Thank you SSP

While I know this is slightly off topic, I hope David and the other moderators will humor me. I want to say thank you to everyone. Today I graduated with my BA in Political Science from Cal State University, Long Beach and am still a little shocked that I accomplished this.

Years ago, I was waiting tables, and my life was going no where, but I had always had an interest in politics. In 2005, before the midterm election, I got curious as to how the Federal Marriage Amendment might go, and got all nerdy into votes and members of the Senate, and all that good stuff that we all love. Looking for information, I stumbled upon Swing State Project, and found more information about Congressional races than I ever could have dreamed of before. Before SSP, I knew my home state Senators, now I’m pretty sure I know all one hundred (although I am not sure if that is a good thing or not!).

It was this site that awoke my love of politics, the political process, and law and drove me to go back to school and it is thanks to all of you, in good part, that I am where I am today.

All that being said, I want to thank David, James and Crisitunity for all the insights over the years, and heres to many more. As for my fellow commentators, thank you for the lively and entertaining debates and discussions. Even when I don’t agree with you at all, I appreciate your insights. Here is to another three years of law school!

So bored..

Okay, so I should be studying, but why do that, the papers and tests are due for another two or three weeks. We’ve talked about this before, but not sure if anyone has ever done it. What sites or blogs do you guys visit regularly for your political, not that SSP isn’t great, but I visit it like 8 times a day, and there is only so much you can read. Any sites are good, as long as they have good information. Don’t mind conservative, as long as they’re not idiots… I know, good luck, right?

Where does everyone get their fix? Please, help me out.

SSP Help

So, you guys are basically a bounty of information on all things political. I thought I would ring out the sponge of SSP’s knowledge. I am currently writing my research paper for the internship I did with Mayor Debbie Cook in CA-46, and I’m writing it on the affects of gerrymandering on fair elections.

It would be an amazing help if anyone that knows of any good sites could shoot me a link. And no, wikepedia does not count. lol I’m trying google searches, and that is the first thing that comes up every time.

I have a bunch already, but any good ones, or any good ideas would be most welcome. Debbie Cook ran a great race and was a great candidate, I want to do good by her by doing a good paper.

Thanks guys!

Update: DCCC membership dues.

Well, just before the election, SSP listen a ridiculously large group of Congresspersons who were late in paying their DCCC dues. Many of us were outraged since that amount exceeded I believe 6 million dollars in past dues. I said I would write my Congresswoman, who I knew would be on that list, Grace Napolitano CA-38, and today, got a response from her Chief of Staff.

Mr. Groen,

I’m Daniel Chao, chief of staff for Rep. Napolitano.  Thank you for sending the Congresswoman your letter on DCCC dues.  I wanted to let you know that 2 days after your email, the Congresswoman met personally with DCCC Chair Rep. Chris Van Hollen to personally hand him a check with pending dues.  

I sincerely appreciate your work on behalf of us in the field going door to door for Mayor Cook.  This race unfortunately didn’t garner the kind of attention it should have received and we look forward to helping in the future.

Please have a wonderful and safe holiday.  Best wishes,


Do not let it be said that I don’t do what I’ll say I’m going to do. I answered the call SSP, thank you for making me a better citizen! Honestly, I was surprised to get a response, let alone a personalized one. Rep. Napolitano is not the best when it comes to that. It is nice to know that some, if not all the late paying Congresspersons ponied up and gave what they were supposed to.