NJ-Sen: Andrews Considers a Primary Challenge Against Lautenberg

Could Frank Lautenberg’s bid for another term in the U.S. Senate a complication in the form of a primary challenge?  From the Star-Ledger:

Rep. Robert Andrews (D-1st Dist.) announced today he is thinking of challenging U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) for the Democratic nomination.

A statement issued this afternoon by Andrews’ chief of staff, Bill Caruso, said, “Over the last few days, Congressman Andrews has been approached by many leaders of the Democratic Party who have urged him to step forward and run for the Senate because they think that 2008 is a year where voters are seeking a change in government. Because he respects the judgment of these leaders, he is carefully considering how to best to serve New Jersey and the country.”

Andrews was the only New Jersey Democrat in the House of Representatives not present today for a “unity rally’ in support of Lautenberg, who formally announced he is seeking a fifth six-year term.

Andrews currently sits on a $1 million $2.4 million nest egg, and could marshal enough resources to give Lautenberg a bit of a headache.  Not being much of a fan of Andrews’ machine pol style, or his record in Congress, I hope that this challenge doesn’t materialize.