Heather Ryan’s First T.V. Ad: The Zephyr Hillbilly

Well, Heather Ryan has her first T.V. ad completed. It is a humourous take on Exxon Ed Whitfield’s record of serving Big Oil and the Bush Administration which I have named “The Zephyr Hillbilly”. It is our 30 sec. spot, and we have a couple of more in the offing.

Without further adeu, here is “The Zephyr Hillbilly”:

Now, the jingle you here on this ad doubles as our radio spot. We already have some money to run this ad, but we need help to run it as much as possible, and run the two other ads we have nearly completed.

Progressive Democrats, we need your help!! Can you give $100, $50, $25, $10, or even $5 to help us run our ads as much as possible? No donation is too small for our grassroots campaign!!

Exxon Ed Whitfield is tied to our failing economic policies and has voted over 90% of the time with the failed Bush Administration. If we get a chance to introduce his record and our candidate, we win!!

Please, help “Fighting Kentucky Democrats” pull a huge upset here:

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KY-01: Ryan Press Conference Reveals Much

One thing that has been consistent in the race for Kentucky’s First Congressional District is that Ed Whitfield and his supporters can’t stand to talk about issues, or anything of substance. Instead of talking about what Heather Ryan wants to bring to the next Congress, or how the candidates feel about Healthcare, Iraq, and the crashing Economy, they seem particularly angry at Heather and want to call her things like crazy, and fat.  

Well, in her press conference today she fired back at them with a biological excuse:

Congrats to Carl and Heather!!!!

No matter what anyone wants to call Heather the plain and simple fact of the matter is that she is the one that is not afraid to show up and debate the issues that effect this district and these voters. Is he actually scared of the “pregnant woman”??

I say he is afraid of the “courageous woman”, who is not afraid to stand up to him and debate him over his sorry record of representing our district, and will contrast their visions of representing these voters through the challenges of the next two years. The “intelligent woman”, knows the facts.

This is an insult to the voters of the First Congressional District, just as Heather stated, and shows the disdain of Ed Whitfield for anyone that would question his vision of deregulation, debt, recession, lost jobs, stagnant wages, and higher energy prices.

Whitfield is scared of debating his record of failure. From the failed “Contract with America” that devolve into a “Culture of Corruption”, Ed Whitfield has consistenty rubber stamped the failed policies of men like Phil Gramm, Tom Delay, Mitch McConnell, and President Bush. He is as complicit in the failures at the national, state, and local levels as any of them.

So this Press conference reaveled we will have a new Democrat voter in the First District in eighteen and a half years, and that like Mitch McConnell, Ed Whitfield is too cowardly to face his opponent and the voters. If I were them I wouldn’t show up to debate a Reeses Monkey!!

Heather Ryan has a new T.V. ad coming out, please help her run it so these voters get a chance to see the failed record of Ed Whitfield:

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Kentucky Republicans Answer for Failed Policies

The Repubicans running in the Congressional and Senate races in Kentucky face a serious dilemma. Aside from Brett Guthrie every one them were around and voted for the very failed policies that have led to our economic debacle. No matter what their vote on the bailout, every Repubican in the Kentucky delegation holds blame for the failing economy.  

An excellent article from the Lexington Herald-Leader last week really pounded home the fact of how intagled with this current failure all the major Republican candidates are. An excerpt:

Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials hit Capitol Hill on Tuesday to sell the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, getting a mixed reception from lawmakers who argued about the role of government in business.

But there was little dissent in 1999, when Sen. Mitch McConnell and the rest of Kentucky’s congressional delegation voted to deregulate Wall Street banking and investments. They – and most other members of Congress – brushed aside concerns that deregulation could create massive financial institutions that would be “too big to fail,” requiring a government bailout if they started to stagger.

The Kentucky delegation went on to collect millions of dollars in combined campaign donations from the financial sector, while the banking, securities and insurance industries merged into the creature that is now collapsing and calling for government aid.

Now that is a serious Problem!! When every candidate you have running for re-election except the one you have running for an open seat have a record of such failure, it is distressing. I submit that every member of the Kentucky Republican delegation has already shown the lack of judgement and leadership that negates any “Experience” and shows that they are not fit to hold office representing Kentucky.

