June Elections Calendar

May was manna from heaven for elections junkies, with some truly exciting primary and special elections to watch. June is shaping up to be a pretty respectable sequel. We’ve identified as many noteworthy races as we can think of in the following chart, but if there’s anything we’re missing, please let us know in the comments!

Get ready to shake some action.

P.S. SSP’s complete primary calendar is available here.

May Elections Calendar

Elections junkies like us had to suffer through an entire month without a single exciting primary or special election to dissect. (I blame Kay Bailey Hutchison for that one.) But that’s just the will of the calendar. As it turns out, our patience will be rewarded, as May is going to be filled to the brim with a number of extremely exciting contests — primaries of all kinds and special elections alike. We’ve identified as many noteworthy races as we can think of in the following chart, but if there’s anything we’re missing, please let us know in the comments!

Needless to say, May is going to be a busy, busy month.

P.S. SSP’s complete primary calendar is available here.

Introducing SSP’s 2010 Sortable Filing Deadline & Primary Calendar

Click here (and bookmark) this incredibly valuable tool. It’s the Swing State Project’s sortable calendar of filing deadlines, primary dates, and, where applicable, runoff dates in all fifty states. Very useful – try it! (We’ll also permalink it in the right-hand sidebar under “SSP Resources.”)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask: which states have party conventions instead of or in addition to primaries, and how do they each work? I know, for instance, that Minnesota, Connecticut and Utah all have conventions, but their effects on ballot access differ somewhat from one another. Convention experts, please enlighten us.

2010 Sortable Congressional Filing Deadline & Primary Calendar

Click Column Headers to Sort

State Filing Deadline Primary Run-Off
Alabama 4/2/10 6/1/10 7/13/10
Alaska 6/1/10 8/24/10
Arizona 5/26/10 8/24/10
Arkansas 3/8/10 5/18/10 6/8/10
California 3/12/10 6/8/10
Colorado 5/27/10 8/10/10
Connecticut 5/25/10 8/10/10
Delaware 7/30/10 9/14/10
Florida 4/30/10 8/24/10
Georgia 4/30/10 7/20/10 8/10/10
Hawaii 7/20/10 9/18/10
Idaho 3/19/10 5/25/10
Illinois 11/2/09 2/2/10
Indiana 2/16/10 5/4/10
Iowa 3/19/10 6/8/10
Kansas 6/10/10 8/3/10
Kentucky 1/26/10 5/18/10
Louisiana 7/9/10 8/28/10 10/2/10
Maine 3/15/10 6/8/10
Maryland 7/6/10 9/14/10
Massachusetts 6/1/10 9/14/10
Michigan 5/11/10 8/3/10
Minnesota 6/1/10 8/10/10
Mississippi 3/1/10 6/1/10 6/22/10
Missouri 3/30/10 8/3/10
Montana 3/15/10 6/8/10
Nebraska 3/1/10 5/11/10
Nevada 3/12/10 6/8/10
New Hampshire 6/11/10 9/14/10
New Jersey 4/12/10 6/8/10
New Mexico 2/9/10 6/1/10
New York 7/15/10 9/14/10
North Carolina 2/26/10 5/4/10 6/22/10
North Dakota 4/9/10 6/8/10
Ohio 2/18/10 5/4/10
Oklahoma 6/9/10 7/27/10 8/24/10
Oregon 3/9/10 5/18/10
Pennsylvania 3/9/10 5/18/10
Rhode Island 6/30/10 9/14/10
South Carolina 3/30/10 6/8/10 6/22/10
South Dakota 3/30/10 6/8/10 6/29/10
Tennessee 4/1/10 8/5/10
Texas 1/4/10 3/2/10 4/13/10
Utah 3/19/10 6/22/10
Vermont 6/17/10 8/24/10
Virginia 4/9/10 6/8/10
Washington 6/11/10 8/17/10
West Virginia 1/30/10 5/11/10
Wisconsin 7/13/10 9/14/10
Wyoming 5/28/10 8/17/10

Source: FEC (PDF)

Swing State Project’s Public Google Calendar

In addition to our sortable table-based calendar, we’ve now created a public Google calendar of key dates for the 2008 election – filing deadlines, primaries, run-offs, special elections, reporting deadlines, and the like. We’re parking it permanently at this URL. It’ll also be available in the “Resources” section of the right-hand sidebar.

If you use Google Calendar and want to automatically add these listings directly to your personal calendar, click here. (If that link doesn’t work, let us know.)

Here’s what our Google calendar looks like:

The interface is very intuitive. The only tip I’ll offer is that if you just want to see a straight list of upcoming events, click on the “Agenda” tab in the top right corner. If you see any mistakes, or if anything’s missing, please let us know in comments. All feedback is welcome.