MN-Gov Pawlenty not running for re-election

Minnesota Public Radio just announced that Pawlenty is calling a press conference to announce he won’t be running for re-election.  

Making those budget cuts (because he wouldn’t negotiate with the legislature) would have hurt him in Minnesota but it will look good for his national political aspirations.  I wonder if not running also signals he won’t be signing Franken’s election certificate.

Who will come up to bat for the Republicans?  Norm Coleman? Mark Kennedy? Jim Ramstad? Michelle Bachmann?

I think overall this is good news unless Ramstad jumps in.

MN-Sen Judges to count no more than 400 votes

It looks like the 3 judge panel will only be counting up to 400 more votes.

“The order is seen as a setback for the Coleman campaign, which had asked the panel to review about 1,300 ballots.”

If my math is correct, that would mean that Coleman would need 313 (79%) of those 400 votes to over take Franken.

It looks like this phase of the count may finally come to an end.

“Once the ballots are delivered, the court will determine which of them should be opened, sorted and counted. That will occur in open court on Tuesday, April 7.”

Hopefully the MN Supreme Court will uphold these results and Franken will be certified and seated while the Republicans continue to drag this this to the US Supreme Court.


MN-Gov Rybak (DFL) running for re-election as mayor…

Looks like RT Rybak is out of the race for governor.  Chris Coleman, St Paul mayor, is also running for re-election.  That leaves:

Susan Gaertner, Ramsey County Attorney

Mark Dayton, Former (1 Term) Senator

Matt Etenza, Former MN House Democratic Leader

Margaret Kelliher, MN Speaker of the House

Mark Ritchie, MN Secretary of State

Paul Thissen, MN Rep

Tom Bakk, MN Sen

Tim Walz, US Rep

I don’t think Kelliher will run.  I hope Dayton doesn’t.  Walz looks like the clear favorite.