Of course, as always with this bunch, money always clouds good judgement:

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. $4.3 million

Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky. $2.4 million

Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Hopkinsville $697,116

Rep. Ron Lewis, R-Cecilia $551,266

Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Somerset $406,765

Source: Center for Responsive Politics


Those are the donations to the Kentucky Republicans from the very sector they voted to deregulate so it could implode the Economy.

But it gets even worse in the case of Ed Whitfield, my Congressman. He voted no on the bailout in the House, but his reasons show that he still doesn’t realize what has crashed the economy, or how to fix it:

Whitfield, who represents the 1st District spanning much of western Kentucky, complained that the bailout plan puts unprecedented regulations on financial institutions and markets. He said some leading economists believe such heavy oversight might do more to hinder the economy than help it.


It is amazing to me that for a sitting Congressman to have seen his vote for de-regulation crash our economy, and then submit MORE de-regulation as the solution is just mind-boggling.

This was not lost on Heather Ryan, who released this statement on Ed Whitfield’s vote on the Bailout Bill:

I find it interesting that Mr. Whitfield’s reason for opposing the compromised bail out legislation is because it imposes too many regulations on the banking industry.  Astonishingly, Exxon Eddie is one of the few who will admit that he still has a love affair with deregulation, the very reason the economy is in ruins now.  

Lest we not forget that when this bail out bill was but a mere $700 Billion Blank Check from George Bush on the backs of taxpayers, Mr. Whitfield was a gleeful supporter.  Only once consumer protections, ie. restrictions on how the massive amounts of money could be doled out to banks, were added did he suddenly oppose the bill.  

While I also oppose this bail out, I believe Mr. Whitfield’s motives are vial as he, yet again, sides with the rich special interests and ignores the middle class.  Perhaps someone can send a wake-up call to Exxon Eddie’s Florida estate soon to let him know that the Billionaire Boy’s Club isn’t very popular this election year.

Heather Ryan

Democratic Candidate

U.S. House of Representatives KY-01

Indeed!!! We ARE fed up with the Billionaire Boys Club that has bankrupted our state, and country.

We need to replace the constant De-regulate at any costs vote of Ed Whitfield, and replace it with a young, energetic voice of common sense. Ed Whitfield has not only failed, but he will continue to vote against any Progress for working Americans if given the chance.

All Kentucky Republicans running this year are hurting bad over this. Whitfield is especially vulnerable, if Heather can get her message out. She has called a press conference Wednesday morning at her headquarters at 4905 Clark’s River Rd. in Paducah, please help us by writing the Paducah Sun and asking them to report it here:


Please consider supporting Heather in this race, we are going to be fighting hard in the last month, including our first radio and T.V. spots, and we need your help!!:

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Here is the link to the Kentucky ActBlue page, with many candidates who can all win:


Kentucky Republicans have a record. Help us expose it!!

KY-01: Whitfield Voted For and Profited From Wall St. De-Regulation

With the crashing of the economy, and the up-coming taxpayer bailout of hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars, Americans and Kentuckians need to take a hard look at the root causes of the reversal of budget surpluses into TRILLIONS of dollars of national debt. In Kentucky, one need not look past the failed Republican Congressional delegation of the time, many of which are still serving and running for re-election.

Led by Mitch McConnell, this bunch of Corporate Profiteers never met a Corporate Welfare or de-regulation bill they would not vote for. One need only look back to the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, which overturned many of the protections of FDR’s New Deal to find the root of our current woes. While there, one will also find that Kentucky Republicans were unanimous in their support, and failure of leadership.

But there was little dissent in 1999, when Sen. Mitch McConnell and the rest of Kentucky’s congressional delegation voted to deregulate Wall Street banking and investments. They – and most other members of Congress – brushed aside concerns that deregulation could create massive financial institutions that would be “too big to fail,” requiring a government bailout if they started to stagger.


Of course as always with Kentucky Republicans, their votes garnered them huge dollars in campaign contributions from the very industries taxpayers must now bail out:

The Kentucky delegation went on to collect millions of dollars in combined campaign donations from the financial sector, while the banking, securities and insurance industries merged into the creature that is now collapsing and calling for government aid.


The numbers are staggering:

McConnell has been individually feted in New York City by major banks, including a 2005 luncheon given in his honor by UBS and Citigroup, which raised at least $60,000 for his campaign fund. Former Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, who sponsored the Wall Street deregulation bill and then left Congress to become an investment banker at UBS, helped organize that event and donated $4,000 to McConnell.

