Obama People Way Too Nervous

Recent polling data has shown the expected result: a narrowing of the presidential race. Everyone of these polls gathered data immediately following the Republican Convention. Yet, in scouring the blogosphere, one would think that the freakin’ world just ended.

Obama supporters are way, way too nervous. Please, do not pay attention to these polls. They are worth a SOS…however, if you must, look at them as if the cup is half full and not half empty.

Four new national popular vote polls (CBS, ABC, Diageo/Hotline and Rasmussen) all have the race essentially tied…and this during the period of McCain’s (expected) biggest post-convention bounce.

My friends, it is extremely important to remain very optimistic and continue to do the grunt work like never before in this effort. New voter registration numbers are very positive for Obama and the Democrats down ticket. Don’t blow it.