biggest threat to America.  Not terrorism, not the crumbling banking system, not the healthcare crisis or global warming but Big Foot trumps all of them all.

It is rumored Democratic Senatorial Candidate Mark Udall who has been a champion of protecting the environment of the beautiful Second Congressional District met Bigfoot on one of his many survey trips to the district to witness the damaged caused by the Pine Beetle. Clearly global warming has even caused harmed to the most of our mythical creatures.

Bigfoot now has to lobby Mark Udall to bring back Government Grants to protect the shrinking Bigfoot habitat area. Bigfoot has also stated that he has asked from help from environmental leaders such as Al Gore and Jane Goodall to no avail for habit protection.

Clearly this is a joke but in this crazy election season I figured we could all use a little laugh. Pass it around to everyone who has enough of the mudslinging for a little bit of light hearted humor.  



Q1, 2008

Colorado Democratic Party

$99,450 COH (through February 2008)

Colorado Republican Party

$116,400 COH (through February 2008)

[$360,173 in debt]

U.S. Senate

Mark Udall (D): $1.45 million ($4,236,532 COH)

Bob Schaffer (R): n/a


Joan Fitz-Gerald (D): n/a

Will Shafroth (D): n/a

Jared Polis (D): n/a


Marilyn Musgrave (R): n/a

Betsy Markey (D): $226,641 ($376,372 COH)


Jeff Crank (R): $84,390 ($130,652 COH)

Doug Lamborn (R): n/a

Bentley Rayburn (R): $54,150 ($112,655 COH)

Hal Bidlack (D): $5,381 ($4,132 COH)


Mike Coffman (R): $244,239 ($323,897 COH)

Wil Armstrong (R): $226,815 ($283,006 COH)

Ted Harvey (R): n/a

Steve Ward (R): n/a

Hank Eng (D): $12,685 ($12,755 COH)

Ill update as we get them