Among others in the Kentucky delegation who voted for Wall Street deregulation in 1999, and who are still in Congress, Bunning got $2.4 million; Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Hopkinsville, got $697,116; Rep. Ron Lewis, R-Cecilia, got $551,266; and Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Somerset, got $406,765, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Totals are for donations from 1989 to 2008.


As you can see, Congressman Ed Whitfield was not only tied up in the failure by voting for this bill, but actually was rewarded with $700,000 worth of campaign contributions for his irresponsibility, and failed judgement.

His response would be laughable if it was a joke, and not a $700 billion or more debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off:

A Whitfield spokeswoman likewise noted that her boss was far from alone in supporting the 1999 law, and she said the congressman doubted whether deregulation – as opposed to greed – led to the current meltdown.

“It’s always easy to point fingers and try to place blame when any kind of crisis arises,” Whitfield wrote in a statement. “Addressing our current financial situation and turning our economy around is a difficult challenge we as a nation face and we in Congress must address.”

In the immortal words of mothers everywhere, if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you jump off of it too? That IS NOT leadership!! At Ryan for Kentucky, we submit that it was the greed of men like Whitfield, following the leader Mitch McConnell that led to the current meltdown. Their greed caused the de-regulation they profited from, and that went on to crash our economy.

Of course Exxon Eddie doesn’t want us to “point fingers” and “place blame” because he knows he showed horrible leadership and judgement, and profited handsomely to the tune of $700,000 to smear his opponents with. At Ryan for Kentucky, we submit once more that a Congressman who was so tied up with the terrible failure of 1999 has not the vision, judgement, courage, or leadership to “Address our current financial situation and turn our economy around”. This same failed leadership is what created this mess, led by all Kentucky Republicans in 1999, including Exxon Ed Whitfield.

In fact, Exxon Ed Whitfield and the whole Republican delegation lined up firmly behind now disgraced Senator Larry “Foottapper” Craig:

“The Financial Services Modernization Act overhauled the financial services industry by eliminating outdated Depression-era laws that have hampered the industry’s ability to increase its efficiency,” Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, wrote in a 1999 article on behalf of the Senate Republican caucus.


Is this the kind of leadership we need in Kentucky? Blindly lining up behind corrupt industries and leaders that crash our economy off a cliff? I submit that this debacle brings to light exactly why we need new leadership in Kentucky, including the First Congressional District:

Heather Ryan

This has left us with a huge opening against Exxon Ed Whitfield in this district. As you can see by his own statement, he knows he is intricately tied into this failure. All we need to do is let these voters know just how dirty his hands are.

Please consider supporting Heather Ryan in Kentucky’s First. With the resources to bring Exxon Eddie’s failed record in crashing the economy to these voters, she will win in a landslide. Voters of this district hate to see their tax dollars wasted, and will hold Exxon Eddie accountable. Please, contribute to expand our Congressional majority with real leadership here:

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As of now, this race is on the map!!

KY-01: Whitfield Trucking- A New Business Plan

Here at Whitfield Trucking, business was getting slow. We couldn’t understand why so many Kentuckians who were suffering with high gas prices would object so much to us driving an empty tractor-trailer around the First Congressional District of Kentucky. Do they not own hundreds of thousands of dollars in Exxon and Chevron stock like we do? Why would they object to us getting rich off their pain?


Well, to figure out how to turn our business fortunes around, our CEO Exxon Ed Whitfield decided to meet with the wisest business mind he knew:

Exxon Eddie and W

He told us we should not be driving an empty tractor-trailer around. He said that we simply must start delivering for the citizens of this district.

Luckily for us, he pointed out that Whitfield Trucking HAS delivered much more than our empty tractor-trailer would suggest. We hadn’t realized it, but our little company has delivered plenty. We have delivered a myriad of failed policies, lovingly rubber-stamped for President Bush that has

made us rich while our district has fallen further behind and our economy has crashed into the ditch. Just look at what all we have delivered in our once empty tractor-trailer. First we delivered for President Bush, and the Credit Card Companies:

Voted YES on Bankruptcy Overhaul requiring partial debt repayment.

Vote to pass a bill that would make it easier for courts to change debtors from Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows most debts to be dismissed, to Chapter 13, which requires a repayment plan.

