OH-16: John Boccieri(D) and Rep. Rahm Emanuel to Discuss Skyrocketing Gas Prices at Canton Station

For Immediate Release

June 27, 2008

Contact: Bryan Collinsworth

330-754-0534 / bryan@johnforcongress.com

ADVISORY: Boccieri and Rep. Rahm Emanuel to Discuss Skyrocketing Gas Prices at Canton Station

Canton, OH – At 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, July 1, 16th Congressional District candidate John Boccieri will be joined by U.S. House Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) for a press conference at a Canton Sunoco station. The two will help customers pump gas and talk to them about skyrocketing fuel costs.

WHAT: Press Conference and Gas Pumping Session

WHO: State Sen. John Boccieri, Democratic candidate for

U.S.Congress in OH-16 and Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), House

Democratic Caucus Chair

WHERE: Sunoco Station, 1601 Tuscarawas St. , W. Canton , OH 44708

WHEN: 10:45 – 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sen. Boccieri and Rep. Emanuel will explain how high gas prices are hurting local residents and lay out their plans for short-term and long-term relief. Reporters are also welcome to listen in on their conversations with customers.

As Democratic Caucus Chair, Rep. Emanuel is the fourth highest-ranking Member of the U.S. House. His visit demonstrates the viability of Sen. Boccieri’s candidacy and the importance of the race to national Democrats. The contest in Ohio ‘s 16th was recently ranked the fourth most competitive U.S. House race in the nation by the Washington Post.

OH-16: (UPDATE)Kirk Schuring’s YouTube Moment and Boccieri’s Reply

What an incredible Monday to be a part of the John Boccieri for U.S. Congress Campaign team. Yes, Politicos the game is officially on and Kirk Schuring wants every Democrat in Ohio’s Fighting 16th District to be at the Canton Greek Festival at 5 pm Friday and then to follow him on over to First Friday for a Hometown Welcome!

Sometimes, I have to sit a really ponder what goes through a politicians head to make them say some of the the things they say. This time the answer is easy…Kirk was “fluffing” for John McCain. Oh, what a great honor and opportunity to spew divisive hate language!

Read on for more details and don’t forget your popcorn and a cold one for the movie. You’ll want to watch it over and over again!


CONTACT: Alex Goepfert, 614-207-1714 (cell)

Communications Director

Kirk’s Schuring’s YouTube Moment

Republican Congressional Candidate Kirk Schuring Slurs Canton Residents in Ugly, Partisan Rant

COLUMBUS – Standing before a crowd of fellow Republicans at a “John McCain for President Rally” on Thursday, Republican congressional candidate Kirk Schuring launched into an ugly, partisan rant attacking the residents of Canton, Ohio.

In a newly released video of the June 5th event at Ashland Corner Park, Schuring tells his partisan audience:

“So the other thing I know is that Ashland County has a rich history and tradition of rallying around Republicans, and I was telling people earlier where I come from we could never have a rally like this in the center of Canton. If we did we might be shot at, but not in Ashland and that’s what makes you so great.”

The clip is available here. The full video is available here

“It is appalling to witness Kirk Schuring speaking with such venom and disdain toward the very individuals he is seeking to represent in Congress,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Alex Goepfert. “Kirk Schuring’s ugly, divisive, hyper-partisan comments do a terrible disservice to the residents of Canton and to all OhioansKirk Schuring and his campaign were apparently rather proud of his remarks. The following day, Schuring touts the “warm welcome” he received at the event in an email to supporters.

Below is the text of that newsletter.

Schuring for Congress Newsletter

151 Days Until Victory!

June 6, 2008

>From Our Community, For Our Community…

This was a busy week on the campaign trail. Our organization has expanded and we’re excited about the level of enthusiasm we’ve seen at events throughout the week.

As our organization continues to build, we’ve seen some changes with campaign staff as well. This past Monday Staci Hansel started on the campaign as Political Director and today is Gavin Blair’s final on the campaign before he moves back to Columbus. We’re excited to have Staci on board and I’m thankful for the hard work Gavin put in these many months on my behalf!

On Thursday night I spoke in Ashland County at a rally for John McCain and received a very warm welcome from local community members. Thanks to hard working folks at the Ashland County GOP for putting on a fantastic event.

