Swing State Project live chat on IRC!

I’ve just set up the brand new Swing State Project IRC (internet relay chat) channel!  Now we can talk to each other in real time–imagine what a thrill it will be on election night!

It’s located here:

network: irc.chat4all.org

channel: #swingstateproject

In order to connect to it, you’ll need a program that does IRC, called an IRC client.  There are a lot of clients out there, but I personally recommend X-Chat if you’re running either Windows or Linux.  However, there are also many other clients, such as mIRC, ViRC, Hirc, and even Gaim and other multi-platform IM clients.  (I’m not familiar with Macs so I don’t know what program names to recommend, but IRC clients should be easy enough to find.)

If you have questions, just leave me a comment here.  I’ll try to answer it (or somehow dig up useful information).

If I’m on, my IRC nickname is “GMH”.

If you don’t see anyone on the channel, feel free to just “idle” (hang out doing nothing), other people will likely show up sooner or later.

Also, sometimes you might find there a friend of mine who isn’t as politics-crazy as I am but is much more experienced with IRC; he usually just idles and can help out in case bad stuff happens (such as with spammers and stuff) if I’m not around.