Reference: Bill sponsored by Gekas, R-PA; Bill HR 333 ; vote number 2001-25 on Mar 1, 2001


Then, we delivered the Bush Administration Energy Policy written by Dick Cheney, and the Energy Companies, which has led to record prices for our fellow Americans:

Voted YES on passage of the Bush Administration national energy policy.

Vote to pass a bill that would put into practice a comprehensive national policy for energy conservation, research and development. The bill would authorize o $25.7 billion tax break over a 10-year period. The tax breaks would include $11.9 billion to promote oil and gas production, $2.5 billion for “clean coal” programs, $2.2 billion in incentives for alternative motor vehicles, and $1.8 billion for the electric power industry and other businesses. A natural gas pipeline from Alaska would be authorized an $18 billion loan guarantee. It would add to the requirement that gasoline sold in the United States contain a specified volume of ethanol. Makers of the gasoline additive MTBE would be protected from liability. They would be required though to cease production of the additive by 2015. Reliability standards would be imposed for electricity transmissions networks, through this bill. The bill would also ease the restrictions on utility ownership and mergers.

Reference: Energy Policy Act of 2004; Bill HR 4503 ; vote number 2004-241 on Jun 15, 2004


Then, we delivered for the People’s Republic of Communist China:

Voted NO on deterring foreign arms transfers to China.

To authorize measures to deter arms transfers by foreign countries to the People’s Republic of China, A YES vote would grant the President the ability to place sanctions on any individual or country that violates the arms embargo, including:

Denial of participation in cooperative research and development

Prohibition of ownership and control of any business registered as a manufacturer or exporter of defense articles or services

Removal of all licenses relative to dual-use goods or technology

Prohibition of participation of any foreign military sales

Reference: East Asia Security Act; Bill HR 3100 ; vote number 2005-374 on Jul 14, 2005


Then, we delivered for the beloved lobbyists that fund our campaigns:

Voted NO on requiring lobbyist disclosure of bundled donations.

Amends the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 to require a registered lobbyist who bundles contributions totaling over $5,000 to one covered recipient in one quarter to:

file a quarterly report with Congress; and

notify the recipient.

“Covered recipient” includes federal candidates, political party committees, or leadership PACs [but not regular PACs].  

Reference: Honest Leadership and Open Government Act; Bill H R 2316 ; vote number 2007-423 on May 24, 2007


Then, we delivered for President Bush, our hero in helping him to shred the worthless piece of paper known as the Constitution:

Voted NO on requiring FISA warrants for wiretaps in US, but not abroad.

Reference: RESTORE Act; Bill H.R.3773 ; vote number 08-HR3773 on Mar 14, 2008

Voted NO on Veto override: Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations.

Bill Veto override on H.R. 2082 ; vote number 08-HR2082 on Mar 11, 2008

Voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant.

Reference: Update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978; Bill H.R.5825 ; vote number 2006-502 on Sep 28, 2006

Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight.

Reference: Intelligence Authorization Act; Bill HR 5020 resolution H RES 774 ; vote number 2006-108 on Apr 26, 2006


As you can see, our tractor-trailer is far from empty. It is filled with all the wonderful offerings of a failed President, rubber-stamped by a failed Congressman. We are hoping to keep this work going, so Congressman Whitfield’s failed staff can continue making over twice the median income of working families in this district working for him. It is the least we can do for the voters of this district, quite literally. Please support Exxon Ed Whitfield and keep the dream of Whitfield Trucking alive, so we can continue to get rich.

Please support Heather Ryan in Kentucky’s First, and close the doors on Whitfield Trucking for good!!:

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Anyone donating $30 or more recieves a free Ryan for Congress T-Shirt!!

Kentucky Democrats Get Serious About Gas Price Gouging

A funny thing happened last night in Paducah. Although Hurricane Ike had not even touched ground in the United States yet, prices at the pump started rising and hitting as high as $4.59 a gallon. This caused a rush on the pumps that hadn’t gone up, and resulted in lines all the way out on the road in some places, and even a few fist-fights from consumers desperate to fill their tanks before the prices spiked.

The real question is why were prices going up so quickly? Our Lt. Governor, Dan Mongiardo was quick to point out on the radio this morning that the prices seem to be spiking mostly in Western Kentucky. He also noted that not one drop of gas being sold there originated from Houston or Galveston, the areas affected by the Hurricane.