Don’t forget to come out and join me tonight in downtown Canton at the Greek Festival at 5pm. After the Greek fest I’ll be heading over to Canton’s First Friday event.Thanks again for your continued support!

Kirk Schuring

Oh, my! You are winning hearts there Senator and your endorsement from the Canton Repository. HAH!

Now, don’t fade on me yet fans. There’s more to this whole story.What does State Senator Major John Boccieri think about all this?

For Immediate Release

June 9, 2008

Contact: Ian Walton, 330-754-0534

The Politics of Division is Wrong for America!

Senator Boccieri issued the following statement today regarding the release of video footage of Sen. Kirk Schuring’s comments in Ashland County today:

::One more time just to jog your memory!::

“While my opponent comments publicly about hispreferred constituency, I would be proud to serve in the Congress on behalf of every man, woman, and child in the 16th District regardless of geography, age, race, gender, or religious affiliation.

“Senator Schuring’s partisan comments are the type of political ideology that is dividing our nation. At the end of the day the race for this seat, shouldn’t be about Democrats, Republicans or Independents, red states or blue states, conservatives or liberals, but about America. Our nation needs strong leadership to help turn around our failing economy, bring our troops home safely, honorably and soon, and move away from our dependence on foreign oil.

“As for my campaign, we will have rallies, town hall meetings, and events in every corner of this district, not only where it is politically comfortable, but in every region. It is important that we all come together to help change America.”

Thank you for setting the record straight, again, Major Boccieri! We have put up with enough hate-mongering, war-mongering, greed and discrimination to last a lifetime. The last person Ohio’s 16th Congressional District needs in Congress is Kirk Schuring.

“Go, Bo!”

OH-16: John Boccieri – Boots on the Ground!

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Weather Does Not Dampen Will of Ohio’s Fighting 16th Congressional District!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Ian Walton, Campaign Manager for John Boccieri for Congress, this afternoon. Mother nature wasn’t very cooperative with rain showers, wind gusts, and unusually cool temperatures, but that doesn’t stop “The Boccieri Corps” here in the fighting 16th District!

Ian reported, here, to “The Out-Post”:

It’s encouraging to know that supporters for the Major are anxious and ready to mobilize whether rain or shine!

Ohio’ 16th Congressional District covers Stark, Wayne, part of Ashland, and part of Medina counties. We have a unique district in the fact that it lies across two old rail lines and the canal system of past generations. The economics range from the displaced middle-class factory workers, to rural family farmers, and urban center-city workers.

Ian went on to add:

The weather didn’t keep us from reaching out and talking with voters about John’s message for change in every corner of the district.

And, State Senator Major John Boccieri’s message bears repeating often as Ohio’s 16th Congressional District becomes a “poster child” for what has gone wrong through the actions of the Bush Administration.

• We still see our brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces, and in harms way, being injured and killed. It’s clear after 5 years of civil war we need to bring our troops home safely, honorably and soon.

• Once those soldiers return we must give them everything they need from health care to education.

• We need strong leadership that will bring our troops home safely, honorably and soon. The war in Iraq is costing Americans $12 billion a month, and the cost to our troops and their families is incalculable. Not expending $12 billion a month on the war would enable us to meet our obligations to our troops when they return, including the long-term health care so many will require as a result of their injuries.

• Bad trade deals have devastated the 16th Congressional District, shipping thousands of good paying jobs overseas. It’s time to vote ‘no’ on trade policies that take away Ohio’s workers’ ability to compete fairly in the global market and trade deals that don’t protect the environment or workers’ rights.

• Hundreds of families in our area don’t have health insurance. The families of the 16th Congressional District deserve a leader in Washington who will put their needs first and accomplish an expansion of affordable health care to more Ohioans.

• The cost of fuel is crippling our economy as our families confront choices between putting gas in their cars and other necessities. It’s time for a change to an energy policy that puts families’ needs before big oil profits. We need to invest in alternative and renewable energy, investments that would help create good jobs and sustainable economic growth and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

Nothing is going to stop the momentum this campaign is building, and building fast. There is a strong eager core willing to work tirelessly to make sure State Senator Boccieri wins Ohio’s 16th Congressional District in November.

Ian had the bottom line, today:

We had troops out participating in various activities supporting Major Boccieri in all four counties in the 16th Congressional District today.

John Boccieri has “Boots on the Ground!