IL-Gov: Blago…as Dracula!

For all of you Castlevania fans out there. 😀  Though, even if you aren’t, this may still be funny.

Patrick Fitzgerald: Resign, governor! You don’t belong in this office!

Rod Blagoyevich: It was not by my hand that I am once again given office! I was elected here by constituents, who wished to pay me a salary!

PatFitz: Salary?! You embezzle people’s money, and make them your pawns!

Blago: Perhaps the same could be said of all politicians.

PatFitz: Your words are as empty as your ethics! The people of Illinois ill need a governor such as you!

Blago: What is a Senate seat? A f***in’ big deal of political clout!  But enough talk…have at you!

Taken and revised from my post here:… .  That post also includes the source quote, if you’re unfamiliar with it.