He was not the only one that smelled a rat. Our Democratic Attorney General, Jack Conway was on the job too:

“Today, I formally requested that Gov. Beshear implement the price gouging protections of Kentucky’s Consumer Protection Act as they apply to gasoline and other goods and services. We have received an overwhelming influx of reports from across Kentucky regarding gasoline price spikes and even rationing. I felt it was important to get the price gouging protections in place as soon as possible to protect the commonwealth’s consumers and businesses,” General Conway said.


Governor Steve Beshear was quick to respond:

“I am outraged by the voracious practices of price gouging we are seeing,” Gov. Beshear said at a press conference Friday afternoon. “Today, I have taken an extraordinary step to protect the consumers of the commonwealth from these predators.”

The emergency declaration, issued before Hurricane Ike hits the coast, triggers several consumer protection measures.  Among them, it empowers the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute, where appropriate, those who sell gasoline, building supplies and other goods for predatory pricing in a time of disaster.

Gov. Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway have partnered to make aggressive consumer protection a priority, launching an investigation earlier this summer into high gas prices in Louisville.


This goes to show what Kentucky Democrats can do when they work together, fighting for what is right. Almost as soon as Gov. Beshear issued his order, gas prices in Paducah went from $4.59 and $4.55 a gallon to $3.99 and $3.95. Our former Republican Governor would not have dreamed of such a measure. These actions recieved quick praise from the KDP:

The Governor’s action today will allow many consumer protections to be put into force.  Under the order, Attorney General Jack Conway is empowered to investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute anyone who sells gasoline, building materials and other products at predatory pricing levels during a time of disaster.

If you have any specific information regarding price gouging practices at a gas station or retail outlet, please contact the Attorney General’s office.

On the heels of last week’s announcement to make health insurance available to more of Kentucky’s children, Governor Beshear has again demonstrated his leadership and commitment to Kentucky’s hard working families.


Jennifer A. Moore

Chair, Kentucky Democratic Party

Heather Ryan, Democratic candidate in Kentucky’s First Congressional District where most of the almost-gouging was centered was also quick to praise our Democratic State leaders:

KUDOS goes out to Governor Beshear for issuing an Executive Order earlier today to prevent price gouging of gasoline and other essential supplies due to the impending hurricane in the Gulf Coast.  When we were returning from a campaign function last night, we witnessed two local gas stations raising their prices a whopping $0.90 a gallon.  I immediately called my campaign manager to ask if we had invaded another oil rich country – since that could be the only reason I could think of that would justify these huge price increases.  Upon hearing that we were still only illegally occupying the same oil rich countries, I realized that the citizens of Western Kentucky were experiencing even worse price gouging at the expense of an industry who has already taken so much for so long, but whose appetite is never satiated.  

Not surprisingly, after the emergency order, those two gas stations dropped their prices by $0.60 a gallon.  It is the leadership and protection from our Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General that helps stave off some of the effects of the greedy oil industry.  It is unfortunate and criminal that our representative in Congress does not feel the same responsibility toward those he represents.  Of course, why would he feel that loyalty?  The man doesn’t live in Kentucky and because of his financial conflict-of-interest in Big Oil, he is not effected the same by the outrageous price of gasoline.  Instead, his wallet increasingly benefits when Exxon and Chevron post record profits.  I intend to change that in November.  

Heather Ryan

Her opponents answer to high gas prices? Driving an empty tractor-trailer with his face on it all over Western Kentucky:

Diesel Burner

Kentucky Democrats have shown that they will fight for us once in office. With the election in Nov. up in the air, and our lead in the Congressional Generic Ballot dwindling, it is more important than ever that we stand up and fight for a Democrat that will make a difference in the Congress, Heather Ryan. She is right on the cusp of making big noise in this district, and will be filming her first T.V. ad in the next several days. Please help us get on the airwaves and defeat Exxon Ed Whitfield, and join “Fighting Kentucky Democrats” in representing what is right:

Goal Thermometer

Anyone donating $30 or more will automatically get an awesome Ryan for Congress t-shirt sent to them!!

I will put in the first $30, who will match me??

Thanks to our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and to Heather Ryan and Jennifer Moore for being great Democratic leaders. With leaders such as these, our state is definately looking blue!!


Heather Ryan Comes Out Firing Again at St. John’s Picnic

Just down the road from Paducah, Kentucky sits St. John’s Catholic Church. Every year, they have an annual picnic with games and political speaking. While not as famous, and a lot tamer than the Fancy Farm Picnic, it is a really good idea for candidates to stop in and work for votes in Western Kentucky.

