OR-Sen: Max Cleland and 5K for Merkley

With Gordon Smith’s seat in the U.S. Senate as vulnerable as it is, it’s important to put our support behind a strong Democratic candidate.  Jeff Merkley has my backing, and more interestingly, he has the backing of Max Cleland, as well as a host of others.  Cleland was campaigning in Oregon with Merkley yesterday, doing his part to ensure that we put the best possible candidate up against Gordon Smith in November.  Now it’s time for us to do our part.  Tomorrow on May 1, we want to raise at least $5,000 online for the Jeff Merkley campaign.  Please be ready to do your part.

Oregon is fortunate to have two strong progressive candidates, and I’ve put my support behind Jeff Merkley, because he has such a great background and a great track record as a legislator.  Before he joined the Oregon House of Representatives in 1998, he worked at the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Presidential Management Fellow, which provided him with direct experience in national security matters.

In addition to this experience, Merkley has consistently fought for working families, as executive director of Portland Habitat for Humanity and as a legislator.  After Merkley helped orchestrate a Democratic majority in the Oregon House, he served as Speaker in one of the most progressive sessions that the Oregon Legislature has had in years.

Fortunately, you don’t just need to take my word for Merkley’s qualifications.  At a couple of events over the last two days I was able to hear what Max Cleland thought of Jeff Merkley.  What really struck me was Cleland’s genuine enthusiasm for Merkley as a candidate.  He kept referring to him as “the real deal.”  Cleland cited Merkley’s knowldge of national security issues, his work providing homes for those in need, his efforts to put Democrats back in the majority in the Oregon House, and his leadership as Speaker.  Put this great experience together with Merkley’s positions on the issues, and we have a stellar candidate for Oregon’s seat in the United States Senate.

Don’t forget to show your support for Jeff Merkley tomorrow, May 1.

$5k for Merkley

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OR-Sen: More Great Endorsements for Merkley

As Oregon approaches its primary election on May 20, House Speaker Jeff Merkley continues to gather significant endorsements.  Two publications have recently expressed their support for Merkley in his campaign to secure the Democratic nomination so that he can unseat Gordon Smith in November.

Just Out, the leading magazine for the LGBTQ community in Oregon, published their endorsement of Merkley on April 18.  The following day the Eugene Register-Guard, the second largest newspaper in Oregon, also wrote about their support of Merkley.

I was pleased to note how both publications highlighted Merkley’s experience and effectiveness as a legislator, because I decided to support Jeff Merkley after observing these qualities myself.  Oregon is fortunate to have two strong progressive candidates, Steve Novick being the other, vying for the Democratic nomination.  The policy differences between the two candidates are minimal, so the focus shifts to other factors like experience and personality.  These two most recent endorsements reiterate what many people have already said about Jeff Merkley-he’s the candidate with the drive to defeat Gordon Smith and the experience to serve as a great Senator for the state of Oregon.

In reference to the 2007 Oregon House session, over which Merkley presided as Speaker, the Register-Guard wrote

That session was the most productive in recent memory, with important achievements in the areas of education funding, civil rights, consumer protection and budgetary stability . . .

A more convincing demonstration of leadership would be hard to find.

And Just Out wrote that Merkley

has the most proven track record and is best poised to unseat incumbent Gordon Smith.

The endorsements for Merkley continue to bloom.

Personally, I’m most excited about the fact that Max Cleland is coming out to Oregon to campaign with Merkley.  Check out Merkley’s endorsements page and you’ll see the long list of endorsements from a wide range of individuals and organizations.  I love seeing all this support behind a great candidate like Jeff Merkley.  Here’s where you can lend your support too.