New States and Changes in Daves Redistricting App

I’ve just uploaded a change that allows the application to use voting districts in addition to block groups, as the building blocks for drawing redistricting maps. This is a step toward getting partison data (specifically the 2008 presidential vote) into the app, because voting district partisan data is available for many states. That will require a bit more work, but will be coming soon.

I’ve added 6 new states, all using voting districts: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi and Virginia. I added voting districts to the existing state Georgia, so it supports both. If you have saved DRFs, you’ll need to keep using block groups on those files.

Check it out at Daves Redistricting. Enjoy.

New York Ready in Daves Redistricting

Johnny beat the annoucement that New York is ready, with a great map. (Nice going!)

I’ve also made a couple of improvements to the software, prompted by working with New York:

– Thinner block lines, so you can see the tiny blocks.

– The slow work of Assign Old CDs now happens when you click the button instead of on load. (It took about 4 minutes for NY on my not too slow machine.)

– Zoom: Scrollbar replaces slider.

Here’s a link.

Note also: I am looking at partisan data, but it will take some time.


DavesRedistricting New Features

First, let me say that I’m impressed by the many redistricting maps many of you have created recently. I’m happy that you have found my application useful. It’s been fun working on it and it makes it so worthwhile to see what you all are doing with it.

Today I uploaded an updated application with these new features, all of which are requests from those of you who have emailed me. They are…

— A button to assign all blocks according to the old CDs, so you can start your map with the current map and save time.

— Up to 500 CDs, so you can use the app for legislative districts, too. (Although there are no old LD polygons…yet.) The selection of #CDs is now a slider instead of a dropdown.

— Demographic info bar (at the bottom of the app’s screen) now has percentages, as well as the number of persons in each demographic group. Also, hover on the state population text block and get the demographics for the state.

Also, Pennsylvania is officially there now. (Actually the data has been there for a month; my apologies for not announcing sooner.)

Next up: adding NY and IL; and figuring out how to add partisan data. (DavidNYC has been assisting. Thanks!)