As with a lot of events in Kentucky Politics today, Heather Ryan stole the show. Unfortunately, at the last minute our camera had some technical difficulties, but I want to share a transcript of Heather’s speech, that once again fired up Democrats in attendence, and offended Republicans deeply with the hard truth of their records:

Well, we were going to bring our tractor-trailer to St. John’s Picnic like Exxon Eddie, but we simply couldn’t afford it.

After the Republican National Convention ended this week, analysts said the Republicans didn’t mention their achievements because they didn’t have any. Unfortunately, I disagree.

Republicans achieved everything they set out to achieve. They’ve made the rich richer, and the middle-class poor. You may think it is unfair for me to say, but when my opponent votes against Healthcare for poor children, he is representing Insurance companies, not you.

When Exxon Eddie votes against funding Alternative Energy, he is representing Big Oil, and his own stock options, not you. When he votes to give himself and the richest 1% of Americans a huge tax break while cutting veteran’s benefits he is representing his own wallet, not yours.

(Republican heckles from side) That is unless you are sitting over there with that bunch, who obviously aren’t hurting.

Because that is what we have had in office for 14 yrs, a cookie-cutter Republican who votes over 90% of the time with President Bush. If you are proud of what George W. Bush has done to our country, then by all means vote for Exxon Ed Whitfield.

But if you are embarrassed that we are the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t provide healthcare for it’s citizens, and if you are angry that Big Oil holds our economy hostage, and if your furious that the richest among us own the politicians that are supposed to represent us, then vote for me, Heather Ryan and support the Democratic ticket.

I am Heather Ryan and I am just an ordinary person during an extra-ordinary time. I am a wife, and mother, previous labor union member, and a veteran, which means that even I have more experience than Sarah Palin.

You have heard a lot of talk about change in this election. Its something we desperately need in Kentucky’s First Congressional District, and in fact in America. Friends, if you always do what you did, then you will always get what you have gotten. So please, vote Democrat on Nov. 4th. Change isn’t a campaign slogan, it is a neccesity.

Thank you.

Now for some pics of St. John’s!! Here is Heather, and her daughter Heaven, everyone’s favorite Mitch McConnell antagonist arriving at the picnic. (McConnell was a no-show):


Here is Bruce Lunsford, McConnell’s opponent who did show to meet with the voters of Western Kentucky:


Here is our opponent, Exxon Eddie, looking worried as he arrived in an empty tractor-trailer with his face and name on the side, burning $4.10 a gallon diesel while Paducah Trucking Companies are closing their doors. Of course, with his Exxon and Chevron Stock he will get it back. The taxpayers of Western Kentucky won’t:


Here is Exxon Eddie on the stage, trying to explain away $4.00 a gallon gas, and voting against Healthcare for Children:


Here is the reaction of Democrats as Exxon Eddie states how he has worked for Energy Independence. From left to right, Former Congressman and State Senate candidate Carroll Hubbard, Bruce Lunsford, Heather Ryan, and Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo:


Here is Heather, doing what she does like no other, calling the Republicans out on their sorry records of representing us:


Here is Carroll Hubbard, showing he still has what it takes to deliver a knockout speech:


Here is the leader of the Kentucky Democratic Party, Jennifer Moore, who is doing an awesome job and as Carroll Hubbard reminded us at Breakfast is the prettiest leader of the KDP ever:


It was a long, and great day for Democrats. Heather fired everyone up as usual, and better yet got under some Republican skin. As is the case every time people hear Heather for the first time, we signed up many new volunteers and recieved several contributions.

Please, help us in this race. This seat is ripe for the picking if we get the funds, and Heather would be an awesome Democrat with a spine in the Congress. Just ask Russ Feingold!! We are fighting hard here, and Exxon Eddie knows he is vulnerable. Go here to expand our Congressional majority!!:

Goal Thermometer

We need your support!!


Heather Ryan Hits Back

It is no secret that Ed Whitfield has something againstchildren. However, even more intense is the hatred that Ed Whitfield holds towards women. Yes, even more shocking than the fact that Whitfield condones discrimination against women, are the views he and his staff apparently hold towards women and children that have been battered.

