SSP Daily Digest: 7/3

AK-Gov: George Stephanopoulos (on Twitter) thinks there might be some sort of announcement from Sarah Palin this afternoon, possibly that she won’t run for re-election as governor. This wouldn’t surprise me, and if so, not a bad time to bury the news.

MN-Sen: Al Franken is going to be sworn in on Tuesday. Just seeing this photo makes me excited.

MN-06: You know things are bad for Michele Bachmann when… well, every day is bad for her. But things are especially bad when members of her own party start telling her to STFU. “Boycotting the constitutionally mandated Census is illogical, illegal and not in the best interest of our country,” wrote Patrick McHenry, Lynn Westmoreland and John Mica, members of the subcommittee which oversees the census. And these guys are some pretty wingnutty mouthbreathers. Weapons-grade wingnut Jason Chaffetz (the only other GOPer on the same cmte) refused to sign the letter.

NH-Sen: Paul Hodes pulled in an improved 725K for the quarter – but I still think he can do better. Meanwhile, a piece of shit poll from UNH shows Kelly Ayotte “beating” Hodes 39-35. Why such harsh language? Because UNH continues its crappy track record of unacceptable samples – this time, they have it as 32R, 25D, even though there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state of New Hampshire. Pathetic. And in other news, former Gov. Stephen Merrill (R), who served in the mid-90s right before Jeanne Shaheen, has declined to run for the open Senate seat.

PA-07: Republican businessman Steven Welch has made it official – he will run for the 7th CD seat, which may or may not be open, depending upon what Rep. Joe Sestak does. I can’t understand why Welch would pick a holiday weekend to launch his campaign, though. (Thanks, Pan.)

TX-Gov/AG: Former Travis County DA Ronnie Earle – best known these days as the guy who indicted Tom DeLay – just filed papers to run for statewide office. He hasn’t yet said whether he’ll seek the governor’s mansion (which would put him on a collision course will fellow Dem Tom Schieffer) or the Attorney General’s job. Either way, Earle can start raising money now.

VA-05: A Virginia TV station is refusing to air an NRCC ad against Tom Perriello. While the station has remained mum about its reasons, slammed the ad for its inaccuracies about the Waxman-Markey climate change bill. TV & radio stations are open to legal liability when they run third-party ads (they are immune when running candidate ads), so the only reason to nix a spot is because your lawyers tell you to. Nice to see the NRCC fumbling out of the gate. Perriello, meanwhile, is offering a feisty defense of his vote.

Ads: A coalition of liberal groups is airing “thank you” ads in seventeen congressional districts, which include some potentially vulnerable Dems who voted for the climate change bill. The list: B. Markey, Boyd, Grayson, Kosmas, Hill, Halvorson, Chandler, Kratovil, Peters, Schauer, Hodes, Maffei, Kilroy, Space, Perriello, Giffords & Kagen.

DCCC- Why not take out all 3 Central FL Reps at Once? Like this…

Why doesn’t the DCCC put out ads against all 3 Florida Congressmen? The Orlando market covers Districts 7, 8 and 24, so they would kill three birds with one ad.

According to the NRCC, no Republican District is safe this year. All three Florida Congressmen are corrupt, so let’s kick them all out this year.

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Florida’s District 7

Florida’s District 7 should be added to the Swing State Project. The surrounding districts of Feeney and Keller were targeted, but not John Mica’s. District 7 has a small Republican advantage, but that may not even be true now, since Democrats have been outregistering Republicans by about a 5-1 margin.

Faye Armitage is a formidable opponent for Mica. Please check out her website