There Goes the Mississippi Senate

The Mississippi Senate is now in control by the Republicans.  I know this article is a few days old (it’s been a crazy week, y’all), but I wanted to share the news.  The filing deadline is March 1 so any party switchers have, now, five days remaining to make up his or her mind.  For those keeping score, in the Mississippi Senate, the breakdown is now 27R, 24D, 1 Vacancy of a Republican-vacated seat (now-Congressman Alan Nunnelee).  The Mississippi House is barely hanging onto its Democratic majority.…

More Mississippi Party Switching

Looks like the Democratic Party’s fight in Mississippi just got a little more difficult today.  Two State House members switched to the Republicans, bringing the Democrats majority to only 16 seats.  One seat in the House is still vacant, as Steven Palazzo vacated his State House seat to succeed Congressman Gene Taylor in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District.…

Mississippi Party Switchers

It looks like we have a few more party defections to report.  A state senator and state representative have jumped to the Repuglicans.  My guess is that Senator Hyde-Smith is going to throw her hat into the open Ag Commissioner seat in the 2011 races.  The Democrats now have a razor thin majority in the state senate; however, the Senate is controlled by Republican Lt. Governor (and 2011 Gov. candidate) Phil Bryant.  The House still has a Democratic majority for the time being.  Check out the article below.…

MS-01 Race…

Looks like state senator Alan Nunnelee is planning on making the run.  Given Nunnelee’s lackluster performance in the state senate, I don’t see how he could possibly say he’s going to effect change in the Washington spends money.  It’ll make for a competitive race given that he and Rep. Childers are from the same neck of the woods.

Elections in Louisiana???

Can someone help me understand when the election will be in Louisiana?  I’ve seen one calendar that has November 4 as Louisiana’s primary run-off elections with the General Election to be held on December 6.  On others, the General Election will be held on November 4 with the run-off on December 6.  Can someone help me make heads or tails of all this?

Mississippi Senate Speeches

Today, at the Neshoba County Fair, Senator Wicker (R) and former Governor Ronnie Musgrove (D) made their presentations to the crowd packed under the pavillion.  For those unfamiliar with the Fair, it is THE biggest political forum in Mississippi politics.  It’s political suicide if you miss this event.  Well, Wicker knows he needs support, so he bused in supporters from all over the state to help him campaign at the Fair today.  As you can see in the clips thanks to the link provided, the differences between Wicker and Musgrove are clear.  Musgrove suggested new ideas, Wicker used fear tactics like “Obama,” “liberal,” and “John Kerry” to explain why voters should not vote for Musgrove.

Each speech is about 12 minutes long.  So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the speeches.…

Senator Wicker… Where Are You?

While Senator Wicker (R-MS) tries to convince voters that he cares about the troubles of people who have lost their homes in the mortgage crisis, my senator missed today’s vote in the Senate.  Where did you go, Roger?  Oh wait, you’re out and about telling reporters that national Democrats are trying to use the Medicare debate to scare voters before the election.  Really?  This coming from the same guy who has authored an amendment to the US Constitution banning gay marriage – with cosponsors Larry Craig and David Vitter?  Aren’t there more pressing issues out there, Senator?  And yes, people are scared out there.  Scared as to whether they will have a job tomorrow, scared that they will not be able to put gas in the car and groceries on the table, scared that they won’t be able to afford medicine for themselves and their family.  Yes, Senator, these are scary times – but they needn’t be scared of Democrats.  They need to be scared that the Republicans are offering the same garbage that we have listened to for 7.5 years now.

And now, come to find out, Wicker and his challenger, Governor Musgrove (D), were at an event over the 4th of July weekend in northeast Mississippi – and territory for our new Congressman Travis Childers (D-MS) – and from what my sources are telling me, Wicker did a poor job on the stump.  And this is coming from Republicans.  Republicans, I might add, that are starting to question whether or not Wicker is bright enough to serve in the Senate.  I have yet to talk with a Democrat that has the same questions about Governor Musgrove.

While on the stage, Wicker said that he was not sure what direction this country was headed down.  After making his brief remarks and leaving the event immediately thereafter, Governor Musgrove got on the stage and said that he knows what direction the country is going down, and it’s not the direction we should be going.  After his speech, true to form, he got out among the people and shook hands.  

And even while Wicker was hiding behind closed doors with President Bush, Governor Musgrove was at a Jackson restaurant with the average joes of Mississippi talking about gas prices, among other topics.  Wicker can have all the money Bush can muster, but retail politics in Mississippi goes a long, long way.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am very ready to see some positive ads on tv about the good governor.  The negative ads are already getting underway – and under voters’ skins.  I hope the NRSC realizes that they aren’t doing themselves any favors by bashing Musgrove while highlighting the record (such as it is) of an interim senator that most people don’t even realize is their senator.  The negative ads didn’t work against Travis Childers, and I find it unlikely that they will work against Musgrove in the political climate in which we find ourselves.

Four more months, folks.