The proof is in the pudding so they say. When Heather Ryan pitched in to help battered women and children in our district, what does Whitfield and his campaign do? They mock them. Here is a video they put on YouTube of Heather Ryan reading an exerpt from the “Vagina Monologues” to help Merryman House, a charity in Western Kentucky that benefits battered women and children:

Here is some of the work they do:


Today, Heather sent me this email about the Whitfield campaign mocking her work for a non-profit charity that helps some of those that need it most in Western Kentucky:

My family was directly affected by domestic violence when my mom’s significant other punched her in the face and broke her cheekbone in three places when I was a teenager.  That was just one of the times he beat her.  That was just one of the times our family was torn apart by violence.  He swore he was sorry, he swore he would never do it again, until of course, he did.  

Domestic violence is a very serious issue that has effected me directly.  Ed Whitfield’s recent attacks on my character because I performed in the play, “The Vagina Monologues” as a benefit for the Merryman House Domestic Violence Shelter is a disgusting display of how low he will stoop in an attempt to ruin an opponent’s reputation at any cost.  As far as I’m concerned, these attacks are yet another form of abuse toward women.  I am not ashamed of the work I did to help end violence against women and I will never apologize for my compassion for battered women and children.  Instead, I will await notification from Mr. Whitfield’s campaign headquarters apologizing for their lack of judgement and stating that they made a gift to Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center, PO Box 98, Paducah, KY  42002.

You know, it seems to me that since Exxon Ed Whitfield is willing to give his money for other hate-filled Republican attacks:

Walker also noted Whitfield could use the disparity in fundraising to spread the wealth to other candidates, if his re-election campaign does not require them – a sign Ryan’s campaign may have some convincing to do.

“To the extent he has funding available, he may offer support to other candidates who share his

views on national issues and who may need financial support, but the primary purpose of his reelection campaign funds is to assist with his own reelection campaign,” said Walker.


He would be more than happy to use a little of it to do some good for a change. So how about it Exxon Eddie? Why not help out some battered women and children, and help them better their lives, instead of mocking someone that cares about more than special interest money?

These attacks and thecriminal actions of his staff at Fancy Farm show this campaign for just what it is. Heartless Cowards, who care nothing about who or what they mock or attack, as long as they can keep their hands on the reigns of power and defeat Progress for those less fortunate than they are.

Please help us strike a blow at Whitfield, and his disgusting tacticts. Cable T.V. commercials run at around $6 a piece in this district. Can you pitch in $6 to help us run ads letting our district know just how vile this campaign is, and to what lengths they will stoop to win? I will put in the first $18 right now, can anyone match me?:


Lets show Exxon Eddie his disgusting attacks and tacticts are not appreciated by descent Americans!!

Kentucky Races Sizzle

Well, the political season has gotten pretty hot in Kentucky. With a Senate seat, and four hotly contested House seats here, Democrats here are fired up. Despite what any poll has said to this point, all these races are winnable. We have fielded a surprisingly impressive lineup of candidates and we are ready to fight for them. Meeting some of the delegates, and Jennifer Moore, the KDP chairman has convinced me that our party is ready to fight.

Our Senate campaign is first and foremost. Living in Kentucky, I have seen the terrible Mitch McConnell ads. I will not grace Mitch McConnell with their prescense in my diary, but they should be easlily findable on YouTube.

For his part, Bruce Lunsford has been hitting back:

He also recieved a huge endorsement from a formal rival:

DENVER-Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler of Kentucky’s 6th District officially endorsed Bruce Lunsford in his race for U.S. Senate against Mitch McConnell. Chandler made the announcement this morning during a Kentucky Delegation breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

“I am delighted that Ben has publicly expressed the support that he’s been expressing to me privately throughout the year,” said Lunsford, who attended the breakfast. “I’m thrilled to have Ben’s endorsement, and very grateful for it. Ben and I are united in the fight to put an end to the Bush-McConnell policies that have damaged Kentucky and the nation this decade. For many years, Ben Chandler has been an important leader in Kentucky, and I know Mitch McConnell and George W. Bush realize that when Democrats are united behind a cause, it spells trouble for them.”


Bruce can still win this race and still needs our help. Defeating Mitch McConnell should be as important as expelling Joe Lieberman, and would should get behind it with as much effort.

Now, in Congressional races, we simply must keep John Yarmuth, incumbent in the 3rd District. Anyone can find his record and easily see why. I got the priviledge of sitting next to him during Kennedy’s speech at the Convention. Here is a video he gave the grassroots Progressives at bluegrassroots.org:

I don’t think he is in trouble, but we must remain vigilent in this race, because Anne Northup is a Republican sweetheart who will raise a ton of cash. Yarmuth is a fine man, and a great Democrat we need to keep in our U.S. House. Please remember him:


David Boswell is in a hot race too. There have been hints of a DCCC investment, and Boswell has polled ahead in this race. You can see him here. As a State Senator, he has high name recognition in his district:


Then we have the two challengers facing the super tough races. You can here what Howard Dean says about them here:

Dr. Kelley is in the Fourth District. See him here:

Help Dr. Kelley here:


Ah, and finally, we have Heather Ryan!! Yes, this is my home, my race and my friend. Thanks to all who helped us win the Progressive Patriots contest, it was huge for us. Thanks to Jennifer Moore and the KDP for helping us achieve it, and to all the many folks I asked to vote for her that did. You have all our gratitudes.

It seems the Exxon Ed Whitfield people just have something against this fiery grassroots Democrat. Not only do they take money from terrorist, but they hate free speech too. With a million dollars in their campaign account, they continue to rip up our campaign signs, many handpainted ones and two of the fifty printed ones we had donated. With a million dollars in their account they fear us because we speak the truth to power:

They even attacked her for raising money for a foundation that supports battered women in Western Kentucky:

The good news is the Feingold money, that many people were kind enough to help us win will keep Whitfield and his cronies plenty busy yanking up yard signs from now until November so we have time to go on the offensive. We need to run T.V., and we need your help to do it.

One T.V. spot on cable here costs about $6. Please, chip in just $6 to buy us one spot here:


If enough people give the price of a lottery ticket to take a chance on expanding our Congressional majorities we could well scratch off a winner here. Please help.

Don’t forget Kentucky. Jennifer Moore is providing great leadership here, and we have great candidates!!

Reasons to Support Heather Ryan

There are many reasons to support Heather Ryan. Heather is a wife, veteran, and citizen of our district who has been active in politics for quite some time. She is educated, compassionate and smart. She represents the ideals Democrats espouse quite nicely. Most of all, she is not afraid to fight the Republicans for what we all believe in.

Besides all the good that Heather Ryan would bring to the Congress however, there are many other reasons to support Heather Ryan in this race. Not only can we expand our Congressional majorities by taking back a traditionally Democratic seat that has been in Republican hands since the failed “Contract with America” in 1994, but we have the votes of her opponent, Exxon Ed Whitfield, who has constantly opposed any kind of sane Progress in this country since 1994. There are so many bad things this man has done, I can’t list them all in 50 diaries, but want to show you all some of what we are fighting against.

First, just this year Exxon Ed Whitfield voted against equal pay and opportunity for women everywhere in this country:

Unequal Pay Bill

HR 1338: To amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide more effective remedies to victims of discrimination in the payment of wages on the basis of sex, and for other purposes.

Representative Edward Whitfield voted NO


Of course, with Heather Ryan hitting him hard on the campaign trail, one can understand his disconnection with women right now.

Much harder to understand is his disconnection with Children:

HR 3963: To amend title XXI of the Social Security Act to extend and improve the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and for other purposes.

Representative Edward Whitfield voted NO


I think it speaks for itself when a Congressman can support every failed policy of a failed President, but votes against American children, all while claiming to run on “Christian values”.

He also has problems with allowing fair elections in our country:

HR 5803: To direct the Election Assistance Commission to establish a program to make grants to participating States and units of local government which will administer the regularly scheduled general election for Federal office held in November 2008 for carrying out a program to make backup paper ballots available in the case of the failure of a voting system or voting equipment in the election or some other emergency situation, and for other purposes.

Representative Edward Whitfield voted NO


He also has a problem with Congress operating under the same ethics we all do:

H Res 1031: Providing for the adoption of the resolution (H. Res. 895) establishing within the House of Representatives an Office of Congressional Ethics, and for other purposes.

Representative Edward Whitfield voted NO


Yes, there are many reasons to support Heather Ryan. Our campaign is gaining steam as we move towards the opening of our campaign headquarters on Thursday. Help up keep our momentum going here:

Goal Thermometer

Even if you can’t donate, you can help us greatly. Heather is in the running to win a $5000 contribution from Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriots fund. Please go here and vote for Heather, she is on the far left on the bottom row:


Help fellow grassroots Democrats, and help our Democracy at the same time!!